Tutorial: Installing Qwikrazor’s Firmware 3.52 Custom Bubbles without an exploitable PSP game!

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  1. max says:

    hey there finally after 3 months there is a hack for 3.51 fw
    but when i connect my vita to pc:
    with cma when wifi is on: update your system
    with cma on airplane : cannot connect to pc
    with QCMA when wifi is on: update your system
    with qcma on airplane : c3-14978-9 this son of a bi*ch error

    my qcma vesion is 3.9
    my cma version is 3.55
    my windows version 10

    pls help me

  2. deaos says:

    error c1-2737-9.
    why it happening?

  3. terawyvenx says:

    Is it still possible to get this to work without a base game, coz I dont own a single base game AT ALL!!!

  4. Antonio says:

    Can anybody tellme with GBA emulator would work with this tutorial? I got ARK2 installed already but none of the GPSP emulator work, i have tried the ones for VHBL and some other torrent sites.

    • PeaceBrigade says:

      having EXACTLY the same problem. SNES9XTYL works on some/most games. Masterboy works on …. some games. gPSP any version doesn’t load anything ever. (Even with the proper gba_bios.bin)

      Would love to get this working somehow if anyone has gotten it working or has any ideas.

  5. Sergio says:

    PSVITA on Firmware3.50. Everything works great but when I click on ARK bubble I get the same error you get in your videotutorial with your PSVITA 3.3x. Any idea?? I’m using Lemmings as a Base Game.

  6. Rena-Chan says:

    They have a new software update that is 3.55 and I can’t do this exploit because i was too late to get them, should i just update anyway?

  7. Symphonicmind says:

    Hi guys. When I try to open the email created with the file writer.eml and sent from Thunderbird, the screen just get stuck on “Please wait…”, I dont even have the oportunity to click on the camera image (the attachment). Any suggestions? (I waited more than 6 hours).
    I have a PSTV on fw 3.52
    Thanks a lot

  8. strusix616 says:

    Working like a charm! Im on 3.51 and used Puzzle Scape exploit and Ape Escape Demo.

  9. Marco says:

    Everything working. Great, but… stupid question: how to put psp games to vita now?

    • lucas says:

      go to psavedata folder, find a save folder that is not the one you used for the ark. this folder is named with letters and numbers right? then inside it, create folders where you will put isos, csos and homebrews aswell. then open qcma refresh ur database, open the contet manager in ur vita, and transfer the pc files u just modified and put it into ps vita. now just open ark buble find the game and start it.

      • Setzer Gabianni says:

        Mmm… it’s mandatory that you put the games in another folder? i ask because i have my isos in the ark folder and nothing bad hapens until now

      • Marco says:

        Thx. I found an other solution. You can put games to ark save folder, but the game name has to be written in large letters.

    • CRMurillo95 says:

      Hablas español? Oye bro dime como pusiste tus isos en la carpeta porque ya intente de muchas formas y siempre los borra, ya no se que hacer :/

  10. Mr.D. Vasquez says:

    Can i send you my ps vita to install these modules. Ill pay you handsomelly for the time

    • Setzer Gabianni says:

      Por tu nombre sospecho que eres latino, que problema tienes? no creo que nadie pueda hacerte el trabajo (o quiera hacerlo… es una gran responsabilidad tener una vita ajena, ademas no sabes si te la devolveran cuando terminen) pero si tienes dudas contactame a traves del foro (mismo nick) y yo te ayudo paso por paso para realizar todo el proceso, no es dificil y en menos de 30 minutos tendras tu burbuja.

      Setzer Gabianni

  11. SneakinG says:

    Can someone help me how to setup the thubder brid cause every time i’ve sent the message it failed and gave me an error

  12. CRMurillo95 says:

    In the email part, say ‘done’ not ‘#0’ can’t open the image. Help me Please 🙁

  13. SneakinG says:

    Can someone help me setup thunder bird. Cause everytime i send the message it gave me an error

    • SneakinG says:

      this is the error i got when i try to send it “An error occurred while sending mail. The mail server responded: 5.5.1 Authentication Required. Learn more at
      5.5.1 https://support.google.com/mail/answer/14257 be3sm43276246pbc.88 – gsmtp. Please verify that your email address is correct in your account settings and try again.”

  14. SiFe says:

    Got it in the first try. Thanks Z, thank you so much for your work.

  15. Gaster says:

    Do i need only the writer email trick or do i have to do the database, pbp, etc.. too?.

  16. Fabio says:

    The problem with all these kind of hacks is that they need at least a PSP game already installed. I have a psvita mounting Fw 3.18 and I have games I can download from the PSN, but I cannot activate my psvita because it wants me to update. So, I cannot take advantage of any of these hacks since I don’t have a PSP game and I don’t want to update…

    • Anon says:

      PS3 is the only way to get the game on outdated/your Vita, go buy/rent/find a PS3 that can connect to PSN, download your game to PS3 and transfer to your Vita using QCMA to skip the firmware update requirement..

