VHBL for Puzzle Scape released by Qwikrazor87


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45 Responses

  1. gbro says:

    first 😀

  2. W wololo says:

    Gbsp and snes emulator work on this vhbl?

  3. Shido says:

    It’s normal that any Homebrew work with it ?

  4. NoPatience says:

    finally first!!! :p

  5. NoPatience says:

    y my comment not showing up?

  6. first? says:

    != First

  7. Dreammilord says:

    Maybe i do something wrong. But when i run this save from gallery(in game menu) i have a mistake “C1-2858-3”) What should i do and how to run VHBL, this is my first time). Vita 3.52

  8. Arun says:

    Award moment when you regretted updating to 3.52 and finally vhbl is available via puzzle scale but the mini costs €1.19 and you only have €0.98 in your PSN account

  9. ivan says:

    Obá agora sim vou adquiri-lo imediatamente obg

  10. JEF says:

    Runs ok up to — Config file: ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA/NPEZ00001SCENE0/hblconf.txt, then error C1-2858-3
    I’m on Ver. 3.52
    Thanks …

  11. RaZiel says:

    Gonna grab this for my PSTV and also I love seeing all the kids giddy to get first and not even have it!!

  12. huz84 says:



  13. vitekmc says:

    Got the same error as JEF. Vers 3.52

  14. huz84 says:

    NPEZ00001SCENE0/hblconf.txt error C1-2858-3 v3.52

  15. noob#1 says:

    I’ve been trying to get into the psvita VHBL community, but i havent had the time to do much research. The little research i have done has not led me anywhere. I have a psvita fw 3.18 and i have do clue where to start. Anyone can help me or guide me in the right direction. Please and thank you.

  16. zeiad says:

    the when i copy it to ps vita it didnt copy??

  17. Cypherous says:

    Well i got 138menu to load, although now i’m confused about installing homebrews and emulators but i guess i can google that tomorrow 😛

    Replace the WMENU.BIN with the EBOOT.PBP from GUIDOBOT’s 138menu and add the other files in there alongside it and it should load up

  18. Romana says:

    keeps crashing for me on “Creating app list…” with error code (c1-2858-3).

  19. kiansp says:

    Guys its kinda sadding for me to admit but theres no good homebrews to run on this VHBL because this exploit is a mini you can only install homebrews under 1mb

  20. Erick says:

    does anybody know how to add credits on a EUR account when in USA?

  21. brownienz says:

    Just downloaded this the other day for a laff Im on 3.50 with psm dev and psm dev for unity running so dont really need to get this but i will just to try it out is the exploit able to be used for ARK OR TNV ? that would be sick native homebrews and tnv In saying that if i had any idea that the psm dev for unity app would work to run rejuvenate i never would of updated from 3.18 and lost custom bubbles /tnv/ark/and ps1 loader but hopefully one day 🙂

  22. brownienz says:

    scratch that comment i now see that its limited to 1mb file size

  23. anvi says:

    for me the game creates 2 saves (NPEZ00001SAVE0 and NPEZ00001SYSTEM) when i copy all files and i go to Gallery nothing apears… any knows why? ( i tryed to copy all files in the two saves but nothing apears…)

    • Cypherous says:


      You copy the folder which is called NPEZ00001SCENE0 alongside the other 2 folders and then import the save back on to your vita, then the gallery will show a green and yellow image

  24. troll says:

    does anyone knows if this allows for running PSP isos?

    • DarkPikachu says:

      How bout you read this article first and find out yourself instead of skipping down to the bottom and giving a silly question that’s been asked everytime.

  25. Internally_blazed says:

    works fine on 3.51, installed puzzle scape the second Katsu released his POC.

  26. Internally_blazed says:

    works fine on 3.51, installed puzzle scape the second Katsu released his POC.

  27. brownienz says:

    set this up to give it ago get to a screen saying starting 138menu then loading config file configfile not found or corrupted. generating defaults…….. loading menu resources starting menu… creating app list then i get “an error has occurred (c1-2858-3) and have to restart my vita or nothing else will load im on 3.50 so dont plan on using this just wanted to try get it to load not sure what the problem is

  28. GokuIsFine says:

    INSTALL.ZIP must be less than 1 mb. I copy roms with the smaller application, such as psid. NES, Master System working fine.

  29. cetin says:

    After the installation i cant see the vhbl bubble on the vita. What happened ? Where can i find it? Only just Guidobots 138 menu is starting automatically After indtalling the vhbl. Can somebody help me please?

    • beatnukem says:

      it will not create a bubble, you have to run the actual game (PuzzleScape) and load the safegame. this will invoke vhbl

  30. beatnukem says:

    I am on FW 2.61 and this works just fine to run Snes9xTYL. Only issue the emulator hangs after wake up from suspendet mode, not sure if this is a general issue with vhbl+Snes9xTYL tho.

  31. greatwhite says:

    Please help me, ok I have a PS Vita and I want to enjoy homebrew. My firmware is 3.35 and I bought puzzlescape and copied the save file, the save file looks as though its gonna work all the green text comes up and it starts to process, but then as soon as it gets to this part where it says “building NIDs table” it stays for a couple of seconds then kicks me out. Now originally i used to get to the HBL.config file and mess up but since I read the comments I changed the WMENU.BIN to 138 menu and like I said now just kicks me out.
    Please Help me 🙁