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PS4 File Browser released – CTurt updates his PS4 Playground tools


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9 Responses

  1. KronosXLI says:

    I wonder how different the PS4 and PS Vita’s systems are. They might provide hints for each other.

  2. Bit says:

    Great!!! I have been waiting for this kind of homebrew since I test my ps4 with de webkit sploit. It’s time to test it. Thanks CTurt for it.

  3. Stanislav says:

    Impossible only impossible!!Hacker,please continue!

  4. Manuel Eduardo Koegler says:

    Possibility to get P.T. Demo back on my ps4? Please! I need it!

  5. Bitten says:

    Well looks promising once a cfw is released.

  6. nyx says:

    “Browser executed as root” heh.
    Wonder what they did with that.

  7. The PS4 SDK is developed from running ROP tests, and can currently interact with the kernel through a subset of known system calls. Also supports enough of networking to open a socket and send a message.

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