PS3 Blu Ray: Renew AACS Encryption Keys on MFW 4.46


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16 Responses

  1. warfaren says:

    Why would you prefer not to upgrade from 4.46? I installed Rebug 4.70 yesterday, is there any reason I should downgrade it?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Probably a personal preference thing. If someone’s got everything setup exactly how they want it (and don’t particularly care about any newer games), there’s not really any reason to update.

      As for me, the only reason I’m not still on 3.55 is because I needed to update to 4.70 for PSN access to try and transfer some PSP DLC onto my Vita.

  2. dzded says:


  3. your mama says:

    Why would you want to stay on 4.46?

  4. warfaren says:

    Also, I wonder if this method could be used to upgrade the keys for lower versions, such as 3.55?

  5. dmaskell92 says:

    This is why I pirate movies. Bad mouth me, I don’t care. That DRM only bothers people who buy BR disks. I can’t stand the MPAA with a passion, and I refuse to give them a single cent. Pirates always circumvent the security placed, yet consumers get effed in the A. So the security does nothing but rape the consumer. I have though this was ridiculous, immoral, and totally unbelievable. The same error occurred on my Aunts BR player, and without internet it’s junk. She has over $1000 in BR movies that are totally USELESS! She lives pretty far away, and doesn’t want to loan me the BR player for an update, because DVD’s are still working.

    • Mossopinc says:

      if i read you right….if i had a blu ray player with disks but no internet i can update the drive to play new movies!?

    • mixedfish says:

      And the thought of buying blu-rays but pirating a clean copy didn’t occur to you?

      Sounds like you’re just finding excuses to pirate, without putting down the money where your interest are.

  6. Raziel says:

    Folks stay on 4.46 as it is the last firmware that using PS2 games with Cobra firmwares don’t loose wireless sync while using ISO format over PS2 classics format. Habib made a work around for 4.70 but its kinda a pain in the butt. So I stick to 4.46 myself.

    • warfaren says:

      Yeah OK I’ve noticed that on my 4.70 Rebug. Oh well, not gonna downgrade only for that, I can plug in the cable when playing PS2 games or better yet; play them on my PS2 with HDD loader.

  7. gunblade says:


  8. RaZiel says:

    Yea this means once Sony stops with firmware updates our PS3’s 18 months later can’t be used for playing bluray’s anymore. Kinda sucks as it was one of the main selling points when it first came out as it was an affordable Bluray player. Well at least we can rip them and decrypt them. Then play the ISO’s with a Cobra firmware.