PS Vita hack: Qwikrazor releases ARK for Firmware 3.52


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  1. Fernando says:

    VIDEOtutorial please cause…it is too long

  2. Tigrexx says:

    Got it to work with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (EU) but non of my Games are gonna run. All i get is some nasty error massage, thats all. :C

  3. Vex_Official says:

    I’m using Luxor the wrath of set as a base game and it’s WORKING !!! vita 3.52

  4. Haruka says:

    After some trial and error I can get my ARK running fine and effectively getting rid of C1-2749-2 error.

    I’m in JP store and using ロックマンロックマン as the base game (it runs VHBL fine before).

    Detailed steps to install ARK:
    0. BACKUP THE BASEGAME. You can always start from zero again if you have the game backup.
    1. Follow the instructions at (The Guide) step 1 and 2.
    2. We have NP.ISO, so go to step 4 and sign the ISO to get EBOOT.PBP.
    3. Follow the step 5, but the directory structure is not that strict as in The Guide. I just copied the ARK-01234 directory to the save data folder, put the EBOOT.PBP in, and without any subdirectories. So my EBOOT.PBP is at SAVEDATA/ARK-01234/EBOOT.PBP.
    4. Follow the step 6. In my example, the path should be:


    Of course, replace the discid to your basegame’s one.
    5. Follow the step 7 and 8. I skipped the step 7 though.
    6. Reboot and you should be able to get into the ARK using the basegame’s bubble.

    If you try to copy the ARK-01234 save again (e.g. to change the shell), you may encounter error C1-2749-2. Just restore the original basegame using the backup (you should be able to play the game now as if nothing was done), import the modified app.db (#0) again, and reboot.

    • Haruka says:

      The step 1-8 mentioned above relates to the hackinformer guide, not the comment’s step order.

      • M1K3 says:

        So I followed the video tutorial by The Zett (bottom of hackinformer tut) but used the NP.iso and the 33x ARK_01234 savegame (I’m on ofw 3.36) and successfully got a custom bubble, except that when I launched it I got the error C1-2749-2.

        I restored my base-game (apequest starter pack) and got rid of the error, but now the custom bubble automatically closes after I see the startdat.png.

        Any ideas?

  5. Alexander says:

    How the heck do i put CFW on my psVita 3.15??
    i have a mac laptop so i can’t run the vita update blocker? its ridiculous how difficult this is

  6. Shah says:


    So i have a problem , I am on 3.30 I wasn’t using my PSVITA since ages, I have no psvita activated either on my PSN account, But I do have a exploit game talkman on my psn account.

    Now i can’t download and install the game , My psvita is restored like new i can’t login because of Psvitablocker isn’t working. What am i suppose to do now ?

    Please help

  7. Rimmy Justles says:

    I hope we can one day just insert a mem stick duo with a micro SD in it and launch ripped games from there. Don’t get me wrong, I buy games, but I refuse to support digital only games.

  8. Fulano says:

    It works using Patapon 2 as basegame? Anyone else tried?
    I could make a vitaftp bubble work, but when I tried with ARK it keeps failing with error c1-2858-3.

  9. jam320 says:

    Hey guys. I’ve been trying to figure out how to load an ISO (dragon warrior 7) using ARK-2 on CFW 3.52 with an Echochrome demo. I’ve been using tutorials from wololo and hackinformer but I can’t get passed the step where I load the ISO using 138menu. I used the email trick to setup up ark which worked fine. I was able to create the 138menu no problem there. I own dw7 so I converted it to ISO using Alcohol120 again no problem. I used this tutorial for the ISO ( Where I get confused (and this is probably where I messed it up) is where I’m putting the iso. Before following the tutorial, I only had the arc folder in psvita>backups>PSAVEDATA>randnum so am I supposed to put the ISO (DW71.ISO, DW72.ISO) in that folder or setup up another one in PSAVEDATA like eCFWARK as suggested in the tutorial. Any help would be great. Thanks!

    PS I own DW7

    • Victr says:

      hey guys I’m kinda confused on how to add homebrew and plugins to the TN-V 11 bubble, any hel would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Bakura says:

    To bad the email app is f**ked. I can’t make an account due to errors upon errors. (Gmail and Hotmail) im on 3.52.

  11. alex says:

    I will pay whoever can help me get psp games on my vita slim running fw3.52. My mail

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