Tiny Avengers a Unity based Beat’em up, the most professional fan game of the year?

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  1. asdasdfwedfr says:


  2. supper says:

    good hope to se more like thes

  3. Stiffeno says:

    Wow this looks pretty damn good for a PoC demo O_O! Imagine what this could become with a strong dev team at its core!

    Hope something comes of this!

  4. EJ says:

    Looks fun.

    • italkgame says:

      Yes it was, try Devil’s Dare by Raymond Teo. It is availalke on WinPC, Steam and Mac. after the weekend I might have a suprise so check back soon or give me a follow on twitter @italkgame

      Random note> I think more highly of followers who actually interact with me 😉

  5. Kotomine Kirei says:

    I had thought that this was a homebrew game for PSM Unity from the title…
    Very disappointing.

  6. Indy says:

    The demo was honestly really fun. Does anyone know any games like this? I’m kinda want to play something like this while I wait for this one.