Revitalize homebrew competition now at $450 in cash prizes


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47 Responses

  1. Mystic_Shadow says:

    1st boom

  2. T says:


  3. T says:

    i hope someone makes ps2 emulator or im upgradin to the digital root 21.5.2

    • Q says:

      The Vita is not capable of emulating a PS2 and it never will be. There isn’t a mobile phone out there yet that is going to emulate the PS2 at this point in time and today’s flagship phones far outdo the Vita.

      • W wololo says:

        But you can play ff x ,ff x-2, Jack and daxter…

        • Oopa says:

          porting games to a system and having the system emulating an entire other system are totally different things, buddy

      • drd7of14 says:

        I’m sure someone could make an emulator for the PS4. No, it wouldn’t have 100% compatibility, and most titles would initially run quite poorly, but the emulator could be made. It was made on PC, and it works well enough with most games. Yes, that’s PC, but still.

        I see a similar comparison, at the very worst, for an PS2 Emulator for VITA to run much like the N64 emulator for PSP. Low compatibility rate with shoddy fps and no sound, but still fun to play.

        To say it’s not capable would assume that it would need to run just like a PS2. There’s only one system capable of that, and that’s the PS2. Not even the original BC PS3 was perfect, but it was darn close. The next PS3, PS2 software emulation had a decent enough success rate as well. Following that pattern, surely we could get an emulator up and running. Why not?

        • Vergilxx3 says:

          Sorry but even on ps4 it’s not possible to emulate ps2 only old model of ps3 which had emotion engine chip build in could emulate it but sony removed the chip for new ps3 models

  4. Lowsnamebrand says:

    Sweet deal just got unity and I will patiently wait for all the amazing things to come(including revitalize for unity)

  5. mystic_shadow says:

    Honestly I just wanna see a nice stable n64 emu in vita land. Deadalusx64 pretty much sucked alot out of the psp.

  6. Radwan says:

    I want a ppsspp port for the Vita ! , the original PSP emulator in the Vita is so bad in terms of graphics

  7. RM2229 says:

    I hope these emulators have ad hoc support

  8. PS Vita says:

    Someone make a 3ds emu so I can be the better system!

  9. >_> says:

    Last! Big boom boom. <_<;

  10. Reprep says:

    What, did someone say a SNES emulator?

  11. W wololo says:

    I will have a gba emulator, because i will play with kh chain of memories

  12. recreluis says:

    Amiga 500 emulator. CPC emulator. Mame. Playstation.

    Un emulador amiga 500, Amstrad CPC, MAME, playstation.

  13. Ninjakakashi says:

    As this comment section has become a emulator request comment fest… I want regular NDS.

    My favourite homebrew on the otherhand would be an RPG game or a ps vita Pokemon game both which would take a very long time to make;).

  14. pocketpool says:

    Hopefully we a ps4 emulator
    And yes it is strong enough

  15. Wolf says:

    I just want natif emulator for retro gaming, i’will even pay for this.

  16. ivami says:

    Ola wlolo espero um jogo exploraval para o ps vita o meu ps vita já é cortado + perde a um tempo depois que atualizei para Firmware 2.51

    (இ﹏இ`。) (இ﹏இ`。)

    Estou esperando outro a meses me arrepende de ter atualizado meu vita .

    estou esperando também uma licença de
    PSM Dev for Unity on PS Vita
    Uma chave de licença.
    Obrigado a todos
    Tenho um vício no wlolo todo dia toda hora vejo o sit esperando ansiosamente por um jogo exploraval ps vita Firmware 2.51

  17. troll says:

    iso loader please!!

  18. Stanislav says:

    I you Hacker love only love!!

  19. NeonAera says:

    The cash prizes.. teh driving force to get people going. Can’t wait to see what emulators we get and how well they run haha.

  20. Shadow_StarLust says:

    DreamCast emulator seriously! Just make it run, crazy taxi, sonic adventure and shenmue and done.

  21. CosmicTacoCat says:

    Color emulator? Neogeo pocket color? Wonderswan?

  22. Meme Machina says:

    I want a PS Vita Emulator for the Vita. So that way I can play vita games on my vita on my vita…

  23. toBsucht says:

    that reminds me to genesis comp. and how price raced. ..let’s have a look to nr. of sponsers at genesis competition.
    Sadly i do not own a ePsp for testing.

  24. faoliveira says:

    Is possible to make an app to stream Steam games for the Vita? Like KinoConsole or Moonlight Stream

  25. MyLegGuy says:

    Hopefully somebody makes a ds emulator, or a snes emulator.

  26. Nnuma says:

    I can’t realize that we are talking about native psvita homebrew

  27. Yoquesejeje says:

    Im suing a snes emulater on the rejuventes hack, i dont now why, nobody talks about it on this forum. and other emulators are public right now, why nobody post something, wololo?

  28. snapping2urtle says:

    Wii emulator, just for xenoblade and project M.

  29. Chris James says:

    Why is there even a competition for this???

    Even if we port an emulator onto vita. How on earth would anyone be able to install anything on rejuvenate? There is currently *NO* public information on that. No one knows what files rejuvenate can run yet except YiFan Lu and others he has told. Can rejuvenate run by EBOOT.PBP files, pkg files, VITA.UTV files (probably?) WHAT IS THE EXACT LIMIT of the ps vita’s graphic’s capability? NOBODY TRULY KNOWS YET. All we know publicly it’s in between…. The original Xbox and ps3.

  30. Newbie says:

    Will we be able to play Vita ISOS like we could play PSP ISOS on the PSP?

  31. sv7en says:

    Just want to play PSP iso on my fw 3.52 or next fw. Vita , sumthin like ppsspp. its a great psp emulator