Friendly reminder: Ape Escape – On the Loose is still available in the US-PSN store!

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  1. rclr says:

    Hi.. I bought a pstv a few days ago and it’s on 3.20 any guide on how I can buy a xploit games on psn and how to transfer it?

    • cheeyee09 says:

      I just got a second PSTV also on 3.20. I was able to activate it and download the exploit game through my PS3. I got Patapon, it is compatible with PSTV. Don’t get “Talkman Travel Tokyo”, I found out the hard way after buying it and couldn’t use it. You have to run “VitaUpdateBlocker” and configure the PSTV network to use proxy.

    • cheeyee09 says:

      Look at the tutorials section in Talk forums, there are loads of information and tutorials.

      • rclr says:

        How do I transfer the save data?

        • cheeyee09 says:

          Install QCMA, on you computer. QCMA is an app on the computer used for backup of VITA content to the computer. If this is your first time using this, then you need to do some reading on how to install and connect your vita to the computer. After you have done this, then you would place the save data on the computer and then transfer exploit save data to the VITA.

          • cheeyee09 says:

            Some settings in QCMA that need to be set in order to connect with 3.20 firmware.

            1. enable “offline” mode.
            2. Change “CMA Protocol Selection” to “Manual”
            3. Change “CMA Protocol Version” to “FW 3.10 1800010”
            4. Run VitaUpdateBlocker
            5. Change PSTV network proxy to point to the computer running VitaUpdateBlocker.

          • rclr says:

            how do I transfer the save data by wifi connection ?

  2. DragonQuest says:

    i think no one care right now, because we can’t running PSOne games or install any homebrew on TNV-11

    • DragonQuest says:

      on 3.50 of course

    • The Z says:

      Use the 138Menu or the OneMenu via TN-V and you have PS1 games with sound & homebrew support.

      You just need to run the Menu via Recovery menu and then the HB/PS1 via the Menu.

      ISOs work via XMB, cause /ISO/ is not blocked.

      • Jgr9 says:

        Hardly… The current PS1 emulation (or at least the SPU) doesn’t work well. It causes Crash Team Racing to hang, for example.

      • RaZiel says:

        Wait we can take advantage of TN-V PS1 sound while having the reliability of ARK-2 without the hassles of TN-V? Man if TN-X wasn’t my main choice when it comes to PS1 on my PSTV I would totally rock this but a lot of hoops to jump through.

      • Shay says:

        hey Z, how’d you get sound to work with onemenu? For example I can run Digimon World, it runs, but I have no sound at all :\

        • The Z says:

          Run OneMenu via TN-V. Then you should get sound depending on the PS1 game.

          • DragonQuest says:

            the question is how we can run OneMenu via tn-v ? please answer me

          • Breezy says:

            How do you install 138menu into TN-V? It was simple to do for ARK-2 given that there was already an eboot.pbp to replace, but the only way I can see 138 menu activating is naming it recovery.pbp to use in the vsh menu, but that cases the system to freeze on the vsh menu.

          • The Z says:

            Via Recovery Menu.

      • G36cBossMan says:

        I have tried 138 menu and one menu and i got an error screen with a bunch of letters and numbers saying blue screen of death I assure you there’s no way to install homebrew on 3.50 i have tried so many different ways nothing works

    • Joe says:

      You can, you can install VHBL on TN-V11 Keep in mind it literally impossible to install emulators on it on 3.50 though!!!! SAME GOES FOR ARK2 ON 3.50.

  3. wilfredo says:

    man bubbles on 3.50 would make it perfection

  4. cheeyee09 says:

    Hi Z,

    Correction, the “Ape Escape” game is available in Canada. I had downloaded it to my first PSTV that was updated to 3.50 the first day the exploit was announced.

  5. 0day says:

    sony already know that there is’ out a 0 day exploit for life , now in another deal that correct psp hack , we hope that the scene will also work to install Android on life ! It would be something unique ! The Zett hopefully come out even new exploits , his way of programming is unique ! good fun

    • Lol says:

      Lol zet can’t program for *** hah that’s a good one. i don’t think he can even knows how to look for an exploit let alone know how to code xD

  6. Joe says:

    Hi, I need a little help with installing emulators on VHBL (running on TN-V11)

  7. bluefox says:

    I had question I had ark2 on ape escape for PS vita how do I put iso on PS vita 3.50? I had a game file how do I convert it into iso file?

  8. Stanislav says:

    Why only psp game:(:(:(:(?

  9. Nani says:

    Ape Escape™ [PSP]
    Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is available in India
    and its not Ape Escape™ On the Loose

  10. jose says:

    You are right Z. Its avaible in PSN store from Argentina (South America).

  11. Trunk208 says:

    Right now, is it worth it to stay on 3.18?

  12. Crzo says:

    Hey guys in buying a new PS TV (USA) today and I want to know what’s the best 3.20 exploit. I wanted numblast since you only copy the savedata and you are good to play but Numblast isn’t back on PS Store. Can someone suggest another auto-exploit? Or the best for 3.20?

    • The Z says:

      Patapon 2 on 3.20 should work as well.

      The “newest” Patapon2 exploit is really fast.

      Just not sure if Patapon2 works on PS TV.

      I know that Talkman Travel: Tokyo does not.

      • Crzo says:

        Thanks, one more does uninstalling CMA deletes my games and back ups?

        I want to install CMA 3.1x to use with my PS TV 3.20 but the OCMA 3.3x is installed (for my vita).

        To use 3.1x I need to uninstall 3.3x first since I can’t have both installed at the same time, will my 3.3x back ups/games/saves get deleted? Or just the app itself?

        Sorry for double post, cache hadn’t kicked in X(

        • Crzo says:

          Nevermind, I ended up installing QCMA instead.

