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How To: Play PS4 Remote Play on Android with Dualshock 4


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21 Responses

  1. The3rdknuckles says:

    cool stuff. i’m gonna give this a try later.

  2. Annie says:

    Because no one else did, first.

  3. crimsonraven009 says:

    yeah i had tried this and the psvita still runs better
    while the games look beautiful its lags more

  4. bearded says:

    I tried to figure this out months ago and gave up, so grateful for a well written tutorial!

    Great job!

  5. DoesThisWorkOnTheSonyXperiaPhones? says:


  6. Jmars says:

    Cool guide. On a related note, you do not need root to just use the modded remote play app. That’s only for the controller.



  8. DudeGuy says:

    I remember when the first announced this feature and I was so *** off that they made it exclusive to Experia phones even though it was built on Android. So glad to see that this is now available to everyone. Gonna be really hard to fight the urge to play PS4 at work now.

  9. AJ says:

    did anybody find a way to patch the native dualshockmanager app to work on other android devices? if not then this hasn’t made much progress 🙁

  10. Riddler says:

    If you wanna use it as a true remote play setup. I suggest investing $10 into a DS4 smart clip. Works better then using a PS Vita. Having an actual DS4 is just better. I seeb people use those clips to hold there Vita also. And it works great for any Android FPS’s Emulators or any other game with controller support.

    I got this one works great on a smartphone:

  11. Riddler says:


    This one is also good:

    But for a smart phone I find the first one to have a better solid system that holds it in place via lock. NYKO clip uses rubber bands.. But it fits bigger size phones even a tablet or so one person said on amazon via review. I have yer to conferm this. Waiting on it to arrive.

  12. whaaaa says:

    Is this for real?
    “Joshua Drake, vice president of the hacking firm, estimates around 950 million Android users have been left vulnerable by the bug found in Stagefright – a media tool playbook tool”

  13. Kitsune says:

    Am I missing something here or does no one realize you are supposed to connect your dualshock 4 controller to your android via bluetooth? It happens by pressing Share and Playstation button down for 3 seconds until the light starts flashing white, during which it can be detected by your phones bluetooth.

    This is literally how it was designed… how else were people playing PS4 Remote…?

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