  17. Geryl says:

    How come I have no bubble at all? I followed instructions thoroughly

  18. Pluto Nonary says:

    So I had this working just fine for about a week now. Then all of a sudden, I start up my vita and my ARK bubble was replaced with the game I used as a Base (Sonic Rivals 2). At first I though maybe the image had accidentally been changed back, but upon starting it, it launched the base game. Im reinstalling ARK now, but does anyone know what might have caused this?

  19. Simon says:

    Ok, this sounds great! I already have an ARK Bubble, but wouldnt it be possible to install TN-V with the E-Mail and Custom Bubble Trick, too? I would like to play all my PS1 games with sound! Does anybody have an Idea?

  20. Anh Dung says:

    Someone plz help me!
    1. Plz give me a screenshot of folder save and ark folder. ” Now we re-open the Content Manager App and copy some files from our PC to our PS Vita. At first we go to our PSP savedata files and copy the ARK_01234 folder (called ARK or ARK-2) from our PC to our PS Vita.” i cant understand this.
    2. How to copy iso to vita after we done? give me a screenshot too plz.
    3. How can i delete ark and take back my game? i want to do it again because i dont know why my ark keep saying error and cant open

  21. Watyla says:

    how do I go isos for vita? managed to install the ARK bubble, I began to iso by qcma but do not appear in the menu of the ARK.

  22. lollypop says:

    how do i maker a backup of psvita cartridge to then run with eml trick ?
    what do i do if opening the writer active eml again returns in cannot open display image but
    opening the newly made mail returns in a C error ?
    what about more eml clarifications for 3.20 3.18 etc
    when it works and when not is not nearly clear o0
    and a qcma that autodetecst fw and is internally updatable to latest ?
    thanks in advance

  23. Razorbacktrack says:

    In email app I got photo icon but instead of “#0” I have “done”.
    FW 3.50
    What’s the problem?

  24. Jamx says:

    How to make this work on Vita TV? Since it does not have airplane mode and still needs Wifi to connect to content manager, so possible to do this?

    • Jamx says:

      Never mind, just tested this with TN V and it works. lol.
      I use Piyotama by the way since it’s the free psp game I got and it’s very small size.

  25. Tommy says:

    Do i need an installed psp game?

  26. Augusto says:

    how many bubbles can create with a single base game?

  27. Will says:

    I have tried this with World of Pool. Everything goes fine but after I copy across World of Pool for the second time the bubble doesn’t change? Any help? Thanks

  28. Alvaro says:

    When I try to copy all file to computer, it tells me I have to update. Im in 3.52. Can someone tell me how to avoid the update message. I don’t have any pop game on the console

    • Sapphire says:

      Since your vita has already “seen” the metadata for the update, unless you have “download system updates automatically” disabled, you’ll need to rebuild the database, and use the psvita update blocker.

  29. Deanny says:

    its giving me error c1-2737-9

  30. Lenny says:

    Thank you so much for this fantastic tutorial! I don’t consider myself a dummy, but many Vita hacks are poorly described and hard to follow in my opinion. This was VERY well done. Thanks!

  31. deo_rei says:

    @wololo can i used any other games, like ragnarok which also from PSN. And when i sent the attachment to my email and open it up, its not in the photo icon. COuld you help me please on these matters?

  32. spokey says:

    Is there a way i can download the package of the psp/vita game i purchase? It’s always go to my apps. folder in my vita. I don’t have a ps3

  33. deo_deo says:

    Dear Walolo. Can i used the PS vita games as based? I dont have any ps games.

  34. macca says:

    can someone please tell me how to bring the ark/ tnv file onto my vita

  35. Asu says:

    Worked fine for me.
    If I can input something helful, I say to follow to the instructions carefully double checking every step.
    Use the reccommended programs if possible.
    I have a PSVita with FW 3.51 and I have both TN-V and Ark bubbles.
    Thanks to all the coders and the Z for this tutorial.

  36. th18po says:

    Hallo Zusammen, ich komme immer bis zu dem Punkt an dem ich die Mail versende. Auf der PSV wird immer (egal mit welchem Provider, über welchen Client auch immer!) ein “?” und kein Kamerasymbol angezeigt.

    Ich habe wirklich schon alles ausprobiert! (habe OFW 3.52)

  37. Sergio says:

    Working great on 3.50. As the bubble was created and it was working I decided to update to 3.55, according to your tutorial it should be working yet on 3.55 but it doesn’t. It says exploided failed. Any idea why it stop working?

  38. Erik says:

    whenever try to connect my vita to my PC via the content manager it tells me to update.
    OFC 3.52
    can anyone help?

  39. michel says:

    i am finding it difficult to send the mail via thunderbird. it always say “sending of the message failed” please what should i do?

  40. Bert007 says:

    It works like a charm on my 3.52.
    On my 3.18 (I used both the 3.50 en the 3.52 – files) it always says: ‘exploit failed’ ..
    Are there seperate ARK2-files for 3.18? (or at least a seperate PBOOT.PBP ?)