Vita Hack Rejuvenate – How to run your first homebrew


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  1. darkado says:

    can anyone help me troubleshoot this error?

    • Eckz69 says:

      I have this same issue…i posted it the irc channel but had no answer so far…

  2. ramazzini says:

    Are your pc and psvita connected to the same network?

  3. gabreek says:

    it works on 3.36 (i already had the psm application and the publisher key since march)

  4. BRK says:

    i need an app key. how to create one ?

  5. BRK says:

    Plz help i installed all the above but whrn i launch vitadefilerclient it crashes and i get ” failed the authentication to execute application.
    Please re-create a device seed and app key using with PSM Studio or Publishing Utility”

  6. Hardin says:

    A SNES emulator would be amazing. Snes9x on PSP was too often (e.g. Donkey Kong series, Terranigma, Great Battle IV) unplayable due to slowdown. Would homebrews running on rejuvenate harness the Vita’s full capabilities? I’m so excited for this after being massively disappointed in the Vita’s library for these 3 years.

  7. Dustin May says:

    I hope there will eventually be a game launcher or something like that available. I don’t want to be unable to play newer games requiring firmware higher than 3.50 just to keep Rejuvenate.

  8. Jaywoo7 says:

    Guys is it possible to install the PSM Dev Assistant app without updating the ps vita from 3.0.1 if you dont have a ps3?

  9. sun79 says:

    bit concerned about sony’s mandatory check-in for psm publisher license…maybe i should wait until the psm+ workaround gets released?

  10. pocketpool says:

    Ok got “hello world” up and running….

    now what?..

    Wait another 3 years for an sdk and vita written apps?

    Is it really such a big deal? Vita can already run a ps4 (remote play and over internet) at 60fps plus backwards compatible through psnow, the device is far from dead. The idiots who say it’s dead have absolutely no clue how good the vita already is. I’ll gladly update and skip the future exploits if I can get THE FULL PLAYSTATION EXPERIENCE instead of waiting years to play crappy old retro games, I got my phone for that.

    • Hardin says:

      The “Vita can already run a ps4”. Quote of the week and credibility suicide. Words mean things, won’t you use them properly? The More You Know ☆

      • pocketpool says:

        Through remote play you big dumb idiot and you can essentially play any ps4 game anywhere in the world by connecting to your ps4 network

  11. Frankie says:

    Can Sony revoke a PSM license? I activated my account and everything, but I don’t have the keys.

  12. Haruka says:

    From the PSM site…

    “なお6月24日に配信を予定しているPlayStation®Vita (PS Vita)システムソフトウェア3.52にアップデートされたPS Vita上では、PSM Development Assistant /PSM Development Assistant for Unityはご利用いただけませんのでご注意ください。”

    (PS Vita updated to firmware 3.52 cannot use PSM Dev Assistant / for Unity)

    and 3.52 is already out. What can we do now?

    I’ve updated without downloading the assistant prior, and I still have PSM Dev License in service list. It seems assistant cannot be downloaded now…

  13. diego says:

    hello somebody that can help me..
    i install rejuvenate correct but I want to put emulators on my ps vita someone could help me

  14. 风君子 says:

    I wonder what can it do right now? Can it run PSP games? Hope it can run at 16FXAA..

  15. Manu24 says:

    Hi, I tried this exploit but when I run it, PSM Dev Assistant on PS Vita says me “An error has occured. (808f0072)”, and then “Failed to connect the network”. I’m On Vita fw 3.18 and PSM Dev Assistant 1.14 . Can I fix this problem? Thanks.

    • Manu24 says:

      I forgot, i’ve tried also with Ballblaze Demo and another app by PsMStudio, but Vita gives me the same error.

      • Manu24 says:

        Ok, now it works. i don’t knew the reason, but with my modem Vita don’t want to connect. I’ve tried with phone hotspot and it works.

  16. Brocnoviac says:

    I need help.
    Can someone tell me what people like me have to do who don’t have a licence and are unable to generate a key? Shall I wait or is there an alternative way to get a key or bypass? I have the PSM DEV app and running on 3.51.

  17. wydci says:

    ola amigos nao estou conseguindo fazer o meu ps vita nao tem nada extalado.

