PS Vita Release: PSP-Installer by SMOKE. Write to PSP/GAME on all firmwares


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97 Responses

  1. Javier says:

    Its funny when none of this work on my Psvita at all. i keep getting the ?
    and the file that supposedly fix it wont work either, it was like my Psvita
    did not wanted none of the files given or send throw the Email app, Nothing
    work even going step by step using the tutorials.

  2. Dee8282 says:

    That’s nice but it would be better if we can run homebrew on the vita specs instead on the PSP specs -nice discovery nevertheless

  3. Sohel says:

    Video Tutorials please

  4. Rad says:

    Nah, i will be waiting for ARK , i just don’t like to use the EML trick

  5. deathblade200 says:

    so can you use iso/csos with this as well or do they have to be in the eboot.pbp format?

  6. DragonQuest says:

    what the version of the outlook to using guys ? thundrbird doesn’t work for me.

  7. Convectuoso says:

    Does this method require a previously exploited Vita?

  8. Jesusjr3rd says:


  9. Bigscrotem says:

    im confused,will this let me finally use my INSTALL.ZIP ARCHIVE to install games on tn-v11,tn-c,ark,ect? everything iv tried before didnt work so hopefully this solves all my problems!! GREAT JOB MAYBE!?!!??

  10. slasherer says:

    How do I put an .iso dile?

  11. ZeroSbr says:

    Are there any prerequisites? Do we need an exploit for this?

  12. Daniel says:

    So this will let us run iso..?
    Also first

  13. LightWarrior says:

    Hello can someone help me get this icon [?]fix please i have Thunderbird an Outlook but the same icon allways appear on my PS Vita

  14. Weow says:

    Hopefully TN gets updated for whoever doesn’t have it

  15. Moos says:

    lacking so much information here.. so this can be used on ANY Vita firmware? isn’t that like a big breakthrough that should be noted. Also do we need rejuvenate or VHBL previously installed for this to work? Also what do you mean by look for any game to update that’s not very efficient, what if i have no games to update what if i’m stuck on 3.51 because i’m told not to update IM SO CONFUSED!!!!

    • nope says:

      Well I guess the eMail exploit was supposed to be fixed in 3.52 as far as I remember – I think you don’t need anything else like rejuvenate or VHBL.
      The update-thing is required… However – I only have like 5 games copied to my PC which don’t need any update as far as I remember… can I revert one to a previous version somehow and redownload an update?
      Also, can I even download updates on a lower firmware than 3.51? The proxies don’t work after one week :/

      • Maxkavian says:

        Yes, you can download game updates if you are on alower version. If you have a game cartridge, you can delete the gamecontent on your vita, then just reinstall then all the updates you just removed will download again.

  16. TriggerMe says:

    Got it! to avoid the question mark you MUST use Thunderbird to open the eml for nresetting the email application mail and also to send email to your vita.
    I used Thunderbird Portable, like a someone else mentioned earlier

  17. brkilio says:

    i have qcma “you need to update software” problem on ps vita v3.51
    what to do ?

    • ramenking says:

      I’m having the same problem… can you guys do a tutorial on how to do this qcma and psp-installer please would most appreciated as itching to get this tool working on my vita

    • Maxkavian says:

      Before connecting to pc, turn on airplane mode and reboot via then connect to pc. When connected to the internet, the system detects thet your firmware isn’t the up to date one so it prevents you to connect to your pc.

  18. origamiluis says:

    i try make the tutorial and get erro (c2-13213-0) after reboot and try donwload the fine 5007kb any fix fot this?

  19. origamiluis says:

    i try make the tutorial but out to me one erro (c2-13213-0), after reboot no downlod the file 5007kb, any fix for this?

  20. Buddy205 says:

    Sorry but I’m a little new to Vita hacking and everything, but I was wondering if there are any requirements for this, such as VHBL?

  21. odyle54 says:

    The size of download is correct 5007kb, but can’t download, i have the error c2-13213-0, someone have an idea ?

  22. Scrumcrunches says:

    Hi i think you all need mental help if you cant figure this out by now.

  23. Odran says:

    i got error c2-13213-0 when i continue the download!!! What should i do?

  24. Macrey says:

    Yeah, that’s very very cool guys, but I think it has a large limitation. How god did you find a game who need yo be upgraded, at any moment ? Please, if any people had a trick for that… T_T But good job, Smoke <3

    • jacko says:

      If you backed up before a little game who need to be update you just have to uninstall the game re transfer it with cma and have a game to update

  25. Aytaa says:

    Do I need a exploit game for this to work? Also, will this let us run iso games? Im a bit confused :/

  26. LegendOfAB says:

    Really gonna need some more info. The game doesn’t seem to have a bubble, although i do see it in the QMA. And this post doesn’t mention that it will delete all of your psp games. Come on, now.

  27. Racoon says:

    I completed all the steps and it does show on the CMA (I placed FF VI Eboot). But how am i supposed to play it?
    I’m on FW 3.52

    • cheeyee09 says:

      I used original EBOOT.PBP extracted directly from the PKG. I got it installed and the game show in CMA, but there is no launcher for it on the livearea. Also, in CMA when you click on the “i” icon, it show as “Add On data” only.

  28. Naked snake says:

    Follow the steps and after i tried to resume the download i get a c2-1323-0 error

  29. lancer says:

    I don’t understand step 9 & 10
    When resume is downloaded 5MB and then download to finish or continue down to 5MB and plause ?

    • David says:

      When you resume the download and will be 5MB continue to finish download!
      But i cant download anything (c2-1323-0 error)

  30. lancer says:

    please make a video. I don’t understand step 9 & 10
    anyone can help me ?

  31. NakedFaerie says:

    I’ve never liked to “Rebuild database in recovery.” as that corrupts my PS3 and completely screws up my Vita.
    Thats not a good wa to do things unless you have an empty Vita with nothing on it. My Vitas are both full of games and will get sc*** up if I did that.

  32. NakedFaerie says:

    Can people see the next big thing for the Vita firmware? The removal of the email app.
    Unless $ony use it I can see them removing it in the next firmware.

    I’ve stopped hacking my Vitas. If I want to run a PSP game I just use a PSP. I’m still loving the size of the PSPGO. Its so small and tiny compared to phones and the Vita, 3DS, etc.

    • Reprep says:

      Great to see another psp go lover. I generally use my PSP GO for my psp stuff outside but at home i prefer the larger screen of Vita ePSP. Unfortunately vita is too large for my pockets to take out.

  33. ryotaro says:

    I install game Harvest moon. But I only see in cma (add-on) not show in live area >.<

  34. sam says:

    Wololo could your write us, a full and comprehensive tutorial for this hack? Thanks and Godspeed

  35. lucz says:

    will these hacks ever be as easy as just putting the isos on vita and playing them by tapping in the game’s bubble? noob here, btw

  36. Parker says:

    So I put PSP-INSTALLER in


    For some reason when I refresh database in QCMA it is not showing this at all. Are there any instructions for copying over a manual savegame with QCMA? Kinda vague on step 2…

  37. kinomichi says:

    if no game to update, there always PSM runtime pakage… SETTING > SYSTEM > then update. if it is already update just delete it then re-update again.