Tutorial: PS Vita Custom Bubbles for System Softwares 3.5x!

The Zett

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  1. Nekorexa says:

    Much thanks? all done? used loco roco midnight carnival demo from japan psn store, working great. but all it takes a 2 hour of bloody attempts in mail ((((

  2. Break The Age says:

    Hi! Wonderful work by the way!

    But I have an issue with my custom bubble.. I followed all the steps and I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything wrong. But when I tried to load my custom PSP game it would open to the splash page I put on it and then after a few seconds it shrinks back to the window, so obviously I’m pretty confused.

    The ISO I used is Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Tag Force 5
    The Base game is the PSP minis game Psyco Soldier
    There is also a custom icon for the bubble as well as the previously mentioned splash page when you start the app.

    Any suggestions?

    • TheTetrapod says:

      I am having the exact same issue with English-patched Toradora Portable. I’ve tried it with 3 different base games (Pool Hall Pro, Flying Hamster, and LocoRoco demo), and every time it does this. I’ll try a different iso when I get a chance, but I’ll be really disappointed if I can’t get this to work.

  3. kampretbalado says:

    ok so i followed the method but sadly I *** up because I wasn’t paying attention to details. I got the custom bubbles on the home screen but the bubble image is sc*** and my other games has no picture in the live area screen. a database rebuild might fix it but that’s not the case… the game I installed doesn’t work!

    my question is: how do I delete the sc*** custom bubble that I just made? cos it’s eating up my mc’s space.

  4. zeiad says:

    i got problems with thunder birds first message send fail second i didnt find the html icon

  5. Fixx1983 says:

    Noob question.
    Everything is working like a charm, but can i use PSX games with custom Bubbles?

  6. Mrques says:

    hello zet can u help me out , i already made it and now my proble is everytime i click the custom buble on my vita . the game wont open and always back to the home menu . have and advice ?
    and i got no error like u do in that video when u first clicking u got and error C2-bla bla . THATS it…. hope u can answer me and dont ignore me 😀
    AND i really APRECIATE what u do , TQ so much .

  7. dirtybeagles says:

    I am stuck on getting a custom bubble for the PSP homebrew emulators. You do not download them as an ISO file so how can I use SignFakeNPExpert to create the custom bubble?

  8. kampretbalado says:

    i followed the instructions and the game i installed didn’t run. it’s just closing without saying any error message. how to delete the custom bubble afterwards? i can’t seem to delete it normally like other games…

  9. ianolivia says:

    PBP unpacker won’t download.

  10. LH says:

    Does free PSN+ PSP game work or does it has to be a paid PSP game. I have worms battle island.

  11. Tex McBladesword says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for the tutorial, you’ve clearly put a lot of work into it. Unfortunately Im gonna be that guy and see if you are still up for throwin together a text tutorial?

  12. sunny says:

    UNIQUE constraint failed: tbl_appinfo.titleId, tbl_appinfo.key: insert into `tbl_appinfo` values (“ULUS10458”, “414472871”, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP);

    got this error when execute SQL , can help me ??

  13. Avatar Of Nyx says:

    Used Puzzle scape as base trying to get Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
    when i send the #0 file i get a “done” instead and i can’t proceed
    any clue?

  14. Sergio says:

    Doe not work with 3.50, error C2-14399-6 when I click email:send?attach=ur0:shell/db/app­.db. on my Vita, anyone know how to fix this?

  15. unknown says:

    So I’m not sure what isn’t going correctly. I’m running 3.52 and I’m to the point where you would transfer from your computer but when I go into the Saved Data (PSP/Other) there isn’t anything there. I have copied it to the …PS Vita/PSAVEDATA/ (random letter#) folder but Vita does not see anything.

