Vita SDK making steady progress


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  1. Softtm17 says:

    Anyway Keep it up guys! 😉

  2. 5ham5h33r says:

    Great work. Can’t wait to finally play homebrew on vita

  3. Xilence says:

    Ohhh, that sounds delicious.

  4. Abdulec says:

    Cool !!

  5. mangosteam says:

    my 3.18 vita and 3.50 ps tv is ready yeah

  6. ChrisHighwind says:

    Here’s to hoping the big reveal that requires the PSM Dev Assistant and the request for an SDK are connected.

  7. tangra87 says:

    This my friends could be the begining of a great homebrews 🙂

  8. Maciak says:

    Are there any news about fw needed?

  9. brace yourself the moaners are coming says:

    I bet this will upset a few moany impatient leechers lol

  10. Lucif3r says:

    Always nice with a progress update. The only thing I wish they announced though is whether its safe to update the FW to whatever-the-latest-may-be-at-that-time. Personally I updated to 3.51 because I wanted to buy a game(and proxy/updateblocker had been blocked already). The PSM stuff still works fine, so I hope 3.51 is fine for the exploit 🙂 Im going to cry if they come out and announce it wont work on anything above 3.50 lol.

  11. Mr. MaGoo says:

    Ok so my question is if I have 2 vita and one is 2.02 with tnv, am I able to use the sdk?

    • umhumh says:

      Once the exploit is released yes (if you downlaoded the psm dev suite on your psvita)…

  12. Stanislav says:

    Yifan Lu,you are the best!!

    • umhumh says:

      you do realize that this is not yifanlu’s work don’t you?

    • mrcodes says:

      But it’s him who asked for the help (of others to contribute). He practically fired the 1st canon which started this psp2SDK.

  13. mr quy says:

    Cant wait to sink my teeth into this. Qemu ftw.

  14. NoPatience says:

    howw cann i bleeping say thankyou to Yifan Lu, i will call him cutie yufi from now on.
    heh heh 😀
    lol, kidding

  15. pocketpool says:

    It’s about time.

  16. Mystic_Shadow says:

    Homebrew…… Emus….. Soon™

  17. mr guy says:

    Looked at code so far. Emulators so far are not possible because some drivers are missing.

  18. meysam25 says:

    unbelievable progress .
    nice done guys

  19. Markus55 says:

    “You can already get the SDK at According to 173210, it is pretty much done already.”
    So how can i install it on my vita? Or is it possible yet?

    • umhumh says:

      SDK is not installed on the Vita, the SDK is installed on the pc and it is to develop and compile binaries to run on the vita.

      git clone it and follow the instruction on your pc, then code an application, after that wait for the release of the exploit by yifanlu

  20. Decrypted password says:

    excelent news, sdk maybe is one a a lot of ways to hack vita

  21. TRRP says:

    Can i use this to play psp homebrew?

  22. TRRP says:

    Probably PS Vita version 3.52 will come out after exploit release. Maybe Sony is working on it right now.

    • lmao says:

      LOL no, the exploit itself is still undisclosed you dingus

      • nope says:

        yo can’t read, do you? stop stupidly insulting people if you aren’t even able to figure out what they write

    • mrcodes says:

      There’s a high possibility that Sony engineers might have found the same or other exploits in PSM in the past and since it’s ‘the end’ for PSM. They will definitely release a patch to disable ANY PSM codes.

  23. TRRP says:

    This sounds like a good time to buy a ps tv.

  24. FrenchCreamJapaneseSUshi says:

    The sdk is ok but is a long way from what the many want to do to the ps vita. Its important that we recognize this will be a long progress until we get true professionals involved at taking a crack at exploiting this console and others that have not seen that exploit light.

  25. mattsouce says:

    cant wait this is what we need.although not the end game we can still say we are moving forward.thank for all the hard work everyone involved.word

  26. yatong says:

    PSM exploit was said to be a user mode exploit so I am wondering why the kernel exploit can’t be released out?

  27. gothard says:

    i like this report. better than the news about texas cops almost reaping what they soe.

  28. DINGDONG says:

    Is there posibility to get psm dev (other way) if i`m not developer and didnt not sing in on psm page

    • eyeonit says:

      maybe waiting for someone to release how to invoke package installer on recent firmware :/

  29. geektarist says:

    I have cloned the repository and installed it according to this page :
    I’m currently using cygwin. Anyone now how to compile a basic hello world? Running ./configure give me a lot of error. Do I have to switch to linux for this or cygwin is okay?

    • Franz Rogar says:

      Dunno, but personally I’ve suffered so much with CygWin stupidities in the past, that I’d recommend using a VM instead. VMWare, if I recall properly, the freeware version let you create a Linux VM, so you can run a truly *NIX instead of that CygWin crappy-ware.

      • geektarist says:

        Thanks for you comment, I have an arch linux running in vmware @ home, i’m gonna try with this. I didn’t saw the travis.yml, I hope it will be working 🙂

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