PS4 Media Player – The PS4 can finally play your videos & music


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20 Responses

  1. rclr says:

    I saw this app last night on my dash and I thought there was a fw update and that my ps4 updated itself well I’m glad they have this app now since I’ve been using my ps3 to stream movies from my phone to ps3.

  2. inferno says:

    MKV?? Finally Sony, now the PS4 is in heaven!

  3. ModChipGuy says:

    About Time!!!

  4. FlakeyBanana says:

    I’m shocked there’s not someone screaming “FIIIRRRSTT!!!”

  5. Patrick Vogt says:

    Probably nitpicking, but: Did Sony maybe also include a way to read a normal audio CD? Or just copy an audio CD to internal or external HDD as MP3/ACC?

    • YZ Rum says:

      No they didn’t. Audio discs are still viewed as unsupported. Same goes for video discs in MP4 format. I usually back up my Anime onto discs to save space. They all play well on my PS3 but sadly they are unsupported on the PS4. Hopefully that will change with an update. But it’s unlikely. Sony is focusing most of their video & music content on streaming services. So don’t be surprised if the PS4 will not copy your music or movies.

  6. Omega says:

    Just as an FYI for people, this works perfectly with Plex. Already had Plex set up for other uses. Started up this app and it found my Plex media server instantly and steamed everything perfectly. Good job SONY!

  7. Rolenzo says:

    I don’t recall hearing anything about this at e3. Kind of surprising. Oh well, glad to see it! Now gief me ps1/ps2 B/C!

  8. zorak_torok says:

    Happy fathers day to me!!!! Finally!!!! Been waiting for this since day one, if you read my posts you already knew that.

  9. zakaiya says:

    PLEX!!! screw this media server app too little to late ye scervy bastards

  10. Josh R says:

    anyone know if data discs will work like on the PS3??

  11. Casey says:

    Also unlike ps3 you have to have Internet connection to use media player. Really sucks. Where I live I can’t get Internet so I use my 30gb data plan off my phone when I play online but it doesn’t last long.

  12. Gmoneyrocks says:

    Noticed that when I start up my PS 4 and it’s offline it’s locked. Do I always have to be online for me to use it? Can I change the settings?

  13. Bikash says:

    Hi, Good article. The PS4 media player works awesome with me using my external HDD (Though i had to convert it into ExFat) but One Question. How do I increase the volume of the Media Player. My speaker is full and even when I am using headphone the volume is very low in compared to the game audio. Any suggestion??

    • BANGLA HERO says:

      jUST press square button to get further volume options.. u can increase or decrease from there..

  14. Migdalia says:

    My media player is showing My real name instead of my online id when i leave a comment on live broadcast….dont happen with twitch just media player

  15. Bruce says:

    Can i do it without connection?

  1. June 16, 2015

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