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Running Unplayable Vita Games on Playstation TV POC by mr.gas


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  1. The Z says:

    To be fair, the US-Whitelist for the Vita is trash anyways.

    You have like 3 whitelisted PS1 games.

    The EU-list seems much fairer. I have not encountered one PSP/PS1 game that refuses to work on the PSV TV.

  2. Riddler says:

    PS TV would be a more atractive buy if this meathod is shared.

    • Ricky D says:

      What’s to share? Read the article. It says what to do

      • Riddler says:

        I did read..

        “In the description of the video, it says this trick might be released but it is part of something bigger which also includes custom themes demonstrated before.”

  3. Stranno says:

    My PSTV and my Golden Abyss are ready.

    • Emily says:

      Gosh, I wish I would have had that intrfmaoion earlier!

    • res.net says:

      Spain is not closer to Rumania than to, say, Norway in that graph. It is certainly closer to “Germanic” countries like Germany or England.Fst(Spain,UK)= 0.0024Fst(Spain,Norway) = 0.0047Fst(Spain,Romania) = 0.0023

  4. anonanon says:

    Hmm If this does get released, it’ll make the Vita TV a must buy for me. Just one question – If I bought a Vita TV and kept it on 3.20 – Would I be able to (Assuming both are activated with the same account)
    1. Load games on the memorycard with my Current Vita (Will always be on latest firmware)
    2. Put memorycard in Vita TV/PS TV kept on 3.20 and play the games?

    How would you activate the Vita TV? Through a PS3?

    • anonanon says:

      Picked one up today from my local eb games, luckily it had 3.20 on it, which is awesome.

      I can confirm that this does not work, the Vita TV requires you to update to use a memory card that’s been used in another system, even with the same account.

      However, what does work is backing up the games you downloaded on your up to date Vita with CMA, and restoring those to the PS TV (Using Vitaupdateblocker and CMA). These games are just account bound, not console bound. You of course need to activate the PS TV with a PS3 first, by transferring a PSP,Vita or PS1 game downloaded on the PS3 to the vita, using vitaupdateblocker as well, but you don’t need a PS34 after the first game transfer.

      • anonanon says:

        Had some issues transferring PSP and PS1 games this way, Arcade darts (Which I backed up from my vita when it was on 3.18) transfers fine, but others which were backed up on later firmwares (GTA, Numblast, Persona 2) Gave an error – C0-13780-9 right at the end of the transfer.

        I’m thinking the PS TV isn’t letting any PSP or PS1 games backed up on a later firmware that it’s on transfer – can anyone confirm that?

        • anonanon says:

          Thought I better add that Vita games transfer fine no matter what firmware they were backed up on though, so this isn’t too much of an issue.

          • lolzoar says:

            Sorry, but did you manage to get Vita update blocker working? It doesn’t work for me. I keep getting the “you must update to use the store” message =(

  5. anonanon says:

    @Wololo Can’t you get a more advanced filter list? Blacklisting b*uy (Assuming that was the word that caught my post) Is a bit extreme. My post contains nothing that realistically should have been caught, isn’t this just adding to the work of your moderation team?

    • wololo says:

      There is a bug with the list of “bad” words that is used for moderation, and I need to look into it. sorry about that.

  6. anonanon says:

    And Is there anyway to tell a PS TV is a 3.20 unit without opening? Are they specific serials or anything?

    • YZ Rum says:

      If you live in America, get the Legos movie bundle. It automatically comes with a 3.20 PSTV

      • anonanon says:

        I’m in Europe, but thanks.

        Is that the PlayStation TV DualShock 3 Bundle on Amazon? Seems to be in stock, might get it and use a address redirection service as a last resort. if I can’t find one in NZ.

  7. Yatto says:

    Soul Sacrifice Deltaaaaa… *saliva*

    • pythonista says:

      Soul Sacrifice Delta (NA) already works on the PSTV with a DualShock 4. It’s just not on their officially supported list (or in the PSTV compatible section on the store).

  8. laflex says:

    what is that awesome music while he’s using the LIVE arena?

  9. perfig says:

    heck yes! I want to play disgaea 3 on PS TV. Its ridiculous to play 1,2 (psp) and 4 but no 3.

  10. warfaren says:

    Haha 😀
    Sony must be boiling with anger, yet another thing they can’t harass us with anymore!

  11. X-death says:

    That’s an amazing news.
    Thanks you so much for that !

  12. Aedando says:

    Is it just me or is Uncharted running smoother than it normally does? It might just be the TV performing frame-smoothing.

