Pokémon Go: a real life open world game

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  1. Ricky D says:

    I don’t really think that’s what people meant when they said they wanted an open world Pokemon game…….

  2. Rob says:

    Lol, if this ever gets released in Mexico they have to be careful where they send people/players, since over here is really unsafe, you can get mugged or kidnapped just about anywhere if you’re not careful. Especially in Mexico City’s downtown.

    • nope says:

      maybe that’s the plan after all, sony might have his hands in that. less nintendo-boys means that the gloryful playstation masterrace will rise soon, believe me. this world is going wicked ways.

    • Pedro says:

      *** please. I’m Venezuelan. You don’t know what unsafety is.

  3. Honus_Wagner says:


  4. Rolenzo says:

    Guys, go to Mexico’s downtown. There’s a Moltres there!

  5. nCadeRegal says:

    Ios and android only? That kinda blows. Whatever I don’t think ill be buying this one. Thanks for the news tip though.

  6. Carlos says:

    Imagine that in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, place where i live.. Sending a noob into a favela and take a shot in middle of the eyes.. I hope nintendo think a lot the way to introduce safely this game in real world, because some places are not safe places to go.

  7. RiotDX says:

    dibs on Mew

  8. sugarshock says:

    I like how they focus on first generation pokemon only. Wonder, if it’s gonna be free2play or full price app.

    • Takogoro says:

      Confirmed by Famitsu and other Japanese media, it’s “Free 2 Start”
      (because Iwata & Nintendo thought Free 2 Play is a misleading term)

  9. Casavult says:

    Lol imagine if certain Pokemons are only found in certain countries. Like for example, if I wanted Pikachu and it was only available in, say, South Africa lol. I’d have to travel all the way there just for a Pokemon lol.

    • Zik says:

      actually, they stated that you can trade pokemon. But i hope that you’re able to trade online and not be there physically. but it look like it focused on regions that aren’t that dangerous.

  10. Kotomine Kirei says:

    “Que dramatic soundbite: Dumn, Dumn, Duummmn”

    This should be:
    “Cue dramatic sting: Dun, dun, dun!”

    Anyway…horrible idea.
    I am guessing that the game will probably have an option to buy Pokémon for people who do not travel that far (most people that play Pokémon)…which means it will be pay-to-win.

    Also, that video is cringeworthy.

  11. psYos says:

    I’m hoping we hear reports of people throwing their phones like poké***. But in all seriousness, what people have been waiting for is a MMORPG of Pokémon. Not a Pokémon version of Ingress. Guess the fans will have to make this one and show em how its done.

  12. Zik says:

    This video…it going to be sooo misleading…and even worst…it will be geo-pinged area…which meant it might not show all pokemon available in all regions…

    it a great concept…but maybe Nintendo should’va focused on making a open-world game on their Wii-U instead…or at least the company that currently own the licence decide to make openworld for next gen console…which won’t be likely as Nintendo already has a strong hold on Pokemon…which is probably why they’re bringing it to iOS and Android only instead of their 3DS or WiiU…which probably going to send a wrong message. 🙁

  13. Max says:

    well i sincerely i got my eyes wet. Just looking at this got the feels inside of me since its been way heel to long that havent played pokemon since the black version.

    the battle with mewtwo felt epic even tough its just a commercial and its not gonna be the same irl.

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  15. Neria says:

    This game will vanish, after some kids fell to their death while playing this.
    Or to say it: Pokemon GO will fail horribly (and be hacked quickly).