PS Vita Release: PSP-Installer by SMOKE. Write to PSP/GAME on all firmwares


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  1. domiciano says:

    Tader good, someone could send me the files to me

  2. new on vita says:

    how to do this psp installer im on 3.52 any video tutorial?

  3. Adam says:

    They pretty much gloss over on how exactly to transfer the saved data over to your PSP Vita using QCMA. Which folder do I put it in?

  4. hamu says:

    Now, how to convert Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD (English Patched) to working EBOOT

  5. hugo says:

    anyone can do? error to continue the download =\

  6. Fabian says:

    So I was able to get through the tutorial and did all the steps and erased the corrupt icon. Nothing happened after that. What I placed on the p folder was an iso of a game i have (Kingdom Hearts BBS). Was I supposed to place VHBL, ARK, or TN-V in the p folder?

  7. leklerc says:

    The size of download is correct 5007kb, but can’t download, i have the error c2-13213-0, someone have an idea ?

  8. origamiluis says:

    QCMA not connect to psvita need update 🙁

  9. Jesse says:

    So um… Does this create a launch bubble or something? How do I run a game?

  10. Ray says:

    This deletes ALL Vita save data, or at least makes it unaccessible. Anyone know of a fix?

  11. Ian says:

    guys any TuT on Qcma idk how to transfer file on it im confused >.<

  12. azaz says:

    its told me , you need to update your system to transfer files . i have 3.52 . and i use with qcma . any help ???

  13. Maxkavian says:

    So after this, how do I open the game?

  14. Hawktroll says:

    Does it work in the 3.55 ?

  15. john says:

    Hi guys, sorry for my english. I have a question: ¿Should I do this every time I pass a game?

    Thanks for aswer.

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