PS Vita 3.55 – Playstation Vita Firmware 3.55 is now available – Does it patch the Fail-Mail flaw?!

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  1. Dmaskell92 says:

    You probably won’t answer me but… Where is that background stored?

  2. Huhu says:

    Impossible no update for acesse the psn or connect to PC….congratulation sony

  3. Gazra says:

    oh 3.55 is this the lucky firmware to have the keys released and allow us to have CFW 😉

    One can dream 😀

  4. Ingwie Phoenix says:

    Aww, yis! I am on 3.52 still. I do luckily not need the PSN at the moment, so I can happily stay on this very firmware. =)

    However, I am also going to see if anything 3.55-related will occur soon. The devs are doing hard works here, but it would be interesting to see them catch up – to the point where an exploit lasts over more than one firmware.

    Good luck guys! Ill have to find a way to prevent my pSV from auto updating, or anything alike… o.o

  5. DARKvoid says:

    Is the whitelist hack still working?

    • Super Soup says:

      After updating, you will still be able to play games you have already added to the whitelist. However, the lack of the email exploit means you will no longer be able to add new games, just play the ones you’ve already added. Also your custom whitelist may eventually be reset by certain things (I don’t know exactly what things) in which case the games would become unplayable again.

      • DARKvoid says:

        Thx but redid the hack through mail checked bo declassified was working. Then updated and was not working anymore. Tried mail steps and don’t work either damn!

  6. DS_Marine says:

    yeah, I hated the bait title (of course was going to read the article anyways), but then you fixed it .D

  7. Adam Fox says:

    Vita FW 3.55 hmm….how awesome would it be if someone figured out how to install a FULL CFW on the Vita on 3.55…I know its a low chance, but I’m just saying that because that’s what FW the PS3 was on before we had all kinds of CFW (I know there were lower CFW versions but 3.55 seemed to be the most popular)

  8. Evan says:

    Does this mean vitaupdateblocker is working again?

  9. nakedfaerie says:

    I want to know if we can transfer custom bubbles from 1 vita to another?
    Ive got 1 on 3.15 and 1 on 3.55. If i make custom bubbles on the 3.15 vita can u sync it with qcma and sync it across to the 3.55 vita?

    Im after Manhunt 2 on my Vita and as its not available in the PSN store here as its banned i only have it as an ISO so it needs to be a custom bubble.

    So, can i sent it via qcma and sync it across? Its the same account just different firmware.

  10. Papps says:

    where can i obtain the file for the new package installer?

  11. tenth says:

    Bla. Bla. Bla. I updated. I feel fine! The psvita hacking scene is a big fat joke. LOL

  12. Kira_Slith says:

    5’s tend to be lucky when it comes to hacking playstation consoles, and the PS3 got hacked hardcore on 3.55, I predict someone is about to announce/release something even bigger than modding tools for e-fail/fail-mail, Vita CSFW? 😀

  13. auron says:

    If You have a Vita and a PlayStation TV could You just not update the Vita to 3.55 and keep the PlayStation TV in 3.53? This way do you think it’s possible to download games via the psn on Vita and play these on PlayStation TV?

  14. auron says:

    By swapping the memory card I should have added!

  15. marconi says:

    good day, i just bought me a PS vita 2nd hand and the previous owner has already updated the firmware to 3.55 and the kid was just using legal ways of playing and the thing is i bought the vita to play final fantasy type 0.. and will be using the iso that i have used on my PSP go that i set up myself to play old ISO/CSOs. any run around about this 3.55 to install custom firmwares to play PSP games?!! im very much FV(ked since all of the videos ive seen only works with lower firmwares.
    please HELP!!! could you guys point me to the right direction.