PS Vita Hack “Rejuvenate” – the limitations


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  1. Boops says:

    I just want to play the old psp games on my psvita.
    I don’t want no CFW, no Emulators, mo nothing

  2. Exilee says:

    I did the trick with javascript on the PSM website… and i could download the DEV app on my vita but the publisher license did not work. is this enough for launching rejuvinate on my PS Vita?

    and good job devs!!

    • Mr noscope says:

      I downloaded PSM SDK 2.0.0, It had a trojan. Why might have sony done this.

      • DS_Marine says:

        It’s a false detection. I have an old PSM install on my pc, and one day Avast started to detect some *** on psm folders without having updating. Antivirus sucks.

      • Crzo says:

        It didn’t have a troyan, sometimes some antivirus may confuse some type of files with similar virus-related files and automatically flag them.

        Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft don’t put viruses on purpose.

  3. wewt says:

    “First, you’ll have to connect to a network at least once a day to keep the PSM License “active”.”

    Does this mean if you forgot a day you’ll lose the license indefinitely or does it mean you’ll lose the license until you connect to a network?

  4. Now, I can see a few ways this limitation could be mitigated. We can imagine a “homeebrew launcher” such as VHBL,

    @Wololo in the post spelling mistake?

  5. lollypop says:

    looking forward for more of the same in future. but on psvtv and wifi only xD .

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