PS Vita Hack “Rejuvenate” – Where and when to get it


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  1. nanashi says:

    wish psm to be revoked sooner.

  2. vingonza says:

    After much deliberation, I updated from 3.18 for this, I hope it was the right decision.

  3. Crzo says:

    Wololoooooooooo I need official answers xD!!

    I have PSM Dev app on 1.00, is this ok or do I update it???

    PSM SDK 1.21.02 or 2.00???

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah I’ve been wondering about that too. Which SDK are we supposed to download?

    • DragonQuest says:

      no, stay on 1.21.02 as YifanLu said.

      • R0ME0 says:

        None of that is necessary! Just need the dev assistant to run stuff. It shows up as PSM Dev on your home screen. If you have this you’ll be able to use homebrew created on the Rejuvenate platform.

      • auwriii says:

        I have an older PSM Dev assistant — v1.12. Is this ok for Rejuvenate, or do I need to upgrade to Dev Assistant v1.21.02?

  4. Wooboo says:

    Do we need to download the sdk to the vita from the website? I’ve got the psm dev app on my vita but there is nothing in it. Do we now get the sdk with the vita browser?? Someone fill me in thanks.

    • DragonQuest says:

      yeah the app on your pc is necessary.

      • R0ME0 says:

        According to Yifan Lu’s blog post


        You only need the Mobile Dev Assistant on the Vita, of course you’ll need the dev studio if you plan to develop for the platform, but as far as using the code others will create, you only need the Vita app. Even the last ditch guides on the blog only mention the vita app.

  5. Alevan says:

    I do not have a PS Vita yet (planning to buy one next month), and also, I do not have a PS3. Am I ***?

    • brentt says:

      well yes and no,
      yes: well you won’t be able to enjoy the homebrews now if you can’t get the psm dev app, but what you already could do is make an account on psn and register for dev (link in post), maybe you’ll get your hands on a ps3 or get the psm dev app some other way.
      no: well this hack will open other doors, maybe in the future, (im talking about more then some months, maybe half a year or a year) there will be a hack that doesn’t need psm dev app any more, people will be able to just hook up the psvita to the pc and put their hacks on it, it’s just a matter of time.

  6. Mooliecool says:

    PS Vita Genesis Competition 2015 😀

  7. Thomas Wade says:

    Will this mean that there could be N64 and GameCube emulators on the Vita, because it should be powerful enough for them? Also, could there be a way to play PSX games through this. I ask because I have purchased some PSX games on my US account, but I’m unable to play them on my Vita (except PS3 Remote Play, which is extremely laggy) due to the memory card locks.

    • Art says:

      N64? Maybe. Gamecube? No way in heck. The Vita isn’t powerful enough for PS2 emulation, let alone Gamecube. I’d be impressed if somebody gets a Dreamcast emulator ported to the Vita.

  8. Obito says:

    So if we upgrade our vita, will we be able to run emulators and psp games as with TN-V?

  9. gamegard says:

    I need Wololo to answer me about this ….I heard that I must have the Psm dev app 1.21.02 but mine is the last one which is 2.00 .So, Am I out of the hack and its benefits or I am still in ? Please I need your answer

    • Tatzzz says:

      I just downloaded 1.21.02 from the website, but it does say “Submissions of new PSM Applications made with PSM SDK 1.2 will no longer be accepted after March 31, 2015.” If i understand correctly, you should be fine as long as you weren’t planning on submitting anything to sony with 1.21.02.

    • Anubis2048 says:

      I also must know. I have the PSM app for the Vita that is on 2.00, is this out of the hack? Or is 2.00 okay? I AM TALKING ABOUT THE FREAKING APP FOR THE VITA, I ALREADY HAVE THE SDK 1.21 ON MY COMPUTER SO DONT MENTION IT.

      Thanks to anyone who can actually answer this

      • brentt says:

        normally you should be fine, the dev on vita is 1.21.02/2.00….
        but for certainty you should ask wololo or jifan(on his site).

    • gamegard says:

      SO , the answer is …?

      • chronologyte says:

        The answer is that the PSM Dev Assistant on the Vita contains both runtimes!
        If you check in Debug Settings in the menu, under Show Build Information, it should say PSM Runtime version : 1.21 / 2.00 which means it can run both versions of apps.
        I think you may still need to install the PC SDK because it installs a USB driver, but that could easily be released separately I think.

      • Anubis2048 says:

        I guess it means that we are in the clear.

  10. HeartBURN says:

    There is not much to any development for this thing so i suggest for everyone to stick to their firmwares and not update or even download this just as of yet. But one should practice on how to download this so take notes people.

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  12. Geektarist says:

    What is the entry point of an executable with the psp2sdk and how to compile it (I guess with arm-gcc)?
    I would like to compile a test 🙂

  13. reaver mode says:

    awesome contents

  14. New_Newbie says:

    I realized that I never use my homebrews anymore, and my Vita is actually REALLY dusty. Not to mention I wanted to buy Lego Jurassic World, and it may ask me to update. Lucky for me I downloaded both the PSM Dev Assistant AND Unity for PSM in the past for curiosity purposes, so I had those ready and waiting on my download list. I read in a previous Wololo blog that said this would probably be more significant than the Webkit exploit, which is what I was holding out for. So I went ahead and updated my 3.18 to 3.51 and downloaded the PSM Dev Assistant, which was luckily still on my download list. I’ve registered and everything in the past, so I think I’m good.I can get to the screen you load games from.

    I expect big things from this!

  15. Smoker1 says:

    OK……….how are ppl still able to get the Dev App on the Vita, when I just tried to do the Register bit, and it says
    Email Verification
    PSM Developer registration could not be completed.
    Not to mention, when I try to Download the 2 Files on my Vita, for both, I get the same 2 Messages on the PSN saying
    This content may not yet be for sale or is no longer for sale

  16. Macoman says:

    Idont have psm dev,ps3, and i have 3.18 🙁

  17. nzzane says:

    Hey, I got the PSM dev app just yesterday (17/06/2015) on my vita I just needed to go to the psm website, click the link and it took me to the store and the PSM dev app was there for download

  18. Macoman says:

    I dont have psm dev,ps3,and I am 3.18 version 🙁

  19. Jephar says:

    How about porting your favorite Android Games with a version using this like Candy Crush Saga Vita or Android apps like viber or messenger. This will not be necessarily an apk file as you reiterated that Android emulation is IMPOSSIBLE in PS Vita.

  20. xxcy says:

    come from china

  21. Jan says:

    I installed the Dev app on the PS Vita, any way to get the Unity connector app, or is it gone for good?

  22. Asurey says:

    This makes we wish I learned programming… All right, I updated my Vita, downloaded the apps and currently waiting the news on that small step in homebrew on the Vita! 😀

  23. Saint says:

    Hey, I don’t know if this is the place to make the question, but I’m kinda curious: Do you think it will be possible with this to find a way in which you can switch your PSN accounts WITHOUT having to ‘reset clean’ the PSVita each time?? ‘Cause that’s kinda…really annoying D:

  24. dolan says:

    I was able to get the PSM dev app. But it’s not that useful when you can’t generate the publisher key (which is needed in order to sign code to run on the dev app).

    Getting to hello world on the pc was pretty easy though…

  25. ishygdaft says:

    Ah CFW ps3, you make vita exploits so much easier and a lot less painless.

  26. Excellent news I hope I’ll find the time to fix up a more clean and light media player and browser for the Vita. But if other more experienced devs with more free time do it first then yippykaeyay 😀

  27. percival says:

    I want to play clash of clans using ps vita is it possible with this hack?

  28. pixels says:

    Which version of SDK should I install?

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