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With the rise of 4K, your PS4 and Xbox One are already obsolete


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62 Responses

  1. Dockotis says:

    First… to say that I still have yet to see any reason to get any of this generation consoles… I been rocking my PC and it’s churning out graphics just as good, with the same games as the consoles, and it’s all on a laptop! Meaning, I’m portable with my laptop. Only problem is I NEED a cooler to keep it, well, cool… 4k would also be possible on my laptop before it’s possible on these generation of consoles…

    With honesty, Nintendo did it right this generation…

    • Dockotis says:

      Btw, by Nintendo doing it right, I mean they made it known what they were doing, what their hardware was like, what it was capable with, and didn’t try to overdo it or hype it up like these other companies (except the second Gamepad thing). This generation, Nintendo got my money. Last generation was Sony.

      • Walala says:

        Nintendo did it right? This guy right here….
        Maybe to you but not with everyone else. Thats why its selling as bad as Gamecube. Nintedo thought tablets were the next big thing and failed miserably. (Tablets sales in general are decreasing, market is over saturated) Besides that, they have nothing to offer core gamers.

        Funny you say Nintendo did it right while ignoring Sony’s huge success with PS4. Its trailing PS2 sales by a some sales. Sony is the one that did it right. They are the only ones who thought gamers first, gimmicks last. Rest is history.

        On topic, while these consoles cant compare to PC (as usual) its dumb to say they are obsolete. They still over great exclusive found no where else and get to a point where to price point is too hard to pass for what they offer. Once PS4 hits $299, dont think you can say a PC can offer what the PS4 does at that price.

        PS: Not everyone has 4K TVs/displays so its again dumb to say how this 4K thing is the reason console gaming is “obsolete”. I would say not all PC users have 4K monitors to begin with.

        • Acid_Snake says:

          Let’s not forget the PS2, the most selling console of all time, wasn’t even on par with the GameCube, let alone PCs, in terms of power, yet it still sold what it sold and it still had much better games that what you get on PC nowadays.
          What people don’t get is that PC and consoles are totally different, people play consoles for their lower price at the expense of graphics and powers because it’s not needed to play a good game.
          Consoles have never on history been on par with PCs, yet they are still around and are stronger than ever.

          • luggage lad says:

            Console kids argue nonstop about hardware power until PC steps in…

            Historically consoles launched with specs that rivaled higher end PCs at the times of their launch. A PS2 looked better than anything you could get on PC at the time without being a Columbian drug lord… But that isn’t the case now. PS3 launched just a step ahead.. and then the PS4 launched with performance -worse- than midrange PCs.

            As the PS3/360 aged, we saw a big growth in PC gaming when the experiences on consoles started looking more and more dated. That process will happen even faster this generation (it’s already going on as evidence of how defensive console loyalists have been behaving). Meanwhile PC has been growing year after year at a rate where even Japanese game developers are acknowledging that they -have- to invest in the growing platform for the sake of their companies futures.

            So yes, there was a time where consoles were on par with PC and even abit ahead, actually. People have just forgotten that time because consoles have been increasingly a poor investment with each generation.

          • Xastiel says:

            thing is… back in PS2. people didnt care that much about graphics. cause its still growing. and PC has the same graphic power.

            then comes PS3 that touted graphics. then comes PS4 that calls itself “next-gen” graphics. in fact. thats the only selling point of the order (some number). nowadays if your graphic is ***. even if you have good gameplay. you’ll get bad rep.

            of course some mediocre graphics with superb gameplay works. but sadly… most of those are PC games. consoles has minimum quality to work with.

            they are still around and “not” stronger than ever, sadly.

            “at the expense of graphics and powers” = you know, i wonder why people kept comparing xbox one specs to ps4 and saying ps4 has better graphics?
            nowadays, consoles doesnt have “much better games” anymore than PC. they just have exclusives. PC has ridiculous amount of exclusives but never touts them as so. just because people didnt bother to make games for consoles. you know, to save money from paying rights and ***.

            not to mention PC is ridiculously way more powerful than consoles nowadays. and it kept growing. while consoles are stuck with their current spec. times are changing my friend. maybe 4K isnt the bane of consoles. but graphics will. there are tons of PC-console games that has to be toned down on consoles because they cant run it in 60fps. or ridiculously pumped on after they release the PC version

            or just limited so the console counterpart wont get mad because the PC version is better (watch dogs anyone?)

            dont get me wrong, i own a PS4. but its mostly just so i can play those exclusives. if there are PS4 and PC edition of the same games. i wont even look at the PS4 version

    • YourMama says:

      How do you like Bloodborne on PC?

