Vita Hack Rejuvenate – How to run your first homebrew


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  1. Looter says:

    Every Single Day we see a steady push forward. The tools, the tutorials, the demo hello worlds.. The march of progress!

  2. aws says:

    from first to last
    Rip in peace soony mongo

  3. UnhatchedYoshiEgg says:

    Will the key generating workaround work for everyone that has the PSM Dev app?
    I managed to install the app but my application did not get approved 🙁

  4. NakedFaerie says:

    Nice. But it’ll be a few weeks or so before we get some good homebrew. Then $ony will screw us before we get that.

  5. Obito says:

    Can anyone please directly clear up whether or not this hack will allow for emulators (GB/N64/PSP,etc) to run?
    It’s the only reason I’m still on a ePSP exploit.

  6. Putin loves Memes says:

    Wait, so this doesn’t work with PSM DEV 1.21/2.00 right now?

    Just making sure…

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      The dev app is the same for both, and has it’s own version number which is separate from the SDK version number.

  7. Ricardo Hernández says:

    I have installed the version 1.21.03 in my psvita

  8. Raul says:

    1.21/2.00 is version 1.14

  9. plaguereign says:

    Is there a way to still get dev assistant on the vita if you have never downloaded it? I misread the instructions and only installed it on my pc.

    • wololo says:

      Not at this point, so you’re out of luck. The Dev assistant is not a PC application, so you must have installed something else (probably the PSM SDK)

      • NishNish says:

        What would you recommend I do, I have a 3.55, am planning to buy/swap for a 3.51 and sit on it until an additional exploit (don’t have Dev Assistant installed – or in my download list).
        What do you recommend? stay on 3.51? and wait?

  10. NIX says:

    I get this error and need help fixing this problem and tried the solutions given in the troubleshooting section.
    [Vita] uvloader.c:219 Loading homebrew.
    [Vita] load.c:130 Opening pss0:/top/Documents/homebrew.self for reading.
    [Vita] load.c:44 Failed to open pss0:/top/Documents/homebrew.self for reading.
    [Vita] load.c:133 Cannot load file.
    Return value: 0xFFFFFFFF
    [Vita] uvloader.c:222 Cannot load homebrew.

  11. ummm says:

    what or where do i buy one of these “friends” thing? hope there’ll be an easy workaround soon ;o

  12. Lafrog says:

    cant run any homebrews.
    “Failed the authentication to execute application.
    Please re-create a Device Seed and App Key using with PSM Studio or Publishing Utility” .-.

  13. Notice me senpai says:

    How can i get PSM publisher license

  14. Xyler says:

    Oké so my PlayStation mobile development assistant is on 1.13. I have got no psn without messing around because im still on 3.15 although I don’t mind updating because I think the webkit exploit will die because of this new one. Should I just update my vita and my PMDA? Or is having version 1.13 not really a probleem?

    • Dustin May says:

      You don’t need PSN access to update apps. If you’re trying to update the Dev App, you can do it without updating your Vita.

  15. Thomas Wade says:

    I have had my publisher license for a couple of years now, but I keep getting told that my user credentials are incorrect. What can I do?

    Also I noticed a typo in the article:
    Because of the need to have a USB connection to your Vita to run homwbres, Rejuvenate is not compatible with the PS TV as of today.

  16. Oeli says:

    Does anybody have a key for me?

  17. Orion says:

    I have this error


    Anyone can help me?

  18. Stanislav says:

    Yan Ly,you SUPER!!

  19. Anchit says:

    you should get publishing utility to install in the package & Apps by using VitaDefilerClient.dpsp you obtained after running the setup and you need to have publisher licence to get an app key and make sure everything even folders stay in the root on the rejuvenate 0.2 folder.

  20. DragonQuest says:

    i asked before if we need a publisher license and the answer was NO just tha app on vita, Wololo He lied to us, this ***.hack need *** publisher license, so everyone have tn-v don’t wasted your time with this ***.

    • wololo says:

      No. It was very clear from the start that getting a publisher license was the *best* way to get this. THEN, for people who missed the announcement, or decided to not follow the news for more than a month, YifanLu announced that he had a solution for people who did not have the publisher’s license. It was however very clear from the beginning that having the publisher license would make things easier.

