PS Vita Hack: Yifan Lu announces “Rejuvenate” – A platform for native PS Vita Homebrews!

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  1. ModChipGuy says:

    This is just what my vita needs!

  2. ClockWorkMod says:

    Weird thing is, when i try to install any of the dev apps on my vita, the store says that there is no app like that avaible. I tried this like a week ago.

  3. Macoman says:

    The question is,my vita is diactivated is necesary an update?

  4. Vladislav says:

    It’s worth it to lose Package Installer and WebKit exploit?

  5. Fadi5555 says:

    That’s great job.
    If we could run dolphin emu it’ll be more fun

  6. Macoman says:

    @yifan is necessary an update?

  7. decrypted password says:

    coming soon in many web page baidu servers, get the isos, rars, cso of many ps vita games.

  8. NoPatience says:

    my vita needs a kick in the a**

  9. Pirate Cat says:

    Is it possible to sit on 3.18 and download this stuff later if nothing pans out or do we have to download and install PSM Dev via PSN?

    • jose says:

      I came here to ask the same thing. I m in 3.35 with tnv 11 installed and I dont want to loose it :/

      • Pirate Cat says:

        My concern is that if I lose access to the web exploit will I potentially lose access to something down the line that enables me to access saves or the memory card directly. Other than that I’d only be interested in a PDF viewer or bypassing CMA so I’m not sure if I should care about this unless it’s gone forever if I don’t take it.

      • Raul says:

        Yes , read tutorials on forum 🙂

      • AliceTheGorgon says:

        If you have a PS3, you can use Charles proxy to trick the PS3 into “downloading” the PSM assistant for transferring to the Vita. You need a Vita game on your account for the PS3 to think it’s downloading, but that’s a fairly minor issue.

  10. dbzgts says:

    If can run pspemu… we should upgrade. But yifan said, still no pspemu

    • brentt says:

      just update, this is wayyy better then pspemu

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      If you have a PS3, don’t update. You can use Charles Proxy to trick the PS3 into “downloading” the PSM Dev Assistant instead of a regular Vita game, and then you can transfer it to the Vita and keep your PSP mode CFW.

  11. Macoman says:

    Wololo please hurry up reply us if is neccesary an update(any People dont have ps3,i included)or psm app can be package?

  12. Vladislav says:

    Can someone who already updated poat a link to PSM dev App? (You can get it via Charles Proxy)

  13. kopko says:

    I updated. I was on 3.18, but decide to give it a shot. I remembered i download PSM Dev long ago and i found it in download list.

    Anything else i need to have??

  14. mangosteam says:

    just arcade and ps2 emulator homebrew is all i wish lol that would make vita th greatest

    • pkmaximum says:

      I doubt the Vita could handle emulating the PS2 unless SONY made the emulator themselves, and even then I’m skeptical. Sorry, but no. No chance for Gamecube too more than likely.

  15. Saint says:

    Please, someone, tell me how to get the PSM Dev App! I have the SDK on my PC, but when I go to the links wit my Vita the Store doesn’t show the buttom to download it ;O;!

  16. jose says:

    I m in 3.50 with tnv 11 installed. Is there any I can download the psm dev without updating?

    Sorry for my bad english.

  17. ChrisHighwind says:

    I’ve been waiting for this moment since I first realized the Vita wasn’t going to get any attention from Sony. It’s just a shame it’s going to be a while longer before we get homebrew that utilize the full specs of the Vita, such as polished and fully-functioning emulators.

  18. LeXxX says:

    Its not letting me download PSM Development Assistant,
    am I missing something?

  19. maxtram says:

    oh god all that power for homebrews made me so excited

    imagine playing an updated wagic in the vita just amazing

  20. meysam25 says:

    its will give sony something to thing about .

  21. RaZiel says:

    Any chance of PSTV support later? Man wish I had known this. Oh well TN-X and TNV-11 is gonna have to be enough for now. Oh well nice to see something finally arise for the Vita side hack.

    • wololo says:

      The limitation here is the need for a USB connection. It is unclear at this point if that limitation can be removed

  22. The_Batman says:

    So for those with new vitas, no history of exploits.

    Should we update to the LATEST FW asap?

    Then install the Dev App? Or is it too late?

    • brentt says:

      if you have no other exploits, just update and get the dev hack, it’s the only possible way for further hackin in psvita, don’t expect something from webkit or package installer

  23. Hepper says:

    Jesus, there’s really no hope for piracy on this console… ok, ready to play pong on it.

  24. chan says:

    Chupa sony !!!

  25. Vladislav says:

    Let me guess. If i cant download PSM Development Assistant (No download button) that mean account didnt have access to it, and i must get access from which now dont allow to sing in. Am i right?

  26. manny says:

    So to downlload the PSM app you have to have registerded. right.
    or can anyone with an updated vita download it?

  27. MadMack says:

    I have 3 PSN accounts with 9 Vitas (two Vitas with 3.36 and custom bubbles per account and one per account with 3.51) all with psp dev installed… So let’s the games beginning…

    It’s nice to see, that it’s now possible to make “real” hombrew for the Vita. Waiting for a good N64 Emulator… The Vita has the power… Keep on going!!!

  28. DarthVita says:

    I have both 1000 and 2000 Vita’s both have the dev app

  29. Mugsy says:

    I’m wicked confused. First you had to be a registered PSM Dev, but now you don’t because you only need the app? But you can’t get the app without being a registered dev? So how do I get it?

    • brentt says:

      registering for dev doesn’t take long, getting psm publisher licence on the other hand is another story, but this isn’t needed any more, so just register as a dev and get the dev app as fast as possible

    • Crzo says:

      No, fitst you had to be a registered dev AND have a PUBLISHER’S license. (Both were free, but you automatically become a registered dev by registrating in the PSM dev webpage, then apply for a license and then be aproved in order to get a license).

      Now you don’t need the license, just be a registered dev, which takes 5 minutes to fill out your name, address, phone number…

  30. Ez says:

    Brilliant! Yufan is truly the key holder. Open that door brother. Its time to break some stuff. XD

  31. Xilence says:

    This is getting good… 🙂

  32. Saint says:

    I think registering to obtain the Dev App is impossible anymore ._. Any way to solve this problem for us who only have their Vitas??

  33. Kokumotsu says:

    ***. i wasnt able to get approved. guess im missing the upcoming awesomeness.

    maybe something will happen without needing to use stuff as a backbone

  34. MaxSnacks says:

    I was able to install PSM App using post #388238 by chronologyte in this thread

  35. Austin says:

    Just downloading the PSM SDK and the PSM Publishing Utility, I hope these are the right ones.

  36. Modasucka says:

    Mane, I hope this new exploit allows us to emulate the XBoxONE. I’ve been wanting to play Tomb Raider on the Vita.

  37. dream says:

    Hello Guys,

    I found the PSM Dev for unity not the other one do you know if this one works as well?

    Also I singed up long time ago in them PSM dev portal but I don’t have the pam publisher license is that mandatory?

    Thanks in advance!

  38. Th30n3 says:

    I have a vita on 3.18 with TN-V, TN-X, Package installer, PSM Dev and an OFW PS3 as well as Charles Proxy. Should I update? Or should I stay where I’m at? I like being able to play my psp backups and it seems I’ll have a more powerful HEN through Rejuvenate, but lose the ability to play my backups on this beautiful OLED screen. What would you do in my position Wololo (and other authorities in the scene) and why?

  39. Stanislav says:

    Why only psp game:(:(?