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First Vita Savedata Decryption by mr.gas


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  1. goon says:

    Numero Uno!

  2. goon 2 says:

    Numero Dos!

  3. z2 says:


  4. z2 says:

    hope this can be applied to all games, not to a specific game like on 3DS(CN, OOT)..

    As long as I can dump my game carts and play them on the SD without ever swapping cards, that’ll be great.

    And also UNDUBS and free DLCs!!!

  5. Gaze says:

    Lets not get carried away here, even if he does manage to re-encrypt it… there is no ‘PSPLink’ type of program for Vita. No debugging = blind as a bat.

    • lmao says:

      at least he could cheat the game :p

    • z2 says:

      Does people need to snatch a kiosk model or developer unit to make something like that?

      • yo says:

        Kiosk units are just retail ones that had the IDU cart used on it. Much cheaper than making a special model for demo purposes.

      • Anon says:

        Kiosk aka IDU aka demo units are basically retail Vitas (restricted to working from AC wall power only – they automatically shut down in 5 min otherwise, although the shutdown can be avoided and wall power made necessary for every cold boot only) with Package Installer available at all times in System Settings menu (it’s slightly different though, being called Content Downloader because it only works via WiFi there).
        Source: I own one.

    • Jim says:

      As far as you know.

    • 1 says:

      Cant people use a Vita devkit for that? Surely its not something that everyone owns, but it shouldnt be impossible to get it.

  6. LennyVita says:

    Mr gas is the man!!! keep up the good work and dedication. You will succeed. Your talent and skills are mind bending. I look forward to seeing the spoils of your work. Thank you!!

  7. vita says:

    does anybody know the algorithm the vita uses ( im guessing aes) maybe the community could help out

  8. wilfredo says:

    i woupd be happy with custom bubbles on 3.50

  9. RaZiel says:

    Wow was just looking to see if there was a way to manipulate PS Vita backups and lookie what I found. Good stuff and answers my questions!!

  10. 风君子 says:

    What are you guys talking about.. I am real total-noob

  11. notwololo says:

    Wow this is great start! I didn’t read any mention in the article in what firmware he did this on though, any one know?

  12. dbzgts says:

    If possible to encrypt and decrypte the folder,is that mean we can later directly copy our files without the CMA stuff?

  13. Raziel says:

    Right now it only means we can study what’s going on. If it learned to encrypt means we can do save file modding like cheats, maybe a save exploit to run unsigned code or even add stuff to a PS Vita save file and gain access to the Vita file system for other means. Its a good step in the right direction for sure.

  14. akian_aray says:

    Even if it don’t be useful for exploits, even changing regions on your saves would be great.

  15. Brandon says:

    That’s great news, I have a save file from “don’t starve” that I can crash by doing a certain action. Hopefully this can be turned into an exploite?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Depends on how they’ve got everything set up. If it only crashes the game and not the Vita, then most likely the game just says “I don’t know what to do with this” and unceremoniously quits.

      If it crashes the entire Vita, then that *might* be exploitable. You’d probably have better luck asking about it in the talk forums though.

      • Brandon says:

        Yeah its just an in game crash, The vita doesn’t crash at all, but it defiantly puts some strain on the ram because when the game closes it takes a very long time to get out of the “crash notification” then the UI struggles with lag for a minute or so.

  16. coleman says:

    I am so happy. this is what dedication can bring

  17. NoPatience says:

    after so many days, finally, cant wait for a native exploit.
    btw, not trying to look like a pirate, can we like pirate games if a native exploit comes out

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Hypothetically yes, but we don’t know what protections the Vita has in place, so it might be very hard to do.

      The most likely scenario is that we’ll need kernel mode access to do it, which is harder than just being able to run regular code.

      • NoPatience says:

        Be patient, be patient, be patient, I am also very patient, thts what my name says right?? Right??

  18. CPUzX says:

    Guys, hackers have been able to modify PS Vita saves for a very long time now. This isn’t the first time a vita save has been modified…however, this is the first time a vita save has been *decrypted*.

    For an example, PS3 games that use the transfarring feature, such as Metal Gear Solid HD Collection & Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z can be modified via the PS3 save; and then transferred to the vita.

    I’ve done it myself with DBZ Battle of Z and modified the card deck with item slot cards, and it even worked online. How else do you guys expect Yifanlu to have progressed with his Usermode native loader?

    This is the first official time a vita save has been decrypted, but not the first time we’ve ever modified/hacked a vulnerability of a vita save to enable native modifications to allow user land vita exploits.

    • DrRetro says:

      Great work! 🙂

      When i look how good Emus run on PSP Side… With the full Vita Power Emus would running much faster and smoother.

      I hope that would be possible some times, and better sooner than later. 😉 But i know there is still many work to do. :/

  19. Xilence says:

    Holy shat! This is amazing news! 😀

  20. isnizal says:

    hello, how about save data that made not from ps store for ffx hd remaster?is it same?

  21. brentt says:

    NICE, keep up the good work!

  22. Quetz says:

    Such good news 😀 😀 Finally

  23. LordbEan says:

    This year is the year of the vita. Hackers shall unite as we fellow geeks follow in their shadow; We shall rejoice as unsigned code is executed and Sony quarrels about how to fix their DOOM as we QUAKE their incorporation at the front door. We’ll all show Sony, We’ll FALLOUT with them and battle to keep the vita hacked. We will DUKE NUKE’M. FUS Ro Dah.

    ☻/ This is bob He wants the vita to execute code on the vita, paste him all over this page so can
    /▌Take control of the PS VITA hacking scene.

  24. gui says:

    ☻/ This is bob He wants the vita to execute code on the vita, paste him all over this page so can
    /▌Take control of the PS VITA hacking scene.

  25. Buzzcut says:

    ,’>☻ ¬_☻ (Poor Bob)
    / ▌\ ▌\
    /\ /\

    • Buzzcut says:

      I guess spaces don’t work…and no edit or delete button. Oh well, you probably get the idea.

  26. Pirate Cat says:

    Yes! Even if it doesn’t lead to anything else, being able to use any saves would be great.

  27. PSTVLover says:

    Maybe he can decrypt the infamous ps tv white list and give all ps tv users a method to modify that list and allow to run all ps vita games en ps tv.

  28. LordbEan says:

    ,’>☻ ¬_☻ (Poor Bob)
    / ▌\ ▌\
    /\ /\

  29. LordbEan says:

    ,’>☻ …¬_☻ (Poor Bob)
    …/ ▌\……… ▌\
    …../\…. ……/\

  30. LordbEan says:

    ☻/ This is bob He is like shrek, he can’t be killed what are you gonna do about it
    @ THis Is Andy, bobs bodygaurd

  31. ironysteeth says:

    OMG. The space I could save on myPS Vita. I got stoopid amounds of disgea and totori saves. i just want to DELETE some save games. I’d settle for that. and if I can Just getta cheat for some some cool stuff, that’s icing on the cake.

  32. EOORO says:


  33. 但愿能早早破解 当初格式了P4G真的好后悔

  34. Death of Chaos says:

    Great news, the hacking community is on the right track!! 😀

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