PS Vita Hack: Yifan Lu announces “Rejuvenate” – A platform for native PS Vita Homebrews!

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  1. SyluxDelanos says:

    I was happy to saw the news title until i click and read at the beginning “No PS VitaTV Support”… Damn, i was maybe going to buy a second for 50$ at BestBuy Canada in another Bundle. 🙁

  2. Thetrangler says:

    We will get help from the inside you will all see theres a sony employee in the master dev dept willing to spill the beans eventually leading to what we all want.

  3. THE MadMan says:

    so when exactly is this gonna go out? and will i be able to install it with out installing the dec apps?

  4. TerrorOfDeath93 says:

    guys help… my fw 3.51, but i cnt download psm dev on psn.. thres no download button.. why?

  5. LoverAli says:

    Great Work Yifan.It’s a great progress.

  6. Wolframio says:

    I have an early version of PSM… 1.0 i think…. Can i update with the package installer on 3.18? Without updating the firmware and a ps3? Thanks

  7. Tail870 says:

    The Z,
    I thought there is 4-core GPU&CPU each… CORES, NOT CPU/GPU ITSELF.

    • Tail870 says:

      Yeap, I am correct:
      In terms of pure statistics, the PSP-3000 has 64MB of shared memory, 333MHz CPU, and 166MHz GPU. The Vita has 512MB of main memory and 128MB of dedicated video RAM. It has four cores of CPU running at around ~1GHz and four cores of GPU running at around ~200MHz. In addition, the Vita also has the entire PSP hardware inside its silicon.
      From source link.

  8. Daniel says:

    I need help I sign into the PSM dev portal and it says sign in with your psn account and set your online I’d and sign in is grayed out please help!

  9. Ohno says:

    So I’m on 3.51 now. Moved up from 3.18 CFW (was going to anyway to get online and other PSN bits). Didn’t manage to become a registered dev in time. So am I completely stuffed now? No ePSP CFW, no hacks, can’t install dev assistant? Is there anything I can do? Sigh – Makes me want to sell my Vita because Sony have locked it down so hard.

  10. nebu_187 says:


  11. Rocki says:

    If I already have Dev App and need to update it via package installer, how do I invoke it? The email trick doesnt work for me. I’m at 3.18

  12. BruhLol says:

    Sony Knows About it you’re stupid dude atleast find a better hack.

  13. Christian says:

    What can i do if i can’t register for developer? i can’t get to download th psm dev on the ps store

  14. macoman says:

    is necessary an update at end?

  15. macoman says:

    is neessary update at end?

  16. Yattoz says:

    So many people updated… is there any ePSP exploit (kexploit ?) in sight for 3.51 ?
    The limitations of this “homebrew-enabler” are turning me off, I miss the eCFW of 3.36.

  17. Lianky says:

    N’ayant pas pu m’enregistrer à temps pour télécharger le SDK sur ma Vita (j’en suis écœuré après avoir suivi la scène de près depuis la date de sortie de la console en France !)… suis je donc dans une impasse ? Impossible de profiter de cette ouverture inespérée ?

    • wololo says:

      Il semblerait que malheureusement, oui, vous ne pourrez pas beneficier du hack si vous n’avez pas pu telecharger psm dev a temps

      • Kepohe says:

        Vous pouvez toujours le telecharger…. Je viens de le faire sur ma vita. Il suffit de se connecter au Ps Store. Ensuite taper “development” dans la barre de recherche et ensuite il va vous indiquer l’application et vous n’avez plus qu’à l’installer… J’ai réussi et pourtant je n’ai pas eu de licence de développeur. Je me suis bien inscris mais je n’ai pas eu de mail comme beaucoup ici…

  18. Aedando says:

    This is huge for people who enjoyed developing homebrew for the PSP. The Vita essentially has 8 times the speed of the PSP when cores are being properly utilized, and 10 times the memory.

  19. Juliansolo says:

    Tried to install over charles proxy, and ps3, but received the message “this content has expired or the owner of this content is another player”. So… No hope for me? My vita is updated, but i am not registered at psm…

  20. Whiteee says:

    Will I be able to play PSP game like the PSP mode with previous exploit?
    because no point to upgrade before if lose this

  21. DragonQuest says:

    so is necessary to own SDK publishing licence ??

  22. eh says:

    1)Would installing the Unity dev app be good, too?

    2) No point in updating my PSTV to get dev on there, right?

  23. NeonAera says:

    Woo hoo!! Congrats and kudos to you, Yifan Lu! d:-]

  24. NeonAera says:

    By the way, guys, I downloaded and installed the 2.00 PSM SDK instead of the older 1.XX version. Is this okay? Thanks.

  25. makenzie234 says:

    so i have everything. except for psn sdk. which one do i download. 2.0 or 1.2? plz help :3

  26. pkmaximum says:

    It will be interesting to see if there are enough developers who even still make homebrew for niche devices at this point take any interest in the Vita. I hate to say it, but I think homebrew developrs of the PSP era and alike have moved onto platforms like Android, iOS, PC, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for an awesome Vita homebrew scene. I just do not believe the likelihood from this exploit will produce anything much beyond what the PSP homebrew scene already offers. There are a lot of polished and refined emulators for the PSP that underwent years and years of development. I just cannot imagine the same level of interest for the Vita.

    Hopefully we get Android emulator ports for Dreamcast and N64.

  27. Leires says:

    bleh, if you read these since it’s awaiting moderation, i posted it on the wrong dang page, so if you could delete that last comment (and this one), it’d be appreciated, if not, that’s fine i guess.

  28. zorak_torok says:

    Too sleepy to say much, but too good well nice of newz to say nada. So happy zaze sez yay…. Sense of this try to not do for i know not what i say. Vita no charge almost a weak… May B eyell charger the battery again. —- Seriously? You read my whole comment?—

  29. gamegard says:

    People !! can we see PS2 games also working on that new Hack or we can’t ? I hope you answer me

  30. roly says:

    Is there any hope for support on firmwares higher than 3.18? I understand Yifan has been doing this on a 3.18 Vita

  31. WAFU says:

    do i need to have PSM SDK installed on my computer to have REJUVENATE or the psm dev is enough?

  32. noobless says:

    i dont have ps3 , what should i do ?

  33. One-life-remains says:

    How do I get apps on PSM Dev app? I have it on my vita.

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