      • ZeroSbr says:

        You mean that shameless Dark Souls ripoff? I couldn’t care less about it.

        • mjk45 says:

          You mean that Dark Souls game ,even though it only came about because of the success of Demons Souls is the one being ripped off but Bloodborne made by the creator of the Souls games along with Studio Japan who where involved with the true beginning of Souls game ,s Demon Souls is a rip off!

          • ZeroSbr says:

            Except Dark Souls got more fame and made the concept popular. Kinda like how Final Fantasy 7 made FF relevant to the mass media.

  2. Crzo says:

    Yeah, I think 4K gaming is off the list for a long time on any console.

  3. tomachelvy says:

    4k is just to watch good p****
    Old eyes?? How old are you?

  4. perfig says:

    Im only going ps4 for the weeb games. Who cares for 4k? (also bcause living in third world country)

    • aramaru says:

      One could also say, “who cares about 1080p?” or who cares about 720p? or who cares about 1280×1024 ? who cares about 800×600?? when all we need is VGA resolution…
      That aside, I myself am not really all that hyped about 4k, dont even have full hd monitor. Neither am I interested in current gen home consoles… I create my own experience on PC.

      • jcimmarrusti says:

        I have to agree…resolution seems to be the vital component for gaming these days; however, this was not important during 20 years of console evolution, so why so much now? Perhaps console manufacturers and game developers should shift back to the roots of gaming?

  5. xoombie503 says:

    We barely can get a decent game to run at 1080p @60fps…why are you talking about 4k like if everybody and their mother have 4k tvs to beging with. 4k is just so far away for everybody to embrace it,let alone 4k gaming.

  6. redirr says:

    Poor Kid’sss

    Sony PS4k It’s cooming soon.

    It’s perfect name!!

  7. XrosBlader821 says:

    I have yet to find out why I would need a bigger screen than 1080p for my PC.
    Also people tend to forget that consoles need a lower resolution to look as sharp as on PC. With pc you are 50cm away from the screen. With console it’s couple of meters.

    • Aramaru says:

      Kind of depends on setup you are using but in most cases that would be right.

  8. Alevan says:

    Actually, PS4 and Xbox One can decode HEVC through software at high efficiency. AMD plans to replace all H/W HEVC decoders with an OpenCL based software decoder, as the GCN based GPUs (also most of the ultramobile and mainstream GPUs) can do it with the same or less power.

    • Alevan says:

      As AMD replacing fixed decoders with software based, I mean on dGPUs and APUs. So if the comercial APUs can do it, then XO and PS4 can do it too.

  9. Alevan says:

    And about gaming. I really don’t get the “gamers”. When I play a game, I play it for the story, or the gameplay. Not for the graphics.

    • Aces says:

      He means consumers.
      Real gamers will play original super mario bros and still love it

      • FoxSevent says:

        Because that’s the most important part, games.
        Screw 4k give me full backward compatibility and im sold.
        Beside 4K is still a bit far of, most people can’t afford PC rigs good enough for that, games that is or a 60inch 4K screen Blu Ray don’t have enough space and you’d need insane INTERNET connection for streaming it.
        As for PC vs Console, PC will always win because people are always willing to pay more.

      • lmao says:

        mario is cr*ap

  10. Pirate Cat says:

    I’d say 2560×1440/1600 is coming into prominence if anything, 4K is still too demanding for the current gen of cards let alone consoles. Did Sony and Microsoft purposely avoid BD XL support with the BD drives in the current gen? I’d much rather see the death of subsampling and get RGB BDs over 4K content >:|.

  11. Choko says:

    Funnily enough, I got skyrim with 1k textures on a xeon laptop which has 4k resolution. Honestly I could tell the difference between 1k and 4k.
    Does technology always have to talk about improved graphics, when it gets to high where the difference can no longer be seen. My point is companies love to brag about higher graphics in the next release of consoles, when precious framerate is wasted making a pineapple render spikier.
    To me high graphics Dull Pit.

