PSM Dev App apparently not available for download anymore


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  1. Aww says:

    Damn, I missed it. Oh well…

    • Whiteee says:

      No you didn’t missed the first place

      • Rolenzo says:

        You guys published at least 5 articles telling people to become a dev or at least get psm dev.

        The main complaint seems to be that people would feel safer on old exploits than the untested new one.

        Anyway, good job TheZ, Reprep, Wololo, YifanLu and everyone else who helped us get this far!

        • Gooder says:

          Like him, I missed it.
          I didn’t d/l it because I thought I needed to get aproved as a dev to download it.
          Oh well.

    • san says:

      posso vender uma conta com acesso a PSM DEV.

  2. HIm says:


  3. HIm says:


  4. Anon says:

    Yeah.. It’s been gone a while. I tried to download it around the middle of last month and the button wasn’t there. I think that was around the 19th or the 20th.

  5. T says:

    i didn’t download the psm app because all i really want is more customization in the live area and PS2/PS1 emulator.

    • theWizard says:

      that is sort of irrelevant because now you dont have any access to the native vita hack. psp emu hack will not do much for your live area screen

  6. Trevor Phillips says:


  7. WittyTigrex says:

    Same as anon, I tried to download it right after the announcement that time was slipping and it wasn’t there. I just assumed it was a temporary error and never checked back into it.

    That sucks, I’ve had this 3.18 Vita just gathering dust for the last few months now and now I find out the only hack I had a shot at besides TN-V is lost to me forever.

    • lolzoar says:

      At least you can install it with the pkg method. I’ve got a 3.36 Vita which will forever be unhackable now… I waited forever for that PSM licence and never got one. Now I can’t even get the app… Fml.

  8. jonas says:

    solution: get the “psm.pkg”, download it to your PS3 w/ charle’s proxy trick, transfer to vita, install, update with pkg installer
    sucks for everyone above 3.18

    • Sleetui says:

      I’m on FW 3.18 and already signed up for the PSM and licensed. Is this the best method of installing it on your Vita? Thought 3.18 couldn’t access PSN so I didn’t bother.

  9. nope says:

    I honestly can’t feel any sympathy towards anyone who didn’t get this app on their downloads list in time. The info has been out for a little over a month so unless you were living under a rock the entire time it’s your fault for being too slow.

  10. Odanyaelo says:

    Not necessarily lost forever… It’s still very early in the game… The native exploit and sdk are just getting your feet wet… Still far more to come, even yifan said barriers can be overcome

  11. siferx says:

    i got mine last month hope some good homebrew comes out of this

  12. Dragon_for_lunch says:

    My mind was like trying to remember something about this. So I went and check my download list and boom there it was, I don’t remember very well went I download it but is it the right one? Ps suite dev is call.

  13. ordi says:

    Hm, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if the people who mentioned the missing download button simply didn’t register as a PSM Developer. I wonder if you can still register. 😕 (and btw., to register as a PSM Dev is NOT the same as applying for the Publisher License)

    • wololo says:

      Yup, it sounds like this is pretty much what happened here

      • ordi says:

        Oops, I saw your 2nd update a little too late. 😉 But yeah, this was rather obvious, because even when people could still register as a PSM dev, some were complaining about the missing download button. 🙂

      • Crzo says:

        There is still a way to install it, even if you didn’t download it on the past, as long as you have a PS3 and registered on PSM.

        You need charles proxy and PSM pkg:

        1) You run charles proxy.
        2) On PS3 use proxy, PC IP and port 8888
        3) Go and download a demo/gravity rush demo for example ON PS3.
        4) Download in background and then pause it.
        5) Go to charles proxy and you’ll find something like this:
        6)Click on it and click “MAP LOCAL” replace it with the pkg you already downloaded it.
        7)Resume download on PS3.
        8) Transfer using CMA/QCMA + PS3 trick.
        9) Profit.

        This allows you to install it on any vita from 3.00 – 3.51

        Important thing is be registered as PSM dev and have it on your download list

        • Leires says:

          Doesn’t work. Tried both Gravity Rush demo and a full version of Dragon’s Crown. ‘Could not copy some content items. (C2-10526-4)’. Also PSN is down for maintenance, which is no doubt to fix this. I don’t know if giving up my UNO exploit is/was worth it, so if this doesn’t pan out for me, i still have that to fall back on.

  14. Kepohe says:

    i don’t understand… I tried to have a psn dev account one month ago but i didn’t received email to be a publisher….
    Today, i uploaded my ps vita firmware 2.61 to 3.51. And after, i have installed the psm dev app without problem…
    Now, i can open this app but i see a message ” there are no content item installed. Please use the psm studio to create and install application”
    When i go into the setting, and system i can see “playstation mobile” i don t know if i had this before…

  15. san says:

    I’m selling an account with psm dev.

  16. rick says:

    So now should I update my vita to access psn and download psm?

  17. Spaghett says:


    I applied to be a PSM dev a while ago, and was approved.
    However, I waited till toady to update to 3.51, and to my surprise, I was able to download the software.

    Not sure if I got lucky or something, but boy am I thankful.

  18. yobib34 says:

    im on 3.01 with an exploit… it good to update?

  19. im not real says:

    I already have the app on my vita but I also just bought a 64GB memory card, can I do backup on pc with CMA and then trasfer it all back to the new memory card?

  20. Leirux says:

    Wololo please Big Cuestion!

    So I have 2 Vitas on 3.51, both Vitas with PSM Dev App installed [both versions, normal one and unity one] and the updates ready to install but idle

    Should I update PSM Dev App both versions?

    Thanks in advance!

  21. Leirux says:

    *I mean Question!!!

  22. andoryuu3 says:

    Was a system update required to install the dev app?
    (if so, what version?)

    Although I missed the boat (have dev account), I’ve got a phat PSVita and a PSTV both on the last webkit enabled versions. I’m reluctant to update either of them. So if an update was required, I’m totally fine with having missed it.

    My final curiosity on the subject:
    Is/was the package manager an option…? at all…? I suppose this would primarily depend on whether or not someone snatched the app before it was installed. (I’m assuming the download had it in some sort of installer)

  23. lmao says:

    oh well, i haven’t download it to my second vita.

  24. meysam25 says:

    i have apps :))
    i cant w8 any more plz relase a vertion

  25. cris says:

    i paid the price of loosing my psp kernel access on ps vita to download the psm dev ,hope it worth it

  26. Mikey says:

    Well I’m happy I decided to register an download the psm dev app like a year ago

  27. And_Nik says:

    The download is on my list, but I’m on 3.18, how can I grab it from the store?, thanks.

  28. Jop says:

    stroke of luck! I registered when this was first announced but gave up thinking i’d have to be approved as a developer. I also had the developer app on my list (i thought i never downloaded it from psn). Now my question. I was reading there were two apps, but I only have the PSM developer assistant (pictured on the post). Will i still be ok without that 2nd app??

  29. birthByRight says:

    once you have registered on PSM it will appear on your download list.. yifan TY!

  30. Rhodderz says:

    Damn, i have used the App before and messed around with it (created a basic ui on the vita that got computer information and acted as a cpu monitor) but still doesnt appear to be downloadable again (deleted when i got bored and stuck with VHBL)

  31. kkkreaux says:

    Hi, I signed up long ago to psm dev but can’t access the ps store to download psm dev due to update to 3.52.
    Is there still a way to install it in my psvita?

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