Wireless PSP Custom Firmware installation is now possible!

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  1. Notwololo says:

    This is pretty awesome, although a bit late 😛 I definitely would’ve loved this 4 years ago. Great work though

    • Shrek says:

      Pretty sure this was possible years ago, I don’t think anyone did it though. I remember being able to install *** from the internet without a computer or CFW, but I can’t remember well.

      • William says:

        Yeah, there’s a file Sony used for installing Demo games back in the 2.71 days. You just edit this to point at your Eboot and off you go!

  2. Marcus says:


  3. CPUzX says:


  4. Reprep says:

    That is great. It is cool to hack a psp wireless. Any chance of wireless installing homebrews?

  5. Punishediego says:

    This is great, a bit late as already said but still great also I think would be nice have a option to chose wich cfw to install I know you like ME over PRO but is nice to have options.

  6. ederenzi78 says:

    Just a question. But for 6.61 which are the differeces between ME and PRO?

  7. W wololo says:

    I did it one year ago

  8. taliesintaliesin says:

    Never too late. This is Awesome!

  9. Charles Fasano says:

    Just a small comment on your grammar. It’s “built-in” not “build-in”.

  10. Honus_Wagner says:

    This was made way back in the PSP’s climax.
    Why now?,perhaps this will be the new standard for installing necessary files for hacking the Vita.

  11. Taronish3 says:

    Hey bro psp e1000 don’t have WiFi.

    • The Z says:

      While this is correct, it is still a nice thing to offer files for the E1k, so people with 2 PSPs can use the Wifi PSP to grab both files.

  12. CosmicTacoCat says:

    I somehow installed cfw on my friends psp go about a year ago. We didn’t have a memory card for it and the USB cable wouldn’t work for data transfer. I’m not sure how I did it but I think it had something to do with gdteam.net and its psp compatible site.

    • The Z says:

      This method is by no means new, I just never got around to properly test it and set it up myself.

      After years I finally got the time for it.

  13. huz84 says:

    psp go 5g 6.20 pro-b10 or zload 6.20 lme2.3 download txt http copy url eboot.pbp psp/game/lme2.3 psp usb pc 😀

  14. piotrekhenry says:

    Why did you include PSP-E1000 in this if it does not have any network capabilities ?

    • The Z says:

      While this is correct, it is still a nice thing to offer files for the E1k, so people with 2 PSPs can use the Wifi PSP to grab both files.

      • piotrekhenry says:

        What about safety features? From my own experience I know there are issues with PRO-CFW installers if they are placed in the 32GB+ memory range. What about fragmentation? This pretty much disregards the usual safety procedure of formating the MS before atempting any firmware modifications.

        • Alevan says:

          Realy? I have upgraded my PSP 3-4 times, installed and updated CFW countless times and never formatted the memory stick.

        • The Z says:

          Never heard of this problem. Back in the days the M33, ChickHen & GEN Installer even worked on my 64GB memory sticks.

          Nowadays the ME & LME Installers have never failed my PSPs, regardless of 16GB PSPgo, 32GB PSP 3000 or 64GB PSP 1000/2000s.

          I never formatted my MS before installing a CFW, unless I got a new stick, but even then I formatted it AFTER installing the CFW, so I got all necessary folders (+CFW related folders).

  15. ModChipGuy says:

    Almost jizzed, until I noticed it was only for old school psp…

  16. lollypop says:

    how do i use psm+ to install something like wireless psp custom firmware in lets say ppsspp psvita csharp mono src ?
    remember i like psx2psp.

  17. goyscript web 2.4 says:

    the wifi component of the psp models 2000 – 3000 have weak signal, maybe the psp renew that component

    • f4 says:

      PSP supports 802.11b, in other words, wireless-B. 6 or 7 Mbps maximum 🙁
      It was weak even when it was new. My laptop from 2007 connects at 150Mbps (draft-802.11n)…

  18. Spewfr says:

    This has been possible for years, it’s just that nobody decided to put up XPD files to host custom firmware anywhere. I made a simple portal, like 3 years ago, that allowed the end user to download ISO games to their ms0:/ISO folder. It’s super simple. When the HomeBrew Store was still around, the method for installing the HBStore was by using an XPD file pointing to the PSP’s game folder. Simple stuff.

    This is how an XPD file works:
    EID=gdp# *// Defines the type of files being downloaded (i.e. patch, demo, etc)
    Desc=Download 6.61 ME-2.3 CFW Installer *// This is displayed to the end user upon request to download to ms0://
    Size=941 *// The size of the files combined in bytes
    Code=ME_Install *// I forget what this does, but the alternative would be to define a space on the PSP memstick to save to (i.e. “../../ISO” )
    [File] *// Defines (below) the files to download

  19. Spewfr says:

    XPD file format from https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/XPD translated:

    ; Example XPD file (the ‘;’ character says the line)
    ; (*) Determines the type of XPD
    ; Gdp # saves in “ms0: / PSP / GAME”
    ; Adp # saves in “ms0: / PSP / APP”
    EID = gdp #
    ; Text displayed when requesting the download
    Desc = My title
    ; Size (in KB) for files to download
    Size = 7872
    ; (*) Destination folder (ms0: / PSP / GAME / XXX /). NB: the code may contain “..”;)
    Code = XXX
    ; The PSP is redirected to this link (http: file: javascript 🙂 at the end of the download
    NPAGE = http://exemple.com/suite.xdp

    ; (*) Link to the main content (usually executable)
    C = http://example.com/EBOOT.PBP
    ; Link to a sidecar file (usually an archive extracted by the binary)
    A = http://example.com/install.zip

  20. Very handy indeed says:

    Thank you for your hard work Z, much appreciated

  21. steve3743 says:

    Sometimes it’s difficult to understand half the articles here. Can you install that CFW on a PSP that’s on OFW? So, I could flash CFW on a OFW PSP. How can anyone find a network that supports the PSP nowadays-only WEP seems to work, but that’ obsolete. :/

    • toBsucht says:

      Yes u can install cfw to ofw psp via his website.
      Psp support wpa not supported wpa-II, most router can send both signals at same time.
      A lot hotspots use wep 😉

  22. toBsucht says:

    Wonder that articel say it´s new (now possible) but it isn´t and surely some people comment if they hosted a xpd befor. Also it´s know to autor allinstaller xpd still work. Sad we give less credit to such a helpful community 😉
    http://tinyurl.com/psp-web-dl A link to a lower ver. of pro cfw online installer.

    I like the additional web script to choose between downloads. Didn´t saw the link at /talk topic now i got it ..thanks again.

  23. Killer10 says:

    This was almost always easily done…Just download the cfw from your psp browser, use a file manager to move the cfw files to the correct location and run it. Of course I never tried myself but it seems pretty plausible.

  24. lollypop says:

    so i take it with this news that
    there aint comming

    an app wifi server or service for windows/linux/mac
    that is a proxy and lets u install any cfw or ofw over a mod rewrite in the proxy ?
    like the name suggests real wifi update spoof!

    like some did with ps3 3.55 ofw2cfw over wifi.
    (without the browser duh)

  25. muhammad hashim says:

    the website is not working please give me new link