CSPSP 1.92+ updated to r7.1 – New online server


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24 Responses

  1. Anika says:

    I need help with a pspgo! I need to reverse it to the original firmware! Or a way to let the snes to playing it, they were working until the update!

    • UnLuck3R says:

      reverse to ofw for?

    • sloppycrap says:

      No you don’t. There is zero reason to have an OFW PSP.

    • Crzo says:

      Update? You mean the PSP 6.61 sysrem update? If you updated your PSP that’s the reason why isn’t working anymore, your CFW ha been reneered useless. Google PSP 6.61 downgrade and you’ll find what you are looking for.

  2. CaraCum says:

    1..2.. FIRRRRRST!!!!

  3. ModChipGuy says:

    It would be awesome if CSPSP worked for Revitalize!

  4. Stanislav says:

    Why pirate Vita games??????????

  5. Stanislav says:


  6. Xyrem says:

    So much memories came up while looking at those screenshots.

  7. MightyJAK says:

    The Dropbox link leads to a 404 page 🙁

  8. BaggyXT says:

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  9. Augusto says:

    Link is down… re-upload it, please!

  10. TigerGoRawr says:

    Guys, it seems appspot master server is back?! i can login and play on it!

  11. MovingShadow says:

    Does this work on henkaku with vhbl

  12. MrWindowsR says:

    Hi. Guys i played this game for 5years when i was a child. Now i wanna back on multiplayer. But there is a problem. When iIlogin I don’t see servers. Is this game still alive?