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PS4 Remote Play PC – Work still in progress for a release


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23 Responses

  1. TesseractE says:

    Would it help at all for you to have a copy of the PS3 Remote Play app that came with Vaio laptops?

  2. uRecken says:

    What advantage would there be to play PS4 game on PC/monitor? I am genuinely curious

    • TesseractE says:

      If someone else is using the TV? Or if you wanted to play in another room? I know I’ve used Remote Play from my Xperia phone to log in and collect my daily rewards from Warframe when I wasn’t able to get home.

    • wololo says:

      Typically, if somebody else is using the TV and you want to play, Remote Play on the PC is a nice option

      • anonanon says:

        Say you have the PS4 plugged in one room, or downstairs in a two floor house for instance, and you want to play upstairs, or in an other room you wont have to move the console.

    • Edeni says:

      Same goes for streamers. this could give the opportunity to stream PS4 games without the need of expensive capture cards.

      • yololo says:

        or you can buy a gaming PC and skip all this console madness(unless its a vita)

        • BillN says:

          The whole reason I’d like this app is to have my end goal of integrating PS4 and Xbox One into my HTPC so I don’t have to switch inputs and could use my own interface outside of the actual game. Ideally, I’d like to find a clean way to launch directly into a game from the Xbox App and from this PS4 remote play application. The Xbox App has a way to launch into a recently played game so I might have to look into what kind of communication my PC is sending out to my console and see if I can emulate that. As for this program… well I’m just crossing my fingers at this point hoping Sony will do something.

      • James says:

        PS4 owners can already stream without an expensive capture card; the feature has been built in for a while. They even added YouTube as a new streaming target yesterday.

        • Tony says:

          Yeah but the ps4 always lags for me when i have my gameplay recording lol, especially in gta 5 it’s most noticeable.

          • Big Richard says:

            I was under the impression that the ps4 was always recording. When I hold the share button it always shows me my last 15 minutes of gameplay, I use it all the time to go through and see what I missed.

    • Mk333 says:

      I think i am in minority, but i hope i can use remote play as a pass through method so that i can use xbox 360 controller for the second or first player as a cheaper way to play offline multiplayer games

  3. Dero says:

    Thats cool. Hope to see more soon

  4. remote play fan says:

    Sweet baby Jesus!

  5. Daviziu says:

    Oh so he’s the one who made the PS4 remote play app for Android

    I wonder if it is possible to implement a similar app for iOS, at least for jailbroken devices… mhhh

    • Gazra says:

      Nope he didn’t make it first in actual fact he got the idea from TheScriptKitty who had made a port of the android app to all devices at the beginning of the year.

  6. tashton says:

    I use my Xperia z2 tablet to play my ps4 when I’m on lunch at work 🙂 I’m surprised at how smooth it is with literally no lag at all.

    • aaron says:

      if i had a faster xperia phone or the normal xperia Z tablet that would be great because there is no way to play with controller on psvita, the touch pad is hard to use on vita.

  7. Codiox says:

    We need this for the raspberry pi. That would be awesome!

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