  16. Parker says:

    Dammit… sc*** myself out of an exploit. I had some PSX games on my 16GB card but used it in my 3.55 2000. Now I can’t use it on my 1000 and it has nothing on it’s *GB memory card. 🙁

  17. Riddick85 says:

    i have a problem, when open sqlite browser, app.db dont have ux0:pspemu/psp/…. dirctory
    I used base game ape quest demo and ark homebrew. In my ps vita 3.51 don’t have full psp game installed, only psp demo. I can buy a full psp game?
    I have created the bubble but don’t work
    Please help me

  18. Chips says:

    So everyone knows, writing the app.db back to the vita will erase/overwrite your save data for your ps vita games! i lost all progression in all of my vita games. so just a warning for those doing this, BACK UP ALL YOUR GAMES/SAVE DATA. only ps vita games has been affected for me

  19. Chris says:

    QMCA doesn’t seem to read my Vita, my username appears but none of the content on the psvita nor anything on my computer. Anyone known which part I’m doing incorrectly?

  20. Symphonicmind says:

    I have a PSTV on 3.52.
    On the first email I tried to open the attachment and my PSTV got stucked on “Please wait…” I close it, I open the email app again and then I get the error message , then i close the email app immediately (Without clicking the “ok”) and nothing happens, i repoen my email app and i dont have to readd the account. =(

  21. Basangtuta says:

    Im running 3.51 on my PSVita and successfully made a custom bubbles of 3rd Birthday and Burnout legends using apache overkill as my base game but whenever i play them they just came back to home xmb any advice please

  22. zederia says:

    I added Bleach HTS 7, using urbanix (since I can’t get anything else onto my PSV) and when I select HTS7 it does the usual pop up and then goes back to the Vita screen, what have I done wrong?

  23. zederia says:

    I tried using urbanix, it doesn’t work for me. HTS7 just goes back to the vita screen (no error). did I do something wrong?

  24. SneakinG says:

    Can u plss help me setup the thunder bird. Cause everytime i send the thing it gave me an error

  25. martin says:

    hi all, I havent a installed psp game what can i do to install a ecfw via bubble method? thanks

  26. sm says:

    Hi Zett, First of all thanks a lot for your hard work and this tutorial!

    Well, I’m running into a problem… I’m trying to set up a bubble for ましろ色シンフォニー mutsu-no-hana, but when I try to run it after doing everything, it just comes to splash screen and then exits back to the PS Vita game screen… I already tried with like 3 base games and still the result is same…

    Any idea why it’s not working? I’d really like to have it as a Bubble on my Vita…

  27. Schadows says:

    At the end of the video, we see that it only works if the base game is installed on the Vita.
    Does that mean you can have only 1 base game installed with multiple custom bubble games linked to it?
    Or does you need to use a different base game for every custom bubble you’re creating?

    • Schadows says:

      Just answering to myself, yes you only need one base game (except incompatibilities) and that one can be used for any bubble created without having to duplicate it.
      UNO didn’t worked for me (3.36 / 3.52), and I couldn’t download the light PSP demo (WipEout Pulse, Pixel Junk) from the PS3 to the Vita (weren’t listed in transferable PSP games), so I bought NUMBLAST (EU) and it’s working like a charm with my games (FF Type-0, Disgaea, Valkyrie Profile, Jeanne d’Arc).

  28. juice says:

    I need a base game. I’m 3.51, I can’t get one ANYWHERE

  29. tambay says:

    Just asking… Should I bother with the tutorial if I currently don’t have a psp game in my vita or my pc?
    btw fw is 3.52

    • alex says:

      I am at a crossroad. I too have the same problem as you. The only reason i bought this vita was to play psp games so what can we do if we have 3.52 and basicaly a new psp vita slim?

  30. Jeffery says:

    I have a PSVita with OFW 3.18. Do I need to update to 3.503.52 to use this?

  31. Joshua says:

    Is this even possible on a PS TV? I can’t seem to find a way to be able to activate touch controls in the email app or even highlight the random text links on this thing.

  32. dare shabi says:

    Am getting frustrated because I can’t buy a base game any free working ones available

  33. chaves says:

    SO I got a vita new on FW 3.52, was able to copy locoroco midnight, at the moment of sending the writer.eml to the vita, i saw the email click on the “photo” icon, pres the vita return key, close the app and then relunch the app, BUT my email still the same, no re register email part.

    What could be the issue, following all step by step. Im using GMAIL, not sure if thats the issue or not. I wasnt able to configure hotmail dough ……