Read this if you can’t run the PS Vita Rejuvenate hack


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  1. CPUzX says:

    More people should’ve listened and paid attention. Its annoying to keep coming across these fools who just keep on complaining & complaining, as if its someone else’s fault but their own. It’s their fault. They missed their chance, and they deserve to be put in this position.

    • Telgar Drakore says:

      Incorrect. Many of us paid attention but were incapable of downloading anything because the mass of PSM requests got many of us sc***.

      • wololo says:

        The massive amount of PSM requests was a problem to get a publisher’s license, not to get a dev’s license.

  2. lol says:

    Glad i got everything in time n got it running ok. I just saw that someone has used the open sdk to create the second homebrew, the first being this hello world.

  3. cpuzX says:

    *** son. U r trolling those poor bastards who dont have psm assistant

    • CPUzX says:

      You’re just sad because you didn’t get to say “FiRsT¡”

      Its not like you’ve got to pay £9999 for it. They missed their opportunity, not their money. Use some rational thought here, kid. Perhaps you’re one of the rejects who missed it. Don’t take your anger out on me, take it out on yourself.

  4. Brandon says:

    I can transfer the PSM app to another memory card right?

  5. ModChipGuy says:

    “Tips to do this with the help of a proxy are explained here”

    This worked for me, and is probably the best route if you have a ps3 and a vita…

  6. Full Metal says:

    Ok so on my pv vita OFW 3.50 I only downloaded PSM Dev For Unity onto it, but right now I’m looking at my DL list on my unmodified ps3 (I also have a modded ps3 but cannot connect to the internet) and I have both PSM Dev For Unity & PSM Dev Assistant, but both are greyed out i cannot download. Can i still do the charlie proxie thing on this firmware? I don’t really want to upgrade and I wont have money till this Friday to get a new/used Vita. I need some team as I do not really understand this stuff.

    • Full Metal says:

      Nvm all that. I was able to get it on my Vita. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!!! I wish I knew how to do this stuff so I could help out.

  7. Angel says:

    Wanna be my friend?
    for the Keys?

  8. clikr10 says:

    If anybody could please spare a dev key, I would really appreciate it.

  9. meysam25 says:

    you cant believe it i put my email here for key and some one send key picture to my email

  10. Eckz69 says:

    Anyone know how to solve this issue

  11. dogmeet85 says:

    I ve got PS Vita 3.18. I ve PSM Dev Assistant installed but can’t update it through QCMA because it’s not working for me. Is there any other way to update?

  12. MyLegGuy says:

    Yeah, how do we use the sdk?

  13. CyPhErLoUs says:

    All these keys on my account and no I won’t give you one 😀

  14. yatto says:

    Question : with all the fuss around PSM, will there be ePSP release nonetheless or do you plan to concentrate on the native part of the vita (producing homebrews, searching for other hacks) ?
    Someone told me that an ePSP exploit (didn’ said if it was kernel or usermod) was found for 3.51, do you plan to publish it ?

    • STFU says:


  15. tivanh says:

    Is charles proxy, ps3, qcma trick still working for those on 3.18?

  16. DragonQuest says:

    wololo please release a new vhbl exploit on 3.51. im only want a gba emulator, i don’t need anything else.

  17. niftey says:

    I managed to get everything in time but unfortunately forgot about the dev key. Hopefully the workaround comes soon.

  18. Gasparde says:

    Can’t you just install the PSM app with a cfw ps3, even if you don’t have it in your download list? Not sure if it’s outdated now, but by my logic, this should always work:

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      I don’t believe you can install it if it’s not on your download list, as my system had to connect to PSN while transferring it to verify, and it doesn’t normally need to.

      Of course, there’s no harm in trying, as worst case scenario, it just doesn’t transfer.

  19. master4life says:

    The “How to” is not really helpful. There are more issues known, it’s very hard to figure it out by you won. I recommend to join the IRC Channel from yifan. #vitadev

    • lmao says:

      jesus cant u do some research urself? wololo doesnt need to try help you but hes tried his best, the rest is up to u, if u cant figure it out then this hack isnt for you.

  20. Chris says:

    I installed the psm dev app but I do not have publisher license. I am on 3.51 and waiting further details to be released for bypassing this limitation. It is very exciting to have a first native hack for ps vita. Good work !!!

  21. Branko says:

    Okay, since I was stupid and did not get a PSM Dev App installed on my Vita, I had to think of something new on how to download a PSM Dev App without PS3 (since I don’t have one).
    My Setup is as follows:

    – 1 Laptop with built-in Wifi module
    – TP-Link TL-WN823N with its Wifi Utility Software installed
    – Fiddler or Charles Proxy
    – PSP Vita with 3.51

    What I basically did is – set up a new Access Point using the SoftAP feature of the TP-Link USB I used and then redirect all traffic to go through Fiddler / Charles Proxy. Everything seemed to be working at the given moment, I used Map Local (Charles Proxy, or Auto Responder in Fiddler) and replaced the original PKG file I was downloading with the PSM Dev app which I’ve downloaded from the web and Vita actually read the correct file size of 8MB of Dev App in its download list, but just after the download started Vita stated some weird error which didn’t let me go through with my emulated download. The error I am getting is: C2-13250-1. As soon as I figure how to bypass this error, I will be able to push the custom PKG without using PS3.

  22. Gikero says:

    I have two Vitas with PSM Dev installed and am patiently waiting for the ability to run homebrew without a Dev License. Very excited about this progress! ^__^

    • inferno says:

      Same! Im a developer and i just started to learn C/C++ so i can start on the vita. Going to write a Chip8 Emu first then maybe a nes or gba

  23. Jefphar says:

    Got PSM dev app on 3.18 and QCMA,CMA, PKG installer, TN-V Every thing I need to run this hack. My PS Vita is an ideal one it got everything.

  24. Ntertainer says:

    “Failed the authentication to execute application.
    Please re-create a Device Seed and App Key using with PSM Studio or Publishing Utility.”

    • Ntertainer says:

      I had the key and everything was alright but while trying rejuvenate it shows a message and terminates. Also while running demo it installs and terminate without any message

  25. kikas1984 says:

    can one of you guys generate me a key please?????

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