      Now just sit back and relax, there’s a solution coming up for those of you who have the PSM Dev App installed, but no publishers license.

      • aaaaaaaaaa says:

        Could you tell me where does Yifanlu or anybody clearly say that having the license key would be better for this? I don’t remember reading it anywhere…

        • wololo says:

          See the required steps at the bottom of the article. It was the very first announcement of the hack, a month and a half ago.

          • aaaaaaaaaaa says:

            Yup, and then Yifan says that it is not needed anymore. How the **** am I going to understand that the key IS if fact needed if he says that it is not?

          • wololo says:

            I’m sorry, you need to calm down and read again. If you do not have a publisher’s license, a solution will be revealed soon. You’re good to go, you only have to wait. It’s been clear from the start: “a solution exists for those who do not have a publisher’s license”, but there was no promise that you would get that solution by the time the beta was released.
            Just wait, that’s all 🙂

          • TrueFawkes says:

            wololo, don’t even try explaining. it is their own fault that they did not read right.
            if they really wanted this they would’ve read it.
            you were clear.

          • the truth says:

            Chill the fck out you ungrateful fck.
            And make sure to read any future contracts you sign.

          • aaaaaaaaaaa says:

            I’m perfectly calmed down and also know that Yifan will release an utility to bypass this problem so I’m not mad about that at all.

            It is the fact that you said that people simply “didn’t bother to follow the instructions to get the key” that just really *** me off, because in my case, which I know it’s the same for many others out there I tried by every possible means to get the da** license since day 1 and Sony just said “OK, f*** you, you’re not going to get it.”.

            In this case I’ve done everything I could possible done and fail, so please, don’t you ever dare to say that we didn’t follow your instructions so easily, because it’s not always that case.

            And those things I said also go for the *** that the only thing that can do is kneeling before the “God of Hax” without using their brains.

          • wololo says:

            @aaaaaaaaaaa: Ok, sorry, I didn’t mean to sound patronizing. I understand your frustration. Sony made it extremely difficult to hack the PS Vita, and although we have the best intentions, people who do everything right still fall through the cracks.

            In your case, you’re good to go: you only have to wait until Yifan gives us the green light to release the “PSM+” solution, which will not require a publisher’s license

          • aaaaaaaaaaa says:

            Thank you.

    • swtgravee says:

      If you send me your device seed from the publishing utility from your install of the PSM SDK, I can get you app keys so you can use the explot. I have a publisher license and can generate app keys for others but only if you send a link to me of your vita device seed. to do this connect your vita to your computer while running the publishing utility and click the “export device seed” button, make a nickname, save it (don’t change the file name), upload it to a file sharing website like expirebox (temporary file hosting) and send the link as a reply to this comment.

  21. Xyler says:

    My playstation mobile asistant is on 1.13, is that a problem?

    • Mr Noscope says:

      shouldn’t be to much of a biggy. All I heard was anything after 1.2 does not work correctly.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      If it doesn’t work, then there’s an IRC channel the devs sometimes hang out on that you can ask for support for 1.13 on.

      It’s mentioned in this blog post:

      The specific server and channel are “the #vitadev IRC channel on EFNet”.

      • Xyler says:

        Thx for your answer AliceTheGorgon, I already asked on the blogpost and just found out that I should be able to use the package installer to update because im still on 3.15. I think that updating would be fine as well because people where able to download everything just a week ago, but I will try this first.

  22. Mr Noscope says:

    Well all I can say is that it works. I wonder whether I can get the PSM nes emulator to work at full speed with this exploitation on the vita.

    • Mr Noscope says:

      Still don’t see why people are bothering “hacking” the vita or what you call it. The exploit is sand-boxed meaning it does not have file system access. All it can do is read files from the “homebrew” folder. So don’t expect to have save states on emulators.

      • AliceTheGorgon says:

        As long as it can write file of some sort (which all games need to be able to do to keep track of scores/saves/etc) then savestates are possible.

