PS4 Media Player review


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24 Responses

  1. Snowleoparf says:

    Perfect for me, using it by streaming music from android ^^

  2. NakedFaerie says:

    I thought it was minimal. It played about 50% of the files I tried. Actually it played about 75% but some had no sound so it wasn’t actually properly playing them.
    I use the homebrew app Showtime on the PS3 and that plays everything 100% of any file i send its way. Never had any kind of problem with that. XBMC/Kodi has more problems than Showtime in my experience. This PS4 Media player is one of the worst players if you ask me. Yea it plays if its the right format. It looks minimal, no fancy background or font or colors or anything, just the plain boring PS4 blue.
    I said its one of the worst, the worst is the xbox 360’s Media player. That played even less than this one does.

    In the end, it works sometimes but as I have a PS3 right next to it which plays more movies from the XMB why not keep using that.

    As they said from the start the PS4 is a game console only and they tacked on a media player without many popular formats.
    4/10. They tried, kinda failed but a 4 for trying. Hopefully they make it better in the future.

  3. João says:

    Srt subtiles its not only for pirate. Forget about DEAF? Or all people dosen’t speak English as first or second language.
    Whatever, the text forget to show how you can enable it, it’s not by default. You must go to settings, accessibility, closed caption on ps4. On Media Player, options and CC. But subtitle sux… Too small and you can chance color or size.

    • wololo says:

      You misread what I typed. I typed that the .srt format was invented by pirates for pirates. I never said that subtitles in themselves where only used by pirates. I am myself not an English native speaker and make heavy use of subtitles.

      • bluefox says:

        I had question all the articles you type, none them tell you how to decrypt PSP file except download the file decrypter. How do they made decrypter to make it work to decrypted a file?

  4. Rolenzo says:

    I think this is great. It unfortunate that NTFS support isn’t there, but now we can at least grab a thumb drive to watch an entire series.

    Haven’t tested DLNA yet, but the USB functionality was 100% for me. Still, I wonder how it compares to the Xbone player.

  5. Ricky D says:

    No Divx, Xvid, DTS, DTS-HD, or TrueHD support. That’s actually pretty *** poor. Divx and Xvid are old formats, but still widely used and you must not care at all about audio quality in your movies to think AC3, AAC and MP3 only is even remotely worthwhile

  6. synapze says:

    Has anyone tested the media server capabilities and compatibility with PS3 Media Server or UMS Media Server? It has multiple transcoding engines that I’ve found works wonders when the default transcoder won’t play your movie correctly. These are basically the same thing, just UMS Media Server is an offshoot of PS3 Media Server. I’d love to hear if anyone has tried this route.

  7. Thomas Wade says:

    Something you can add to the article is the fact that this app works through Remote Play, meaning that you aren’t stuck to specifically formatted files or the PS3 Reote Play app any more.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      The stupid thing about that is there is already a media player on the Vita and that plays more formats than the PS4 media player so why use an inferior player? You will also have the streaming problems you get with Remote Play.
      Might as well use the Vita Media Player which works really well. Out of the files I tried I had a lot more luck with that.

  8. mixedfish says:

    I on longer bother with all these all in one box solutions or Plex like streaming ***, not worth the effort. I went straight to a HTPC with local 8tb and now enjoy full blu-ray 30mbps DTS-HD rips.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      I’ve got a WDTV and that plays everything. It even played a corrupt AVI file.

      There are many better ways to play files than the PS4. My STB/PVR also streams and works better than the PS4 media player.
      Just about everything in my lounge has a USB port so if 1 device doesn’t play a file the next will. The PS4 media player would be my last choice for a movie player.
      The problem with the PS4 media player is they cant complain about formats or licensing as I have a %ony BluRay player and that plays 99% of movies I try on it. Out of all the files that failed to play on the PS4 the $ony BluRay player will play them just fine. Why can 1 $ony device play movies and another cant? To me its just slack of $ony for not adding more compatibility into the PS4 Media Player.

  9. MonAaudioStereo says:

    Proper Plex support for PS Vita please! The existing app is *** and ***. From my over 20 movies database, it could only play one movie and without subtitles.

    • zakaiya says:

      thanks for the heads up. I was about to subscribe for a lifetime pass or annual pass but now that i know the PS4 app is ***. I was afraid of this but now i know. I’ll stick to the web browser

  10. Adrian says:

    I have found for some reason .. it wont play some MKV files and the MKV videos it does play the video flickers.. not sure why.. can anyone help with that ?

  11. zakaiya says:

    Hmm this was an interesting app. Should’ve came out on day one no excuses. All these kinks would have been worked out over the years. Sticking to plex browser because I don’t have to close my game out to enjoy my media. #PLEX

  12. James says:

    Corrupt media player file any one else have this issu

  13. toni says:

    The .SRT subtitles only work if the subtitle text file is encoded as “UTF-8 with Signature”.

  14. Jay says:

    I agree the aspect ratio was my biggest complaint but i can use my tv to change how the show fits the screen with minimal problems still wish they would add that of course but still an over all improvent on ps3 media player but just barely.

  15. Johnny says:

    What the heck did they do to the interface since the PS3 version!? it’s virtually impossible to skip back 5 seconds, need to rewind to listen back a few seconds and it jumps back at least a minute, sometimes more, the trigger function for rewind is way over sensitive… PS3 was a great GUI, you tick back frame by frame etc… this is an atrocious load of rubbish.

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