VitaDefiler for Android and what it could mean for the end user


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26 Responses

  1. 8pcd says:

    1. Nice news

  2. Jamx says:

    And hopefully Android itself can be run on Vita someday.

  3. jonasjuni says:

    Please don’t forget windows phone

  4. Xyler says:

    Why would you want to use a rpi? They are bigger than regular Android smartphones and it would only be an extra device that you have to carry around. Not to forget that the Android on rpi project has been dead for a few years (as far as I know), and Android was never able to run stable on it. And a cheap secondhand smartphone isn’t that expensive for the people who don’t have one. So I don’t really see an upside beside not needing an otg cabel. But maybe the Android port can work with wifi as well so still no real upside. Plz explane?

    • akian_aray says:

      If it runs on android, it’s very likely runs on any flavour of linux as well, which is working fine on rpi. But yeah, this sounds like solution only for those who don’t have OTG support on their phones. Now if we talk about USB flashdrive-sized dongle, which could run defiler and draw power from vita itself – that would be interesting

  5. Dylan says:

    That would be awesome!!! Especially for whoever does not have the privilege to have a laptop to transport around. A phone would be light and easy to keep in your pocket. Maybe with the unity app we could get the vita to connect with our Android phone to load our homwbres. Great news like always. Great news. One step closed everyday. Can’t wait till somebody finally finds a kernel exploit or at least a way to run homebrews without the use of any second device of any sort

  6. Sir Paco says:

    First to not be first!

    Also great job guys, keep up the good work!

  7. surVfate says:

    We already got Android Stick now, with this being successfully ported, it will not be that hard to have somesort of a “VitaDefiler Dongle”.

  8. NoPatience says:

    nice……………….did she give oral too?………NICE!

  9. 173210 says:

    > Additionally, one could imagine tiny devices that we would plug to the Vita (battery-powered raspberry Pi ?) running Android, that would autoload everything. (Yeah, that’s definitely a stretch… any skilled devs up to the task?)

    Windows IoT may be better because it runs on C#. It shouldn’t be so hard.
    # But I won’t because I don’t have any device to run Windows IoT and I have no plan to buy such a device. I would rather buy another old smartphone than grab hobby devices. 😛

  10. SLeePLatED says:

    Wow that was a wonderful news

  11. ishygdaft says:

    I was wondering how they would get past the whole “phone home” bit. What a genius way of doing it! Never would have expected it. So I would imagine you run the unity app and use the phone/smart device as a wireless tether, which in turn runs the stack needed for homebrew. Impressive.

  12. andoryuu3 says:

    Teensy 2 and a flash drive would be incredible. That’s how Chromecast hackers got custom roms working… The process uses a special type of USB OTG adapter, which can be found on Amazon under the following name:
    “Micro USB Host OTG Cable with Micro USB Power”

    That’s also a stretch, but a worthy mention. I can see that happening sooner than an iPhone app unfortunately (cydia or otherwise).

  13. Rolenzo says:

    Hmmm. I don’t think I have the necessary cords to perform this anyway.

  14. Hiya says:

    All jokes aside, smooth Wii emulation more than possible on VIta.
    -PS Vita uses DirectX 10.1 and Open GL 3.0

    So Polys for second, capability is not a problem

    -PS Vita has just over 3 times the CPU on Wii and 6x the GPU of Wii.
    -PS Vita has greater GPU and CPU than I Phone 6 Plus despite the beautiful Retina Display

    So CPU, GPU and overall performance is not a problem.

    The only problem is here is button mapping.

    Besides that theres no problem at all.

    In hardware terms with Specs, PS Vita is basically a Super Saiyan I Phone 6

    If you doubt me, all of these official sources are here.

    I Phone 6 vs Galaxy S6:

    PSP emulating Dreamcast at it’s maximum:

    Specs Overall:

    Open GL 3.0 running on PS Vita Video

    Direct X 10.1 running on PS Vita

  15. neojared says:

    very useful
    great work

  16. d@rk51d3 says:

    Definitely sounds feasible.

  17. roger22 says:

    2. Awesome that we won’t have to use PCs anymore

  18. oeron says:

    The only reason i bought my Vita is to run emulators. Vita is the most advanced handheld system which runs these homebrews. PSP though does the same but lacks the benefits of the Vita. This Rejuvenate hack took me a long time to have it run and it’s not appropiate to use coz it has to be connected to a computer. I really appreciate all these efforts hackers put in to this stuff and this whole thing is in development which will look better in the future but i don’t know how long this is gonna take or should is run VHBL stuff by upgrading to 3.52?

  19. lmao says:

    it will be more awesome if we don’t need defiler client anymore. 🙂

  20. Stanislav says:

    Hacker,I you very very good love!!

  21. J says:

    Just run the homebrew on your Android device, you people are idiots.

  22. umhumh says:

    Well if that is so, i can see this being ported to a PI or even better, with some effort ported to a teensy or something, that would be handy.

    Congrats on everyone’s effort and good job.

  23. MyLegGuy says:

    I was thinking about putting it on a raspberry pi.

    You’re able to install windows 10 on a raspberry pi, so I think it’ll work.