  12. Eddie says:

    Ok, 4K on a computer is plausible at best. 4K on a TV screen that’s a few meters away from you? That’s just dumb. 2K is good enough for that. Anyway, I’m pretty confident that the PS4’s hardware can handle 4K just fine, even if the HDMI port doesn’t.

  13. N says:

    4K has been around for decades. Companies are just now figuring out how to sell it to the general public and a price that wont cost a fortune.

  14. lollypop says:

    so ther is a 4k ps4 or one commin ?
    isnt wololo to that obsolete …
    when 4k came then the new gigabit intranet.

    isnt the whole internet obsolete when …
    microsoft buysout public mail services.
    nokia and nokiamail and the branches.
    becuz they made some windows phones ?

  15. Glorious PC Master Race says:

    Lol, console peasants.

  16. Charles Fasano says:

    I don’t give 2 craps about 4k gaming or 4k video for that matter. 1080p is good enough for me. Even 480p on the Wii was good enough for me. I could never go back to 480i for most games as that makes them seem static-y. My current computer monitor is only 1050 and that works for me. There are many PSX and PS2 games that look beautiful to me, even GameCube had gorgeous looking games.

    I don’t care about 4K at all for now. Maybe in the future but I doubt it.

  17. Me says:

    4k is dumb. I like pixels, and I can’t see them at all on 1080p unless I’m close to the screen and looking for them.

  18. Dr.Ghettoblaster says:

    PS4 barely supports HD video, why would I even be concerned about it supporting 4K lol

    Honestly, PS3 supported HD video better than PS4 currently does.

  19. Dirk says:

    4K gaming? Since the vast majority of HDTVs are 720p/1080p do you even have a HDTV that can support it? I doubt it. This is on top of what the author said about the console hardware or video decoding capabilities or the Blu-Ray storage medium not even being able to handle it. 4K gaming and even movie watching will be a niche area for a long time to come.

  20. lmao says:

    that’s what stupid nintendo did with New 3DS

  21. r says:

    hmm i dont really need 4k atm, as i dont have a 4k display

  22. DongsMBM says:

    rofl, 4k? they cant even do 1080P gamings yet at a decent frame rate where PC has done that for over a decade now

  23. Anon says:

    I think both Sony and Microsoft will be more reluctant to jump aboard new technology before it reaches mass acceptance. They’ve been burned in the past – Sony putting weight behind 3D when very few people owned the required TVs and never really reached mass appeal since, and Microsoft to a lesser degree with Kinect and their commitment to a motion control hype train that fizzled out.

    I’m not sure Sony or Microsoft will be too concerned by 4k until it reaches mass acceptance sometime in the next console cycle.

  24. DrRetro says:

    Sony and MS had a bad timing to save Money on the Consoles. PS2/3 and XBox 1/360 was at their Release on the same Level than Highend PCs, PS4 and XBox One now was on Release already behind Highend PCs and that not only a little bit. And now they pay the Price for it. Bot Consoles are not even 2 Years old and are already technically outdated. 1080p with unstable 30 FPS (Drops under <25 or even 1080p, >60 FPS and 3D (what also cost ~25-33% Graphicpower)… it will be interesting how good Morpheus with 1080p and 60 FPS will be, the absolute Minimum for VR, compared with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that have a higher Resolution and higher FPS. I have a Rift DK2 and the 1080p Resolution is horrible, hard to believe that Morpheus is so much better with the same Resolution.

    Another Problem is, when you play on a bigger Screen 1080p is not really enough. I play on a 24″ Monitor with 1080p and the Pixels are already too big. Sure, you sit near on a Monitor than on a TV, but with a >50″ TV 1080p is also too low. And when I see that Samsung could bring a 4k Screen on here next Smartphone… a little Smartphone Display that have a 4x higher Resolution than a big HDTV have… something went totally wrong here… but for me as VR Fan it is ok. 😉

  25. Salvits says:

    Big resolution as 2k and 4k are not noticeable in standard setups. You need screens as big as 100” or more and even then chances are you won’t see the difference. So i’m not in the ultra HD bandwagon at all.
    I’m still using b-rays for collection purpose and also because with my current INTERNET bandwidth i can watch in 720p at best. Not counting the storage space I’m saving in my HDD.

