New piracy technique on PS4 in Brazil confirmed to be real, Sony might take legal action


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  1. ricardo says:

    console ps4 brasil $1084 us… brasil salary 1/4 usa.

  2. ricardo says:

    the ghost account system ps4 PS3 (as we call it here) you can send via proxy without taking games console in the store

  3. Professor Pasquale says:

    Im from Brazil (sorry for my english). I have a Xbox One, PS3, Ps2, PSVita, and maybe in december 2015 i will buy my PS4, but u guys have to know something. The PS4 here official is about $1.400,00…. yes…1.400 dollars… a videogame that anyone in the world will buy for $350 or less, we need to spend $1.400 in oficial market from Sony. A single game that cost $59,99 here in Brazil is $90 or more…. think with me…. a Braziian won for month something about $600 in his job… well…so we need to work 3 months to buy a PS4…. we need to spend almost 20% of our salary to buy a single game…. how can u say that this is fair??? I dont like Piracy, i will never use this on my consoles, but i cant blame anyone who choose to use here in Brazil.

    • Wisuda Sarjana says:

      Amen brother! I agree with you!
      It’s unfair to charge that much. But then again, I don’t like giving people money for piracy.
      I’m not sure how importation works in Brazil. Maybe you’d have to pay a lot of tax to import a game, but you gotta do what you gotta do. You know… lol

      • Professor Pasquale says:

        Im buying digital games, that was the way i find to buy games for a good price. I cant stop playing, but i dont have a lot of money to spend on games.

        Im buying in LIVE EUA or PSN EUA for about 3 years. I already try to import…. some years ago.

        A game that cost $30,00 (that year U$1,00 = R$ 2,00 , só here in Brazil = R$ 60,00, two times the EUA price, but´s ok its something fair)… but when the game arrived here the Federal Government block the game, so i need to pay a federal improtation taxes…. was R$ 20 (about $10) for Federal Governament and more R$ 30 (about U$15) for Stadual Governament, so in the end a game that i bought for $30 in Starland with free ship, arrived here for 30+15+10 = U$55 (in that year, something about R$ 110,00). Look… i have to pay more than 50% of taxes. This isnt fair…and that´s the reason that i dont blame anyone who choose this black market.

  4. Jouglar says:

    Can confirm its work perfect and is pretty simple to understand how to use it. Brazil numero 1 huehue

  5. Ice Cube says:

    Btw, if it’s working, why haven’t people started doing it? And is it possible that sony can fix it with an update?

  6. Truthzors says:

    Hahahahahaha. Poor dying Sony, they deserve this with all their lies and overhype.

  7. Dr.Duster says:

    Now we wait for the games

  8. Brazilrules says:

    This is the best thing ever even the Z is probably going to buy one. So easy to do!!

  9. Keko says:

    There is a new way of install a game to a PS4 console, now they can have a non verify phantom account, so, there is not user related to it and it has a true own hash code, this mean that the hackers in Santa Ifigenia Sao Paulo or in Russia have already put their hands on the cypher code for nand/bios PATCH, this is not something easy and it is impossible to Sony to PATCH it, as they can really DOWNGRADE anytime they want the BIOS. Other confirmed rumor is that they can CLONE PS4 bios in full and write to a new EMPTY FLASH, so they can get any PS4 console and make dozens of it. Also they can uncypher the BIOS/NAND and add users and hashes codes to it, this mean SONY cant invade the console to check it, so, it can be a simple, INSTALL A NEW USER, add games to the console, and REMOVE THE USER FROM THE CONSOLE, remove the PRIMARY status from SONY WEBSITE, than later add the USER AGAIN TO CONSOLE, so, this is a great deal like in the PS3 account share. What this mean? Simple, they NEED THE HASH CODE FOR A TRUE CRYPT CYPHER WORK, so, the GAME must be run on a ORIGINAL GAME FROM PSN STORE AND HAVE THE USER/GAME HASH CODE!
    Today 14/05/2015 they have about 23 games on Santa Ifigenia for sale for about U$ 200.00, all the LATEST GAMES RELEASE!!!

  10. STLcardsWS says:


    This is so over hyped for what it is.

    • YOURMADRE says:

      does this mean we have to get a ps4 with the games actually purchased then clone it or could we get games from the internet as is ps3 right now? the whole game share exploit is confusing to me. thanks for any reply.

  11. Faho says:

    It’s geohotz all over again (excited)

  12. ironysteeth says:

    The hacking aspect of the story is pretty cool. I dont really support the actual piracy though. This isn’t really the “grey” piracy of someone making some software and puts it on the vita without giving licencing fees to Sony. This is actually hurting the peeps who made the gave software which I say is a bad thing.

  13. Kalberto says:

    please confirm again, Brazillian said ‘have to format the HDD PS4, then copy games’ so how to run PS4 system without Firmware Official ? also Confirm it again, Can We play Online with the lastest Official Firmware ?

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