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PS4 Code Execution: Some Details


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18 Responses

  1. Crzo says:

    Nice, we’ll see kick a $$ homebrew on the PS4!

  2. unholy says:

    I am on 2.55 OFW

    If they succeed (hopefully!) then downgrading will be the next problem.

    • nope says:

      Or have them port it to 2.55 which would be better. Find a new webkit exploit.

      • Cypherous says:

        Far easier said than done, its likely that sony will just lock down the browser more from a security standpoint, what this is more likely to do is help devs learn more about the underlying system and potentially see if they can locate any more valuable exploits in the core system, although i assume sony learned a lot from the PS3 days and now actually use a random number instead of a 3 😛

        That being said, its likely that sony will already be working on dealing with any exploits they find and the code is likely to have changed a fair bit since 1.76

      • Titty nigga says:

        Hopefully this leads to more exploits they can be ported to the current fw

  3. Honus Wagner says:

    Might be the First? 🙂

  4. ALDREAD says:

    F-I-R-S-T ====>

  5. VinsCool says:

    No news about the WiiU Kernel exploit and cafiine? What a shame…

    There are stuff going on right now.

    • Darien112 says:

      Well well ladies and gents looks like we’ve got ourselves a comedian

    • Oumoumad says:

      Yeah, I’m also personally surprised wololo didn’t cover that, the Wii U kernel exploit release is a major step in the Wii U hacking scene. especially that it works up to the version 5.4.0

      • VinsCool says:

        Defi nitely, I managed to load custom n64 games with cafiine aand the DK64 virtual console, like mattew_wi did.

  6. Stanislav says:

    Hacker,good good only very very good!!

  7. WantINhax says:

    On Cturt’s twitter account he said that other people had already achieved code execution before him. Is it fair to assume that other hackers may be further ahead than just simply executing code?

  8. GottZ says:

    there is especially one homebrew i’d like to have.. a better internet browser with proper mouse / touchpad support!
    lets make it reality as soon as this takes off 😀

  9. wonre says:

    info for devs looking for a compatible ps4 : still sealed european bundle ps4 the last of us release date seems appropriate. I ordered one last week and I just received it today. Inside the still sealed box I’ve found firmware 1.70
    the us bundle counterpart might be more recent so be careful.

  10. WantINhax says:

    CTurt has made a pong home brew game on the PS4. Check the youtube for his video. http://t.co/h4deFmJcqJ

  11. Tbird0000 says:

    I feel its getting close. So glad I have a day one launch PS4 still in box. Once I read (over a year ago) that a hack was in the works or at least being looked into, Purchased a PS4 then placed it in my closet for that rainy day when I open my news feed and see “PS4 Hacked!”