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Yifan Lu’s hardware fundraiser: the scene donation drive that reached its goal in less than 24h


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64 Responses

  1. CyPhErLoUs says:

    fk you first people. congrats yifan

  2. NeonAera says:

    Woo hoo!! 🙂

  3. DarkPikachu says:

    Yup, After he announced that he was done with the Vita scene, he now wants money to find out more about the Vita’s security processor in depth. Something tells me he just wanted the money and now he’s running. So yeah, good job on wasting your money on that inexcusable ‘fundraiser’.

    • Kokumotsu says:

      wow, i bet your mornings are just a optimistic as your post

    • wololo says:

      “Guilty until proven innocent” attitude, to the guy who delivered native homebrews to the scene? Wow.

      • d4rk51d3 says:

        Hmmmm. Tough choice.

        Yifan and everything he’s done for the scene,
        Or DP, and, ummmmmmmm?

        My money is still on Yifan, and would be again tomorrow if needed.

    • Darkshadow says:

      Also from his post:
      “Like I said, when you asked me to clarify, I said I’m not going to work on UVL or vitadefiler or any of that stuff for reasons. But I would still help people and answer questions.

      Also, this deal was half a year in the making. I’m not going to walk away because of grievances for something unrelated.”

    • David says:

      Even in the event he did run with it and live with the infamy, the payment would be under the work he put into progressing the scene.

    • v13 says:

      Now i see why you name yourself DarkPikachu

    • >_> says:

      Dang DP tell us how you really feel. XD

    • yi says:

      LOL, pi ka pi ka chu.

    • DS_Marine says:

      If you can’t trust Yifanlu, please tell me who do you trust…

    • URafURuse says:

      Yifanlu has become a gigantic overgrown ***. His dickness increases on a daily basis, all thanks for his desire to be submerged in money. His frustration over the lack of donations, and his protest to refuse help over moola is enough to show his new sleek colors. He wasn’t always this way, without Yifanlu there would be no vita progress. He was the dood spending his sleepness nights pulling the vita apart so us lazy people can reap his work. But like any Jedi on the path to power, they meet a cross road. One path, to reach a super ascended state through the desire to become the best version of themselves, and the other is corrupted – filled with temptation, greed, and all those earthly things. Yifanlu went down the dark path. For whatever the reason, he became BigDickYifanlu. RIP Yifanlu 2007 – 2015.

      • wololo says:

        You’re probably just trolling, but to set things straight:
        The money Yifanlu has requested so far, in the years I have “known” him, have always been for very specific needs, and in every single case he gave as much details as possible as to how the money would be use. He never turned a profit on this, and in general used a lot of his own money to make the scene progress

        In the recent case of the vita bounty, the money was used to cover for hardware loss (bricks, experiments, etc…) that the hackers had paid for upfront, years before the bounty was paid. It is also worth mentioning that only half of the people who pledged money for the bounty actually paid so far.

        I think you are seeing “greed” here because you did not read properly. The money does not go to Yifanlu, it goes to some company that is selling information that will (maybe) be useful to the scene.

        • hes a troll says:

          Trolls will be trolls, no point wasting your breath on him, theres always gonna going to be selfish a**holes who are more than happy to play with a hackers work until things slow down and their turn their backs on the hackers…FAST.

      • Yifan Lu says:

        BigDickYifanlu. I like that. Please spread this so I can have that reputation.

        • Fallenleader says:

          Ignore him Yifan. Good work so far. Looking forward to the day that absolute control over the vita is possible. So much so that one could even code their own OS.
          Sony has already given up. Glad to see you haven’t.

    • Baktillus says:

      Sooo you would sell your reputation for a lousy 1400$?
      Yea didnt think so.

    • Alex says:

      I didn’t pitch in myself but I bet neither did you. So, please keep these comments to yourself and let the people that actually helped decide if this was a waste or not.

  4. Fredrick says:

    Had I known about this deal, I’d have funded him at once!
    (I only check the home page for news)

    He’s, at least, delivered enough to the scene to deserve it as a donation let alone a shot into understanding more about the Vita.

    • bub says:

      This *** is right, there are many people who’s not lurking wololo forums, or at least do this not often enough.

  5. Wakeke Simmons says:

    Just think of the possibility of that “big donator” “lurking on the Vita scene” is Sony itself, trying to find out what happens next. 🙂

  6. jj52 says:

    So understanding that the deal could fail if the seller knew what it was being used for you decided to publish a blog post about it? Granted, the odds that this will show up on the seller’s radar is probably small, but really?

    • fghfghcg says:


    • wololo says:

      The donation drive is already live and public on our forums, and it has been mentioned on other high profile sites, so I don’t think there’s much additional risk here. It’s also very unlikely this will go on the seller’s radar, given how loosely connected the seller is to the console scene in general, and this site in particular.

