Rejuvenate for Unity is right around the corner


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  1. MyLegGuy says:

    I have both dev assistants, but still, awesome!

  2. TheGrandPubaa says:

    Cool. Exciting time to be a Vita owner and a homebrew aficionado.

  3. Mr. MaGoo says:

    Ok so a fail of a question but I’m gonna ask it… what the lowest firmware with an exploit is this comparable woth? I’m on 2.02 uno and wondering what to upgrade to.

    • Spike says:

      3.18 With the Tokyo Travel exploit. It has Package installer EPSP PSX and Rejuvenate.

    • Quade321 says:

      Yeah, 3.18 is probably the best place to be right now. You can get TN-V 10 which will let you run an XMB. You can get to the Package Installer really easy. You can get a PS1 exploit game to run PS1 games with good sound emulation. It’s compatible with Rejuvenate. And if anyone still cares about it, it’s vulnerable to the WebKit Exploit.

      • Mr. MaGoo says:

        Awesome, thanks for the feedback. I got the tekken 2 exploit so for the psx I’m good. I just have to pick up the Tokyo exploit and do the update

  4. meysam25 says:

    nice but i update my fw

  5. DarkPikachu says:

    So is there absolutely nothing to do for people on 3.52 (However, I still have the app). Also any news on the Puzzle Scape exploit?

    • Brentt says:

      Well probably they will find something via email app to re enable the psm dev app. But to be sure : don’t update any more! $ony WILL patch the eml trick and/or other exploits !

      • Tony says:

        The data that checks the update is either stored in the vitas hidden memory or where it’s nand is, so right now there is no method or ways of getting it running at all but hopefully soon there might be a few tricks that could enable it by possibly doing something like using another lower FW system to fake the game ID and thus force it to run. i am pretty sure though that once dev for unity is released it wont be long until we can load a file into ram that would unblock every app/vita game on a ps tv.

  6. Sky Yuki says:

    After 9 years in development, hopefully it will be worth the wait

  7. Smoker1 says:

    Seriously cant wait for the Homebrew Gate to bust open 😀 . Like I keep saying, I hope there will be a N64 and MAME type Emu down the road. Along with a Doom Port that can run the Brutal Doom/Wolfenstein Mods.

  8. ragnarok says:

    Here im hoping for a vita tv port since that way i can enjoy the homebrews with 2 controllers

  9. Netrix says:

    There’s much more to it than just looser license requirements. There’s PSTV support, exploit launching support for Linux/Mac, with the possibility for Android/iOS support. There’s no USB required for launching the exploit (only Wi-Fi). The exploit launches a lot faster as well. There is a lot more RAM available through PSM Unity than the regular one.

  10. lolzoar says:

    I’m really happy for all the opportunities for homebrew, but I really hope Rejuvenate won’t lead to piracy in the end. What if there’s a loophole in PSM+ that allows you access to the wrong parts, which can enable piracy? It will kill the Vita for sure…

    • Saint says:

      It didn’t kill the PSP, though. In fact, one could said the CFW helped it, and we all know that the main reasone most installed one in those times wasn’t to create/play homebrews…

    • Psvita says:

      ps vita is dead anyway but you can’t enable piracy on it, just install emulator like nes,snes etc…

    • Tony says:

      Thats literally impossible, sony did a good job on security for the vita and no game or app has extra permission than needed.

  11. Xtremegamer says:

    Psvita is already dead in the water when Sony abandoned it, so no you cant kill it only ‘rejuvenate’ it. It’s there own fault when you try to milk people like cows, there may be a few Bulls amongst them.

  12. Aldorr says:

    At last! 😀 Now all we need is a way to run it on 3.18 🙂

  13. uRecken says:

    Will this work with vitas on 3.18 firmware?

  14. Stanislav says:

    Yifan lu,i love you,continue!!

  15. Ricardo says:

    meu ps vita esta na 3.52 tem algum jeito de fazer um downgrade ? ou istala Rejuvenate a Unidade app ?

  16. ChrisHighwind says:

    To be honest, I’m looking forward to this more than freehax. If the existing homebrew can still run on Rejuvenate Unity, I’d probably use Vita homebrew more since I wouldn’t have to connect my Vita to my PC every time I wanted to run homebrew.

  17. T says:

    Sad to see many people still doing the vita hack. How often do you play your OWN game n beat it? How often you beat the game and let it sit there?
    How often do you even buy games and not touch them?
    So ask yourself, in 24 hours how many games are you playing, beating and not even touch? Waste of your money, time and your so call life existence? So you want to prirate games, how many? You going to play them all or leave it cause a new game is out and you didn’t even the other 5 games you just bought at a discount price?
    so did I *** you off cause all you poser talks about pirating games, for those that want to admit I don’t pirate, kid your behind a computer screen, you could be working for Sony, FBI or even a pedophile priest. Don’t act like a saint online when you clearly doing other crazy *** behind close doors.
    So you digitally buying games or downloading them til you got no space? Is that correct?
    While you finish downloading old age psp games you want to play, good luck on choosing which to play first on your list of pirates and never beat or make 10 Achievement.

