PSM is apparently gone, you’ll need PSM+ moving forward


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  1. Psm+alltheway says:

    First! Psm+ works fine

  2. MyLegGuy says:

    I’m having trouble now.

    I launch it, it says I need to update it, but it still let’s me continue. Then, on the screen it says “PlayStationMobile develiper’s lisence could not be confirmed.” I tried using PSM+. I imported the files I need to import, ran SETUP.BAT, and then tried to run some homebrew. It installed the vitadefiler client, but after launching and after that Playstation Mobile thing that comes up, the screen goes black and it goes back to the main screen, and tells me to update.

    • MyLegGuy says:

      I’m stupid. I forgot to go to the email app.

      • NoPatience says:

        of course u are……………no self-respect u have for urself no?
        lol kidding bro…….i myself make mistakes…….a man who made no mistakes is a man who made nothing ! 😀

  3. lolzoar says:

    Wait, PSM+ is out? I thought you needed Rejuvenate for run the utility.bat and Rejuvenate is still being worked on and is still in beta…

  4. Stanislav says:

    Yifan Lu,please continue!

  5. goyscript wpa beacon says:

    bad flash psm license provocated risk to psvita.

  6. BlingBlingJoey says:

    I’ve sold my ps vita a while ago, and still don’t regret it, this console was a stillborn from it’s release and putting so much effort on it is just stupid neither for Sony or the Hackers

    • Jesse says:

      What the heck are you doing here commenting on this for? Do you return to restaurants you hate just to tell them you won’t eat their food?

      • BlingBlingJoey says:

        Nope i’m here for the PS4 news, the other vita things are just smoke and mirrors, the day this console will be fully unlocked isn’t about to come and IF by miracle it happens, it’ll be too late to enjoy homebrews and backups, most of existing smartphones are 200% better and they are improving as the time goes by.
        PS : I’m not hating i’m just realistic

        • Darkdante says:

          for casual gamers im sure the cellphone experience is great, for me personally there is no finer piece of portable gaming hardware than the vita…already great with tnv & tnx – rejuvenate will only make it better

          • Jesse says:

            Right? Cell phones are a total joke when it comes to controls and dedicated gaming hardware, not to mention the actual games are mostly lame, and the Vita has some worthwhile games to play plus some of us still like to have the hard cartridges. BlingBlingJoey can stick with his Candy Crush, and I’ll play FF 10 and MGS.

    • lmao says:

      For westerners, vita is dead, but for Japanese it’s still alive well. Someone said Vita games is over 1000 titles so far. I’m not confirming it myself, too lazy to count it myself.

  7. Radwan126 says:

    Hackers should have waited about a year or so, and now Sony has terminated PSM after it was an amazing service that could have revived the Vita…. thanks hackers
    If they waited a bit more and left the system as it is for 5 or 6 years, they could have done a lot more things.
    Even if they enabled PS Vita roms … there isn’t enough games, the Vita’s library of games is still so small and tiny compared to the PSP or the PS3

    • CosmicTacoCat says:

      Dude. The only reason we have Rejuvenate right now at this moment is because Sony announced they were canceling the PSM service.
      Yifan thought PSM was a great idea and didn’t want to ruin it by releasing the hack until PSM had ended.

    • Josh says:

      They told the PSM developers that they we’re shutting it down before we found out about Rejuvenate.

    • lol says:

      “an amazing service that could have revived the Vita”


  8. Darkdante says:

    hi, anyone else running into an error when trying to access the PSM+ Daily update link now?

  9. Kokumotsu says:

    so my dev apps are both asking to be updated, should i update them?

    • Reprep says:

      yes it works, but rejuvenate doesn’t work on PSM Dev Unity yet.

      • john says:

        Where can one obtain Rejuvenate from? I can’t see any download links at all.

      • DarkPikachu says:

        Well that’s a complete lie. You can’t install the PSM Dev for Unity on 3.52. Very misleading

        • O.o says:

          u should learn to read and reasearch things, do u want someone to hold ur hand for u?

          • DarkPikachu says:

            And you should learn to read yourself since it clearly says on that link ‘Install psm dev for unity on ps vita firmaware 3.20 or above. And yet, it doesn’t work on 3.52. A lie

  10. Linux2go says:

    That screen protector, please somebody get some packing tape or equivelent tape and remove that giant dust particle causing the huge air bubble.

  11. Grypphon says:

    I managed to run the PSM+ correctly but I’m not getting the automatic daily emails. What did I do wrong?

  12. troll says:

    Hi Zett, I know this is not the place to ask and I apologize for that. I remember some news about a Homebrew for 3.51 that allowed use of PSN features, not the vita update blocker; it was something new… I just can’t find the article… if you recall something like that could you please link me to it? thanks in advance mate!

  13. troll-lord says:

    Does this affect the unity app for Psvita also or just the PSM dev asistant

  14. DPyro says:

    PSM+ Unity is in alpha phase, FYI

  15. morovic says:

    I’ve done many things according to the instructions but still have no licence as well as my PSM app wants me to update. I’ve dealed with many hacked devices like PSP, Xbox Jtag, İOS jailbreaks and many other but vita is confusing me so much. I did every step, all i wanna do is to play the old good 16 bit mega drive and snes games. I appreciate all the effort that people put in here but that didn’t help me or i missed out something.

  16. Momoko says:

    Mine says, “Failed to connect the network”… well… that’s sad xD.