“Welcome Park” PS Vita app decrypted – Mr.Gas and Major_Tom are at it again!


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  1. Gasparde says:

    Probably first, I guess. Maybe not.

  2. Scaramush says:

    First! Nice work

  3. totalNoob_vs_theZ says:

    gotta love the new things we are seeing for the Vita. good work everyone (from the guys doing the work, to the guys showing the work, like lolo)


  4. Stiffeno says:

    Awesome work! Looking forward to seeing what this leads to in the future =)

  5. rclr says:

    Reminds me of Gameboots from psp lol.

  6. lmao says:

    sorry, but isn’t it illegal to post copyrighted material?

  7. KillerClaw says:

    So they can’t be taken without permission of wololo

  8. mattsouce says:

    really good work i hope sony catch a fits.lol

  9. meysam25 says:

    its great keep up to good work guys

  10. X-death says:

    Good to sse that in a news but i think they are some mistaken inside !.
    It’s clearly not possible to do that wth the EML Writ Tricks , Mr Gas and TomTom use another tricks ( tool for decrypt) with aren’t public.

    • OMG & WTF?! says:

      And its not “possible to decrypt the ux0:/” with eml nor “retrieve files from the memory card, such as welcome park” because they are not located on the memory card and you can’t “retrieve” with EML at all?!! This article is the biggest *** and misinforming all readers..

      • wololo says:

        First article for a new blogger here, please give him some time to get used to the tech savvy audience, this will improve. and my bad for not double-checking the article before publishing.

    • OMG & WTF?! says:

      Additionally it neither “is possible to decrypt the ux0:/” nor “retrieve files from the memory card, such as welcome park” via EML. (And Welcome Park isn’t located on the memory card at all). This article is just wow..

  11. Xilence says:

    Congrats on your first post 🙂

  12. sony_is_ an_hidden_samsung says:

    Error (429)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    This sounds like a big fake! Also good job Frostegater!!!

  13. asdf says:

    Good video (thumbs up).

  14. Sky Yuki says:

    Next updateeee
    Remove Welcome park apps

  15. Leires says:

    Iunno if you can tell Mr. Gas this, but Dropbox is a terrible option for hosting files. Especially popular ones. It has a limit of 25GB of traffic a day (month?), and once you reach it, you’re pretty much locked out of using links for a few days.

  16. KuroKuni says:

    The gates are open, something great is coming.

  17. Shikhar says:

    Multiple accounts via Memory Card swap ? Would be awesome ! One of my wishes ! Hopefully, latest 3.52 FW spoofer for FW 3.18 ? Custom themes ? Give it all to me ! FEE ME MORE WOLOLO !

  18. Runehasa says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Pirated Games

    • lelelol says:

      Me too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

      • deathblade200 says:

        you are both idiots then

      • ChrisHighwind says:

        To be honest, I kinda am hoping for pirated games too, but only because I can’t afford to buy the few games I want to play for the Vita that I don’t already own, and because Sony really isn’t giving me a reason to care about Vita support any more than they do. The only people that would lose sales on the Vita already have their games on other consoles that sell more copies on those platforms anyway.

  19. mr.gas says:

    There’s nothing to do with ux0 decryption or writing to it .. actually the game located in pd0 witch make it hard to get

  20. Dann says:

    File deleted…

  21. Stanislav says:

    Good good very very very Good!!

  22. drd7of14 says:

    404 Error. Looks like it was removed afterall.

  23. Nervous_Sony_Guy says:

    Hi everyone, if you could please immediately delete the Welcome Park app, we’ve discovered an instability that could cause issues with your PS Vita system. Just go ahead and remove it, and….oh wait, what? It can’t be deleted? Ok, everyone, please forget that the Welcome Park app exists, visit a hypnotist if necessary, we are working on firmware 3.53 which will remove this offending app!

  24. EarthwormJim says:

    @Mr.Gas can you tell us what you have REALLY done with welcome park app, I don’t understand anything in this article, because this is not on memory card so what can you do with this ?

    • KillerClaw says:

      I apologize for the typos (I wrote the article on my phone so it replaces everything I type with previously typed text)… the welcome park files are in the pd0:/ directory and the files were dumped. The sad thing is the files aren’t able to be brought back in the vita through CMA.

  25. nebu_187 says:

    oh yeah, memory card swapping that sounds GREAT
    another ridiculous restriction from sony removed

  26. loki says:

    how install welkome park killerclaw??

  27. jonas says:

    clickbait article is clickbait

  28. Coldus says:

    I may ask some really stupid questions here, (not even really realted to this topic..) soooo, it just came to my mind, that what if we could install vhbl, or anything like that, without an exploit game, just like the way we could “install” psm unity with savedata and eml trick… Coukd this work by any chance?

  29. hrosales says:

    Sorry if I sound kind of Trololo Mr. KillerCat…but, I am not a programer, I just download the files, check them, but I wonder, now, how to run this hack? what do I do with them, since Welcome park is arleady on my vita, and these are dump files, since EML trick does not work with this, even QCMA (at least I couldn’t), how I get running this?…thanks in advance and congrats!

    • KillerClaw says:

      This file is not meant to be run I mentioned that it can not be copied to the vita because it’s a stock application, this is more of a proof of concept.

    • KillerClaw says:

      The download itself is just hands on proof that dumping files from the pd0:/ directory is possible and to kind of let people’s thoughts and ideas direct them to kind of have a heads up as to what may be coming next

      • hrosales says:

        Thanks KillerClaw, now I got it, thanks for your patience on answering this…then I have to wait to see what is coming.

  30. lollypop says:

    I just want to swap memcard with a networked connected 2TB pc lol .
    like followingpackages

    ps4 hddlinkassignpc
    ps3 hddlinkassignpc
    psp mcassignpc
    psvita mcassignpc
    psvitatv mcassignpc

    and doing like it worked on a psp before …
    psplinknet or psplinkwifi in nethostmode with assignhost.prx
    and a couple of commando’s or a gui to send the cmd’s
    mutch like ps3 proxy only this not let u swap downloads
    but the entire mc or hdd lol .

    does it sound like a firmware update or as a new exploit series ?
    sony linknet+assignhost (ps4 ps3 psvita psp)
    now to find suitable names ?

    can the same be done via webkit ? ifso teach me lol

  31. T says:

    Looking at the trophy data right now

  32. EarthwormJim says:

    @mr gas : did your trick can lead to have other files in pd0:/ ? do you think that it’s possible to decrypt them one day ? Btw great job guys, It’s really amazing to see progress on the Vita, and thanks for sharing with us

    • mr.gas says:

      yes .. not only pd0 but also os0,vs0,ur0,ux0,gro0,grw0,vd0,tm0,sa0
      and it’s only welcome park is encrypted with pfs ..

  33. Dr.GiggleZ says:

    Is there a way to encrypt back again to be able to modify the video ?

  34. andoryuu3 says:

    KillerClaw…? Same KillerClaw I know (knew?) from GI Forums?
    If your name is different on wololo forums, please PM me at this username. Otherwise I will PM you. 🙂

    If you’re who I’m led to believe you are, you won’t recognize this username, but I am an old friend.

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