  26. shinrukuszero says:

    How many of you are gonna care about 4K gaming when the majority of us play console games on screens of 32″-50″ on average? I recently completely forgot my Xbox One was on 720p, put it to 1080p, couldn’t tell the difference in MKX. I remembered when I got an HDMI Xbox 360 a long time ago, and tried to play NBA Street Homecoming (which was at the time, the first Retail Xbox 360 game to do 1080p IIRC), and it chugged horribly on 1080p to where I just put it back to 480p. 4K gaming isn’t something anyone needs now. We play great games on Retina displays on iOS, 1080p+ on Android, I mean, whats the point now? Maybe in about another 5 years when Devs can get 1080p down and consistently (I’m looking at you Xbox One SDK dev’ers) and optimized fully, then possibly go up. We still have problems with 3D gaming as well which was supposed to be the next “thing”, the only game that I play that is actually fun in 3D is Forza 5

  27. tra says:

    New sky my prediction, PS4K

  28. ironysteeth says:

    its a fools errand to compare computer gaming and console gaming in the first place. Each is its own animal.

  29. small44 says:

    Nothing new here consoles will always be weaker then PC

  30. plipness says:

    If you have, maybe, a 90 inch TV at home then 4k would be great! But then again it goes back to the argument that gaming is not all about the graphics its the content! But hey who wouldnt want a Monster Hunter (or any other good games) on 4k….but as far as the graphics of PS4 is concerned it’s all good for me! I can see the character’s pores and all the she bang! what else do we want to see???

  31. mixedfish says:

    Haha all this worry about 4K, firstly where’s the games on PC that aren’t some *** MOBA, MMO or console port?

    Content > hardware

  32. jeff_rigby says:


    The PS4 has Xtensa IVP accelerators (In Southbridge) that handles HEVC just as AMD’s Kaveri does.

    The PS4 has a custom Panasonic HDMI chip which allows the Xtensa processor in the Southbridge to support HDCP 2.2 rather than in the HDMI chip. The latest DRM guidelines want all DRM to occur in the same SoC. Blu-ray encrypted video comes into Southbridge and exits Southbridge as HDCP 2.2 to the HDMI chip.

    Blu-ray will also be served over the home network going into the PS4 southbridge as blu-ray encrypted video and exiting Southbridge as DTCP-IP encrypted video over the LAN to Vidipath certified platforms.


    The PS4 has a standard blu-ray drive with optional inverted track info that can read 4 layer disks = 100GB

  33. N1ghtm4r3 says:

    4k NO thanks!

    a) Still expensive 4k panels. (if they go cheap in a couple of years, will you buy another ps4 to get 4k?)

    b) 1080p@60fps > 4K@30fps (i doubt that in two years we will have 4k@60fps)

  34. John Merced says:

    Ok PC gamers slow your roll ok to say times are changing are you insane? 22million PS4 12million XboxOnes all that in 1year another 8million Wii U’s in 2years really shows consoles aint going no were and CD Project Red said it best last week “Witcher 3 would have never been so big & such a grand game if it was just going to be on PC, consoles made it were they had enough money to fund such a game” now tell me I’m lying? Tell me they didint say that? Tell me one huge exclusive game just on PC? So enough PC gamers ok I have a wife, kids, a house payment car payment credit cards I have a life ok so a HD tv and a XboxOne for $345 is as good as its getting for the millions of normal folks like me..

  35. Don Inbody says:

    There really isnt any point in 4k gaming right now. in order to play 4k games on pc at 60fps you still gotta buy a $300+ video card and no one wants to do that just for one feature. I think the ps4 does just fine on graphics at 1080p 60fps. I have a 55″ 1080p tv and it looks amazing. my only thing i wish would improve is if the ps4 was capable of 1080 @120fps then the 120hz feature on my smart tv would be useful lol. and as for ultrahd requiring alot of bandwith, i wouldnt really know about that or care. i have google fiber so bandwith doesnt matter to me. i get 1gbps download and upload so im good there lol.

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