Wii U hack (native hack) released


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  1. the chosen one says:

    The first 2 lie…i am truely first as i am the chosen one

  2. Oussama says:

    I’m following the wii u hack scene since january and i thought that this exploit, the one who marionumber1 is talking about was a kernel exploit , but now i see the contrary, it seems that this is just a user exploit, and i can say that i’m very dissapointed…

    • VinsCool says:

      You know you need a userland access to trigger the kernel exploit right? The kernel exploit hasn’t been released yet.

    • Marionumber1 says:

      We’ve had a working kernel exploit since early March. After that, I worked on various things, including a new browser exploit, USB, and symbol loading. Now that we have code execution on a fairly recent version, the kernel exploit will be released very soon. I just need to fix its reliability.

      • Hoshi says:

        Marionumber1, thanks for your working very much!!
        May I ask, what can man do with this kernel exploit in the future?
        I don’t care about if man can play piracy games in the future, but i just hate the region lock of Wii U!!

        • Marionumber1 says:

          Homebrew and game mods are definitely possible with the kernel exploit, something that’s already been demonstrated. Loading other OSes is also possible, but none of us have really cared enough to do this yet. Defeating the region lock might be possible, depending on whether we can swap discs and have the IOSU disc driver read the other-region disc.

    • Oumoumad says:

      The kernel exploit is released ^^, now show us what you were planing to do with it 😉

  3. Trunk208 says:

    Not much a WiiU follower but I am still impressed by the upcoming games. Still wat does userland exploit means?

  4. KCO says:

    Copa América Chile 2015

  5. Stanislav says:

    Very very thack!!

  6. Digital says:

    It is COMPLETELY SAFE to update to 5.3.2 and enjoy dlc and new games. The kernel exploit (game mods) works on all versions and a new webkit exploit (basic code execution that leads to kernel exploit) is being developed that should work up to and including 5.3.2. – that was from the main sticky this will be the first thing needy but there is a kernal exploit

  7. Spicymchaggis says:

    My wii u was on auto update 🙁 feel like I’m gonna miss out on something good

  8. Thrawn says:

    Oh man, glad I skipped that update XD, I knew that something was cooking for the wii u.

  9. Adam Fox says:

    For those that are unaware, userland exploit is the first step to kernal exploit….so while right now, you can’t get ISOs/backups to work, that doesn’t mean its not coming….

  10. lol says:

    WiiU? whats a WiiU..never heard of it…coughs

  11. nutsack says:

    Why did the bone head release this when nintendumb is going to patch this flaw.

    • AheaDoFtHeGAme says:

      because they told people to not update their wiiu’s. people who want it and follow the news don’t update. nintendo already patched this with there latest update 5.4.0. but everybody in the know didnt update so they can get this. keep up man jeez

    • Marionumber1 says:

      Hi, it’s the bonehead. Nintendo patched the WebKit bug in 5.4.0 literally as we were working on the exploit, so we knew there was no harm in releasing it.

  12. Pedro says:

    My wii u update automatically u.u

    • SpicyMcHaggis says:

      So did mine 🙁 i have since turned off auto updates, I am pretty upset….feel like im going to miss something awesome.

  13. ezesk8 says:

    the same was said for ninjhax and later it allow backup loader through pasta cfw if i am not wrong…

  14. MyLegGuy says:

    Well, I doubt anybody who owns smash bros didn’t update their wii u.

  15. pkmaximum says:

    I bet homebrew developers make more interesting software with the Wii U pad than Nintendo or third parties have lol. It’s going to be an exciting time with a Wii U and a Vita exploit surfacing!

  16. cubeikon says:

    Is there a way to update to 5.3.2 instead of 5.4 now? My Wii U is still on 5.3.0.

    • wiiman2222 says:

      “Can I still update to 5.3.2 by using a game disc update?​
      Some games contains the 5.3.2 update.
      – Mario Party 10
      – Splatoon”

  17. Ed says:

    I currently own a XOne, but I love Nintendo exclusives and I’d happily buy a WiiU if I could err, not pay for them, cause I kinda can’t afford buying another system AND the games for it.

    • Robin says:

      Then you shouldn’t be gaming. Just because you can’t afford it is no reason to pirate. Asshat.

      I want reigon free!