        Additionally, Yifan Lu has broken out of the PSM sandbox, as was clearly mentioned on his blog.
        Sure, we can’t (yet) access the files for *other* apps and such, but saving the state of an NES game is absolutely possible.

  23. meysam25 says:

    i need keyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  24. Mr Noscope says:

    Besides modification to the quake engine is far more exciting than a device that is drowning itself in dust. I will only take interest in the vita when the quake engine has been ported over, that way *”Solitude Reborn” may have an influence not to be dead.

    *A fanmade quake-based psp halo game that looked very fun. Never to be heard from again.

  25. umhumh says:

    Ok when you guys mention “friend” is it a psm friend or anyone who actually has the dev license and can send you a key as well?

  26. ardo says:

    the PSM dev app wants me to update it.

    Should i do it?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      If it updates without asking to update the entire Vita, then yes.

      • ardo says:

        What do you mean with “update the entire vita”?

        My vita is on 3.51 already, so there shouldnt be anything but the PSM Dev. app, to update

        • AliceTheGorgon says:

          Oh, never mind then. I thought you’d gotten it installed on a lower firmware device.

          Since you’re already on the latest firmware, go ahead and update the dev assistant. It’ll need to be able to run in order to use it to run any homebrew.

          • Zukoso says:

            I’m too on 3.51.
            PSM Dev appears un my download list so once you select it it starts downloading base app(ver 1.00) and The update…but which version will That update be? Should I ler it install?

  27. pls help says:

    Please help! When it checks for my key it gives me this error Pls help

  28. zorak_torok says:

    Gonna have to wait on the publishers key bypass…. Still, having the possibility to have ki1/2 through mame on a portable device with physical inputs sounds nice. If an android 2nd boot comes out of this ill spend alot of time on gles doom…. OR Kokack could just port it over…. Wishfull thinking… Damn 2016, hurry up!

  29. yi says:

    [Vita] uvloader.c:219 Loading homebrew.
    [Vita] load.c:130 Opening pss0:/top/Documents/homebrew.self for reading.
    [Vita] load.c:44 Failed to open pss0:/top/Documents/homebrew.self for reading.
    [Vita] load.c:133 Cannot load file.
    Return value: 0xFFFFFFFF
    [Vita] uvloader.c:222 Cannot load homebrew.

    • TrueFawkes says:

      make sure you have no spaces in the file path

      • Dustin May says:

        You can update the Dev App just like any other Vita game, and it will install version 1.15. I think you were thinking of the SDK program for computers, whose latest version is 2.0, and will automatically update to that if you let it.

  30. Zukoso says:

    Sorry guys, but I’m still nuclear on The PSM Dev assistant requirement.
    I got it months ago in my 3.51 PSVita and cancel The automatic update, as Wololo site said, so I’m still with version 1.00
    How can I get 1.13, 1.14 or 1.15?
    I understand the automatic update will put it in version 2.0 right? I read something about getting the pkg, but could not find straight forward instructions for my case.

    • san says:

      I have a ps vita 3.30.It is to install pkg installer?
      I’m with the installed psmdev but asks updating the psmdev.
      my psmdev is 1.00

      • Zukoso says:

        That is my doubt. When PSM Dev is installed, it has ver.1.00
        Should I iinstall the update from The store? I recall seeing in The blog, I Should cancel the update, but then where I can get 1.14 or 1.15?

        • xenoblade says:

          if you are in 3,51 you can update to 1.15. i thing not exist version 2.0.
          i have other psvita 3.51 and download update, its 1.15 and not 2.0.

    • Dustin May says:

      You can update the Dev App just like any other Vita game, and it will install version 1.15. I think you were thinking of the SDK program for computers, whose latest version is 2.0, and will automatically update to that if you let it.

  31. Caatz says:

    I don’t have friends T_T….

  32. knoron says:

    has been around gba n64 snes nes homebrew

  33. Brandon says:

    When do u think the first homebrew will be done Wololo?

  34. notwololo says:

    So, anyone want to be a friend and give me a key?