          Works great for both systems, Patapon 2 US exploit works excelent on 3.20 PS TV.

  13. Daniel Whittlesey says:

    I’ve gotten my emulators with working roms to work and some psp cso games to work, ps filer,but haven’t tried ps1 iso,psp iso or other homebrew. Really havent messed with ps filer haven’t had the time to sit down and do it. Ps vita 3.50 ape escape on the loose (ark 2 on onemenu) still fooling around with it thought get the game before it’s gone

    • Crzo says:

      You have tp use PSX EBOOTS not ISOS. To play PSP games you use regular isos but not for PSX.

  14. ADam says:

    Is there a 3.18/3.20 version available to use with Ape Escape On the Loose?

  15. iluvkateuptonb00bs says:

    The whole reason why Ape Escape is still available is bcuz Sony is milking a profit out of it. They rather sell hundreds if not thousands of this game $8 a pop and let us play game of the past rather than little to no psp game sales. 😛

  16. Mechagouki says:

    The game is available in Canada, I know because I DLed it a week ago and OCMAed onto my 3.01 PSV, just in case.

  17. Lion says:

    I have a ps vita with 2.12
    What is your recomendation for using tn-v10??

  18. Crzo says:

    Someone help me please, doea uninstalling CMA deletes my games and back ups?

    I want to install OCMA 3.1x to use with my Ps TV 3.20 but the OCMA 3.3x is installed.

    To use 3.1x I need to uninstall 3.3x first, will my 3.3x back ups get deleted? Or just the app itself?

  19. Orochio says:

    Nice work, but come on! Ps vita cfw, screw psp stuff.

  20. Matthew says:

    i can get my Snes9x emulator running on both TNV11 and ark 2 but cant seem to figure out where to put the game roms in order to access them from within snes9x, any ideas?

  21. Gaze says:

    Well… it is a SCE game. They’re probably like “Lets just take the money.”

    • The Z says:

      Previous SCE games were also pulled asap.

      I think they just dont care about this as of now, cause Bubbles were patched & access to /PSP/GAME/ has been blocked.

      • exilcauda says:

        Speaking of which, do you know if there are any plans to release the 3.50 custom bubbles, ever? I’m just now getting in to the vita scene and it seems like I’m a bit late to the party.

  22. rmpm says:

    is ape escape on the lose the american name for ape escape? I have a backup for that game so can someone tell me if i can exploit my vita

  23. Manarte says:

    So here in Portugal psn we have Ape Escape for psp the same as the exploit the only diference is on the title of the game will be a save exploit for that game in a future?
    Sorry for the bad english!!

  24. Daniel says:

    how do i get psp iso to work, psp cso is just rename in all caps no more than 8 characters and .CSO at the end , s1 bin&img files to work im running ps vita 3.50 ape escape on the loose, ark2 onemenu with file manager installed, emulators, psp cso work. im guessing a converter program like umdgen or something to the responce about ps bubble in file manager you can get to psp/game folder from their not sure what u can do with it.

  25. Death of Chaos says:

    Fantastic! Even though I’ve grown tired of having to buy game after game for just the PSP side of the Vita, still glad to see that there’s still efforts being made. Until there’s a full on Userland exploit for the Vita though, I’ll just stick with a regular Vita experience. I’m really interested in seeing what the actual Vita hardware can do in terms of Homebrew. I know it’s quite easy anymore for Indie devs to release games onto the PSN these days but there are some very talented people out there that don’t have the means to go through the official PSN. Even if not for brand new things but for new and improved of the old stuff that’s already been done time and time again for the PSP plus better button mapping and even touch screen controls for more intuitive custom apps. Heck, we could even get the Youtube app back on the Vita!

    Anyway, thanks to the people working hard to keep what we already have alive and well. With the dedication behind that side of software modding, we’ll have a very strong community when the next step in custom firmware becomes a thing for the majority of Vita owners.

  26. hackertom says:

    How to pay this game? I am in Europe… But i have US account.. With paypal i take error! Any Help please

  27. GenHero says:

    im on 3.18 using tn-v 10, is 3.50 and tn-v 11 worth the update?

  28. narutofan180 says:

    So can PSP ISOs be played on 3.50 with this exploit or not?

    • exilcauda says:

      Yep. I’ve been playing crisis core on my vita.

      • narutofan180 says:

        Awesome, thanks. I was actually about to sell my Vita because i have had nothing to play, but this is awesome news. I can finally play all my PSP games on my Vita.

  29. Daipop says:

    Can I get my account banned by using this exploit for ecfw and play online with my Vita games?

  30. Jacob Silverthorn says:

    I have Ape Escape now and am on firmware version 3.50 Can anyone please point me to a tutorial on how to now load games into TNV using my current firmware version? Any help is greatly apprecciated..

    • Jacob Silverthorn says:

      Never mind i moved to ARK and it worked. TNV wouldnt load for me it just crashed. ARK2 worked amazingly well.


  31. Nirv says:

    Hi, guys. I have a question about this exploit in 3.50: I need a second “hacked” PSP/PSV or this work with the old savegame transfer method?

    I didn’t leave my isolated VHBL-proof cavern for so long that i really don’t know XD

  32. narutofan180 says:

    Can someone please help me? I downloaded the game and transfered the exploited save data from my PC to my vita and when I load the save file in game, I get a grey screen, which then procceds to a screen with a black background and white text. Some examples of the text are things like “D SCUS94571, D SLUS00585, etc…” Does any one know what I do from here?

  33. pharoah says:

    I have 2.60. I can’t find anything that says any game exploit works… will this work? the game is still avail as of now

  34. kongmingtwo says:

    is this still functional or has this game been patched?

  35. sv7en says:

    Ape escape on the loose no longer in PSstore right now.. just like pool hall pro , so what’s next? my fw is 3.50

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