Rejuvenate 0.3.3 is out and it unlocks the 444 MHz CPU mode for 3.30+



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  1. snake says:


  2. W wololo says:

    I have the app.

  3. Franky says:

    This is pretty neat.

    Will the daily PSM check in through email ever be removed? That’s the only thing keeping me from using this great hack beyond simply trying it out.

  4. holyfizz says:

    holy shizzle didnt realise how weak the vita is compared to 2012 the time 1ghz dual core was standard and quad cores were making there way to the market.

    damn, time to sell this garbage PSNOW and REMOTE PLAY is the only reason to keep it, then again soon you will beable to enjoy both of those on tablets and phones with suoer hd screens and super beefy hardware…
    even if it was to be fuly hacked the homebrew games would and look like garbage. phones now are 20-50x the power pf the vita,,,vita is irrelevant

    • KronosXLI says:

      Nice bait. Here’s your reply.

      • Gikero says:

        It is entirely possible the commenter is so ignorant that he doesn’t realize the 444Mhz rating is for homebrew purposes, and not a max rating for the Vita’s max CPU frequency.

        @holyfizz I laugh at how people only look at clockspeed ratings and assume that is the only point used to gauge a device’s performance. Go sell your “garbage” if you truly think you know what you’re talking about.

    • lmao says:

      Vita is 2011 (december in Japan) hardware, idi.ot, comparing it to high end 2012 smartphone is the most id.iot thing to do.
      And it’s not weak, they just crank down clock speed in favor of more CORES.
      Just compare that to 3DS and you’ll see that 3DS is utter

      • lmao says:

        And as far as i see, phone games all looks like garbage. lol

        • lmao says:

          Yet, OH THIS SO POWERFUL PHONE didn’t get full port of Phantasy Star Online 2, instead getting dumbed down game for dumber filthy casuals.

          • Sukunda says:

            Can you leave your fanboy-ism out of this. It might be stronger than the 3DS but at least the 3DS has a nice amount of games to play. Unfortunately I only want 2 vita games or so, so I picked up the PSTV. And before you call me a 3DS fanboy, I don’t even own a 3DS, if they made something like the PSTV and was fully functional to play on the TV, I would definitely get one.

            Also, phones are quite capable of putting out really good looking games but that’s not what makes money. It’s awful ‘f2p’ games that make all the money. Why put millions of dollars into a game when you can barely put any effort into one and make millions instead.

      • holyfizz says:

        ADMIT IT, ITS WEAK GARBAGE. The only thing good about it is its streaming capabilities for psnow/remote play.
        Phones don’t have the dedicated hardware for that if they did the vita would of been obsolete by now.

        I have a samsung tablet S with an 2k screen that allows full 1080p playback for ps4 (not 980x640p) remote play with an 5ghz router, all I need is psnow android release then and only then will be absolutly pointless to own a vita.

        These hackers realize the pointlessness of the vita that’s why it took 2 years to release a barely working vita exploit, the psp was fresh and there was nothing on the market like it now android vita clones are out that do exactly what the vita does AND MORE!!!

    • aramaru says:

      CPU frequency and number of cores are only part of bigger set of information in which CPU type might be most importat. For example signle core motorola 68040 at 25 Mhz frequency outperforms single core motorola 68030 with same frequency by factor of around 2-2,5. This being due to architecture change and build in cache. PS vita CPU might have same frequency as PSP CPU but it should in fact have much higher performance per core and thus overall higher performance even at same clocl. The other thing, mobile phones and CPU number and frequency are used to decieve customers such as yourself. It is similar to equipping *** GPU like AMD 5450 with 2 or 4 GB of ram – some would think it’s good GPU while in fact it isn’t. Thus CPU can appear as dual core with 1ghz clock but architecture limitations, not enough cache, bad support, not wide enough data bus or simply lack of optimization may greatly diminish it’s potential. Most of entry level phones nowdays, still don’t have enough horse power tu run software similar to vita’s. That was my oversimplified explanation,.

  5. 风君子 says:

    Wonder when will support PSP games……and FIRST ×3

  6. Gikero says:

    Does this improve performance in specific Genesis titles that were laggy before the clock speed update?

  7. ModChipGuy says:

    I’m still on 3.18 what’s the downside to 3.30?

  8. ALDREAD says:

    hi guys can rejuvenate play psp games. im on 3.50 sorryu very new to this trick

  9. Doodle210 says:

    So…. N64 emulator finally possible to run at a good speed?

  10. asd123go says:

    Hope it can be overclock to 800MHZ

    • Tony says:

      444 MHz will be the limit unless a kernel exploit is found, no app on the vita has more permission to do stuff then what it needs, sony did well to keep the system secure this time, otherwise we could have easily exploited the whole system with rejuvenate if it was like the psp days.

  11. KTSBKT says:

    I don’t want to update my hacked Vita because it’s pretty much perfect.
    It has TN-V hack.
    It has .PGK hack
    And it has vulnerable browser for other potential future hacks.
    Hopefully it will have decent Rejuvenate support even if it lacks 444 MHz mode.

  12. ch3wt0ys says:

    Awesome to hear, but will only work with my 3.50 Vita. Still keeping other on 3.18 for couple of other things…

  13. ninpo5537 says:

    A stupid question probably….
    How do I update Rejuvenate from 0.3.2 to 0.3.3, do I have to install from scratch i.e. Setup.bat?

  14. nyx says:

    I wonder what he meant by PMC. Is it pmc in FreeBSD or ARM PMC?

  15. fatman01923 says:

    I could never get my vita to connect to my pc with unity. I just stopped bothering with it until an n64 emulator appears really. I think it is great progress though but I found the guide for sucessfully running unity on 3.18 confusing really. I already tried hackinformer’s guide and failed doing that twice and tried a forum post to no luck. I have the unity app installed already on my vita but connecting to the pc through proxy seems to give issues. :C