  7. Momoko says:

    This is a first on the scene xD. It’s either confetti will drop or a bomb will. Hopefully that “legal” guy would provide all the information we need to make things done, we might even be lucky that this guy might throw in the private keys for decryption xD. As per the post, it says that “The money isn’t going to Sony” sure I completely understand that, but the possibility that this “legal” guy has some kind of ties to Sony is high, given the amount of money needed. This clearly shows that the scene is clearly alive and well, the mass support for this pop-or-boom attempt is really something. I’ve seen his efforts and I for one can trust this guy, people should provide support rather than criticisms to this guy. What we all can do for now is pray and wait for something to happen :).

  8. Stiffeno says:

    Here’s hoping something really nice comes from this! And it was great to see the community backing this fundraiser!

    Now unfortunately I couldnt donate any money towards this, you see Im one of those people who have been raised to be very sus about giving money out over the internet! Now im not saying he is doing anything with the money other than what he says, and he has been a long term member in the Vita community and has given heaps! But I just couldnt take the risk…maybe if he had given out some more supporting info, but he pretty much has said “Give me this money, and I may or may not give something back to the community!”…WAY to vague for me sorry lol!

    However if this fundraiser turns out to be exactly what it said it would be (and im betting it WILL), I will be happy to donate to his future projects! Remember guys, trust is earned!

  9. Ninjakakashi says:

    Well done donators and especially to that secret large donator!

  10. meysam25 says:

    i dont know why but YifanLu has my full trust

  11. Kaz Hirai says:

    Hardware fundraiser topic seems misleading.
    Yifan Lu’s seminar fundraiser much more fitting. 😉

  12. Kira_Slith says:

    What a show! He proved he can exploit the vita and bring us all proof we can see and run ourselves. And with all the big money that wants the vita to succeed despite Sony’s waning support it’s no wonder he got the money he needs.

  13. Xtremegamer says:

    Better to him than sony, i don’t like being treated like a cow.

  14. Stanislav says:

    Yifan Lu,i you love!!

  15. Mizu says:

    Here’s hoping the deal and subsequent reveal of the hardware internals reveal something useful. I wish Yifan Lu all the best in his endeavor!

  16. Varia says:

    Lol, reminds me of that 3ds decapping fundraiser that was led by some random from 3dbrew. He even had some known guy backing him up, and yet her ran away with $2300.

    That being said, I actually truly trust yifan, and even if he takes the money for himself, he well deserves it for all that he’s done.

  17. witzberger says:

    keep it on the downlow and dont post alot!!!

  18. darkode says:

    remains that

  19. witzberger says:

    Hey There Moderator….I Cannot Login On the Talk And Forms Side. Whats Up I Put Forgot Password And It Says Name Not In System! I Can Post But That’s It. HELP!!

  20. nyx says:

    inb4 the big donator is Sony.

  21. 1 says:

    ” If the other party sees this as something controversial, they will likely back out to avoid any trouble/press.”

    That kinda sounds like some gray area to me. I dont doubt that its legal to purchase it, but it sounds like the information isnt suppose to be for anyone. Otherwise there would be no problem to tell the exact details around it.

  22. MaxMouseDLL says:

    Sounds like he might be acid etching the die casing away and then studying the logic… pencil and paper solution to finding out how their encryption works.

  23. chimpo says:

    Picture this, yifan is one of the only (mr. gas as well) hard working souls on the scene and simply spend time in which they could be sleeping for people you want to pirate games sooner. This man deserves appreciation and does not get it, and has already earned trust.
    If Wololo can trust yifan, well I can as well. If he was not that sort of person he is wololo would have removed the hardware fundraiser from the forum. But, he has earned it. Good luck yiffy, not like a lucky person needs it anyway 😀

  24. Momoko says:

    Reminds me the price of Wide-Boy64 back in the old days…

  25. odman says:

    exciting times. whooey. best of luck. yifanlu.

  26. Crzo says:

    The only people who are opening their mouths wide are the leeches who never contribute anything to the scene and just wait for everything to be handed to them, the same ones who use every hack that they can byt still never donate a dime and critisize the devs/hackers.

    What’s new here…

  27. Charles says:

    Is he negotiating with Sean Qureshi?
    I hope not, as that could possibly be a scam.

  28. Phuck Yiu says:

    I see that sonys worst fears is finally coming including a superise for super slim ps3 owners.

  29. anonanon says:

    I honestly don’t think Yifan would be very pleased with an article, publicizing this deal. He didn’t even share it on hsi twitter, and stressed that the deal could fall through if they caught on. Stupid idea publicizing it like this imo.

  30. JadeHelm15 says:

    I remember this. The information is coming from some company that owns a website that has information on many different CPUs or something like that. As far as I remember, from two years ago, there was a drop down menu that showed maybe more than 30~ different companies that you can choose from. They own some lab that allows them to analyze the boards. It showed a sample preview of what exactly the type of information you will get from their analysis. It’s pretty much like a PDF file or something in text. I didn’t save the website though, because it was pretty expensive for everything on there. But, the $1400 is cheaper than owning the entire lab equipment they have.

  31. Salar says:

    Um , Excuse me to bring this old post up , but what happend to this project ? did yifun loo managed to get anything done ? just wondering