  18. pamela says:

    whne i run the homebrew of it the vitadefiler is not working anymore and i get 0x8001007

  19. kikas1984 says:

    same here

  20. kikas1984 says:

    some help please

  21. Angel says:

    I have a question
    why VitaDefiler stop working?
    when i try to run hello word on run_homebrew

  22. Thiago says:

    please, help me, when I launch hello world in the homebrew, this error message appears.

    “Waiting for Vita to connect…
    Found Vita xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxa, serial: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Error. scePsmDevVersion(0x8001000A : SCE_PSM_DEVICE_TIMEOUT)
    Installing package C:\Users\xxxxxxx\Download\rejuvenate-0.21-bet
    a2\VitaDefilerClient.psdp as VitaDefilerClient.

    In the App PSM Dev for Unity appears ” There are no content items installed “.



  23. Bollafa says:

    Everytime I open PSM Dev it says you must update PSM Dev and it won’t check my licence :C will rejuvenate work?(PSM Dev 1.15 )

  24. anonymousd says:

    Around 30 July I reformatted my computer.
    Then I was trying to play a computer game with my PS Vita.
    The PS Vita requested an update from 3.35 to 3.52, which I refused.
    I already have PSM Dev, and also used the installation method to obtain PSM Dev for Unity.
    Then I thought I could normally connect to Sony Entertainment Network, but it seems it could not connect because the developer program is shut down.
    I used PSM+ to regain access to PSM Dev without a publisher license, however, the application PSVpad could not luanch, because of the difference in SDK. I installed a version compatible with 1.21.02 but it gave me an error on deploying to the PS Vita. There was no application key for the application.

    Then, I tried to install Rejuvenate, when booting up VitaDefilerClient and received the following message : Failed the authentication to execute application. Please re-create a Device Seed and App Key.

    I have PSM Dev 1.15, and done all these steps so it should work; you suggested that executing a demo might force viatdefilerclient to connect then I tried one of the demo’s but without being able to connect to Sony Entertainment Network, I cannot get the application key needed to run the said demo.

    What now?

  25. bawin says:

    Whenever I drag hello_world.elf to run_homebrew_unity.bat, the cmd is just stuck on “Waiting for Vita connection to the network…”, can anyone help?

  26. arueiu says:

    is there going to be a mac os x verison?

    can i view and move my videos and pictures files made using camera and moved into videos using cma from a memory card that i forgot the login and password using this hack?

    my vita firmware is less than 3.40 , i can use this if my web connection is not very strong?

    is there a hack for the vita i can use to recover frogotten password and login of my account?

    or a hack that i can force my vita system to login to the account tied on my memory card?

    any hack where i can make my vita appear as a hard disk like the vita on pcs , windows computers and mac os x computers even the data on the memory card cannot be viewed on the vita if it has a account and the systems is not tied to?

  27. Nei_LiL says:

    Work in 3.55 ?

  28. slashmegaman says:

    i cant seem to install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 on neither of my laptops

    both running windows 7 (64bit) and I’ve toggled a few different features in windows features?

    im not sure how to proceed??

  29. ArchyCargo says:

    I feel kinda not smart for asking but that means that this will not work for my Vita that is running update 3.52?

  30. 11770 says:

    running win10 here, whenever i try to run vita defiler with hello world or any homebrew for that matter, it says it has stopped responding right as soon as it tries to kill psmdevice 5788, and psm studio crashes on startup as well

  31. Degree says:

    Vita defiler still crashes even with prereqs met. I am told Service pack 2 cant be installed and only modified from “Turning Windows Features on or off”

    Any one else habe this issue?

    Also the instructions include Unity, but still say Unity isn’t ported?

    Man the PSP was so much easier to hack

  32. Editheraven says:

    Is this hack still available now? I’m on 3.36 without any psm installed on my vita.

  33. Eduard Razvan, Voicu says:

    I’m on 3.36 with unity installed on vita through mr.gas trick. Can I still install rejuvenate?

  34. antistatic says:

    Can anyone help me and tell where I can get this file:


  35. Raul says:

    Try hackinformer site about rejuvenate. There is complete backup with this file

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