  35. Firion says:

    Ah damn, I have the license but not the dev app and it’s not on the store any longer, am I SOL?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      You might be able to use a PS3 and Charles Proxy to trick the PS3 into letting you transfer it to the PS Vita. You’ll need either a PS3 on the latest official firmware, or a CFW PS3 that is running a working 4.75 spoofer. There was a spoofer released a few weeks ago, but I don’t know if it still works.
      One minor note, the PS3 and Vita have to be logged into the same PSN account for this to work.

      Basically, download the trial version of Charles Proxy (a web development debugging app) and install it on your PC.
      Next, run it.

      Search google for “i’m looking for pkg for psm” which will lead you to a thread on the forums. There’ll be two download links for dev assistant .pkg files. IIRC, they were both identical, but download both just in case.

      On the PS3, tell it to use your PC’s IP address as the proxy server. The port is 8888.
      Now, tell the PS3 to download a Vita game or app. Either one you already own, or a random free one or whatever.
      Tell it to download in the background, and then go pause it.

      On the PC, there should be a list of links on the left side of Charles Proxy. You’re looking for either or
      Expand that entry, and you should see a (very long) URL to a .pkg file.
      Right-click that url, and select “map local”. Browse to, and select one of the .pkg files you downloaded earlier.
      On the PS3, tell it to resume downloading. After a few moments it should automatically start over from 0% as it downloads the replacement .pkg file.
      Note that the PS3 will still show the name and icon for whatever game/app you told it to download. That’s okay.

      Once the download is complete, connect your Vita to qcma, and go to the copying files mode. Disconnect the USB cable while keeping the content manager running (not transferring, mind you, just running).
      Plug the Vita into the PS3, and tell it to connect to the PS3 from the still running content manager.
      Next, transfer the game/app that you downloaded earlier, that you replaced with the dev assistant.
      Note that the dev assistant will still show up as whatever you started downloading initially.
      The system may tell you that you need to login to PSN to continue, since the .pkg file is DRM secured. This should be fine, as it shouldn’t ask to update anything. You may need to connect the Vita to WiFi for this step.
      Again, it’s fine as long as it’s not asking to update the Vita itself (just in case you’re on a lower firmware with the PSP mode exploit, and don’t want to lose that).

      Once the transfer is done, try launching the dev assistant. It will be named “PSM Dev” on the Vita.
      If it runs, and just says that there’s no content to transfer (or that it failed to confirm the developer’s license or something), then you’re done.
      If it says you need to update the app, then that’s fine. Select the refresh button on the little page thing that comes up before launching an app, and it should get the update fine even if you’re not on the latest firmware.
      Once that’s done, the app should now launch properly and stuff. You can’t do anything with it yet, as there’s nothing to transfer, but that’s irrelevant to getting it ready.

      • Firion says:

        I don’t have a PS3 sadly, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future and hopefully it’ll help other people. Thanks for the write up

    • kikas1984 says:

      i have the app you can install with mr gas trick its simple can you send me a key please??

  36. gohim says:

    can’t generate key…

  37. Wizardry says:

    I f** hate pirates…

    • wololo says:

      Then you’ll be happy to learn this has nothing to do with piracy. This system will *not* let people run pirated vita games.

    • meysam25 says:

      the games are to expensive to so many peaple like me . what i am supposed to do

    • Claymores says:

      I hate the copywrong MAFIAA cartel. Due to scum like the MPAA you have to pay more for worse products.

  38. TrueFawkes says:

    Awwwww yessss i got it working 😀
    so happy right now.

    my troubleshooting:
    make sure that you have run the ballmaze demo!

    make sure that you DONT have any spaces in your rejuvenate directory (example: “C:\Users\name\Desktop\PSV-REJUVENATE” = good but “C:\Users\name\Desktop\PSV REJUVENATE” is very bad.

    happy homebrewing!

  39. anontwist says:

    sweet i am in cuba on holiday just checking out the scene nice cant wait for the bypass i have no friends lol

  40. Xplic1T says:

    Just going to wait until some good traction is made with this. Have the PSM app on my vita (version 3.35) by having a friend online get the dl and then send it to me to QCMA on my 3.35 vita.

    Once we finally have some good stuff and maybe even a possible CFW solution, then i will turn the Vita on. For now its back to being on my desk.