    FYI- get a tablet, it have ppsspp and you can play PSP.
    Everyone so hype about the vita hack, especially the one that can’t code, do nothing with their own life and complain, complain and act needy for the vita hack cause they can’t afford high prices games well they don’t want to teach themselves any new tricks , only what comfortable to them, so much for thinking outside the box.

    If you thinking walking around with a vita hack is going to be the best gaming portable for you, then please look at all the ports of old generation games to a handheld.

    People like you are easy to grab money from, all I need is a product, amazing details about it and you be asking me for it like its really important Iike Your whole life depends on it.

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    Those that complains that can’t do it right doesn’t know how to use google translation.

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    Smart person gets 2 vita. Why is that person smart? He is not. Probably just greedy .

    Ask yourself , you own ps4, ps3,PSP, vita xbox360 , a xboxone, D’s, dei, 3ds, 2ds, it doesn’t stop….SNES, genesis. Gameboy , GBA
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    So pirate away, use all that memory doesn’t matter to me, what I really want you to see is how wasteful you are.

  18. Zugzwang says:

    When will Rejuvenate be at a state where it can simply be downloaded to PSV and installed, regardless of the FW?

    Also, what about all the relevant emulators for piracy, especially of old Sony consoles?

    Until then you haven’t fully hacked s* but I appreciate the efforts, nonetheless.

  19. This was much sooner than I thought, but this is even more fantastic news for those who wants to join in on the Revitalize competition!

  20. oeron says:

    Can some please tell me how i’m supposed to install rejuvenate unity on firmware 3.51 with content manager? I can’t use content manager coz it forces me to update to 3.52 which i won’t. I searched trough the internet but i couldn’t bypass content manager. And unfortunately OpenCMA is not supported since 3.01. Appreciate any kind of help.

    • Jhon says:

      opencma si permite gestionar contenidos y copiar la app psm para el truco…pero para poder entrar a la play store y actualizar el juego y usr el wiifi es el problema

  21. DPyro says:

    I got the beta. Still work to do regarding the SDK and compatibility.

  22. Eiji says:

    I can’t wait for a native port of RetroArch for Vita & PSTV. BTW, can 3.18/3.20 still be exploited? I got a Vita on 3.03 and Numblast exploit and a new PSTV on 3.20.

    • Eiji says:

      Ok, updated Vita from 3.01 to 3.18 and got the updated Numblast exploit which works on 3.18. Haven’t touched the Vita for nearly a year!

  23. Gamegard says:

    can you guys make PSPEmu for Rejuvenate ? I know there is one integrated in the Vita but for now you can see that we can’t use the old exploit game’s way to play the ISO PSP that I have .

  24. Smoker1 says:

    Sony just better come out with a 128GB Vita Card LOL. If Homebrew and Emulators start busting out like no other, we will need the space for them. All I care for is a MAME type Emu, N64, Doom that can run the Brutal Doom Mod, SNES, Virtual Boy, PSX, a way to load MY PSP Games, and a SWF/Flash Games(Killfrog and JoeCartoon)

  25. recreluis says:

    I have psvita with firmware 3.18. ¿I can install PSM Rejuvenate and Unity Dev App or sofwrare necessary to Rejuvenate? or I have to upgrade the firmware to a version superior? If you need to upgrade the firmware would update the NEXT is 3.20 m or automatically updated in the latest version of firmwarwe?

    Yo tengo psvita con firmware 3.18. ¿puedo instalar Rejuvenate y PSM Unity Dev App o sofwrare necesario para Rejuvenate? o tengo que actualizar el firmware a una version superior? Si tengo que actualizar el firmware se ma actualizaria a la siguente 3.20 o se actualizaria automaticamente a la ultima version del firmwarwe?

    • DJ says:

      It will update to 3.52. DO NOT UPDATE. In fact, on 3.18, you have access to the package installer, se install both the PSM dev and Dev for Unity and you can use Rejuvenate right now!

      Se actualizará a 3,52. No actualizar. De hecho, en 3.18, usted tiene acceso a la instalación del paquete, se instala tanto el dev PSM y Dev para la Unidad y se puede utilizar Rejuvenate ahora mismo!

      Lo siento por Google Translate.

      • recreluis says:

        Muchas gracias. muchas gracias tambien por molestarte en traducirlo en google translate
        Thank you. Also thank you very much for taking the time to translate it into google translate

  26. troll says:

    finally installed unity! now just waiting patiently. Thank you Yifan, Yumyum, mr_gas, Majortom, Wololo and all people involved, you are awesome! 😉

  27. Vbay says:

    How can I install the PSM Unity App on 3.35? Don’t I need to be on the latest firmware to access the PSN Store/Sony services?

  28. Balgahol says:

    We need a way to go in psn store back again :/ FW 3.36 no way with updateblocker…