  13. Raziel says:

    If this comes to the public I’m so giddy. And it would spike the poor sales of the PSTV a lot. Glad I never dropped the cash for a Vita as I’m not a big portable gaming fan.

  14. SchnickyD says:

    What is the star Icon/Bubble in use shown in the top bar? And what part does KillZone have in running this? I’m intrigued!!!

  15. Manuel N says:

    Why he is tapping something ?? (the control or whatever it is…)
    AFAIK, Golden Abyss can be controlled with the normal controls, for moving, shooting, performing actions like climbing and punching, and the six-axis actions on the Vita can be performed through the DS3 since it has six-axis too.
    Please someone explain me.
    I would be very grateful.

  16. Anon says:

    “it might just be the needed thing to boost Playstation TV sales.” Honestly, I’m not giving money to a company for purposely being incompetent. If I have to go out of my way to actually use your product for what it should already be able to do, something is seriously wrong. It’s good news for the people that have PSTVs, but come on, Sony. We should not have to do this.

    • Crzo says:

      No, they have to have a new license for the game to run on a Vita TV (PS TV) officially or they can get sued by developers.

      For example, when a developer signs a contract with Sony to publish a game on the PSP, they can’t put the game available on the Vita just because it can play them, but they have to have a license for it.

      This is why Crash Bandicoot games aren’t playable on PS Vita on North America, they are PS1 games, PS3 can play them, PSP can play them, Vita can’t, and isn’t because Vita is not capable but because they don’t have the license to publish the game on a newer console. On Europe on the other hand peopel are free to buy and play Crash Bandicoot games on their Vita.

      They aren’t being “purposely incompetent” you just don’t know how things work.

  17. Teebs says:

    Damn, just checked and apparently my PSTV has been updated to 3.50… Hopefully this’ll eventually work on 3.50… Got a backlog of games I was saving for PSTV until I found out they’re unplayable on it.

  18. Gaze says:

    Too late for the $1000 though.

  19. HamSliceOfcheese says:

    wOw this seems to be something that makes sense. Hopefully the so called secret works for user on ofw 3.18 to 3.36 so that way it can be the official jail break firmwares like ps3s 3.55 and since the ps vitas 3.55 firmware is around the corner that would be insane if a surprise jailbreak comes out for that firmware and starts the revolution of cfw on ps vita.

  20. AsDraS says:

    wow i didnt think sony was that stupid to allow games on the pstv via a “enable list”..
    i bet it would already work if i modified the list with a proxy

    • Crzo says:

      Well, the Playstatiom TV is nothing more than a vita in a box = capable of doing what the vita can do.

      So what is the solution to make some games to work and some don’t? If the system is basically the same?

      We have known about the whitelist since a long time ago, there is nothing stupid about it.

    • Gaze says:

      I honestly think it is just a proxy trick like you said. Swapping downloads is easily done with a proxy which I believe is how they got the themes. I’m too uninterested in custom themes to try it though.

  21. mangosteam says:

    too bad i updted my ps tv to 3.50 for downloading games

  22. shinrukuszero says:

    If Sony needs a new license from everyone, then how does UMVC3 work on PSTV when Capcom doesn’t even have the license To distribute anymore?

    • Frank says:

      Because capcom patched it before they lost the license.

      • Crzo says:


        This is the reason why not all PS1 and PSP games are available for PS Vita, there are great games Like Kingdom Hearts BBB or Final Fantasy Crisis Core which run perfectly on the Vita but you’ll never be able to play them without an eCFW.

        People like to think that Sony does everything possible to block games for no reason, but there is a reason for it.

        Fools like to criticize things where they have no clue about.

        Sony still does a pretty bad job with Vita systems but that’s another topic.

        • shinrukuszero says:

          I was simply curious, I thought UMVC3 license was up before the PSTV was announced, I could’ve been wrong, im cool with that. I do however get (although I don’t understand fully the why) about the licensing issues. As Working where I work, we have licenses with our adapter partners to put certain technologies to work on Windows 8.1 platform via mobile devices (Laptops, Tablets) but we cannot put said technology to use on a “stationary” device (Desktop) EVEN IF using as similar as possible specs. Theres no software reason why it doesn’t work, but our license agreement specifically forbids it. Such is the case with Vita TV, its not a “Mobile” device anymore, and if you look at Netflix, they may not want to support too many non-mobile platforms, to where there are already enough.

          However my argument is COMPLETELY invalid when Fighting Climax is not going to be available on PSTV… Riddle me that Sega!!!!

          • Fufufu says:

            My guess about Fighting Climax is they want people to buy the PS3 and Vita version. It’s been blocked since day 1 btw even though the default control scheme doesn’t even use touch at all. It sucks they do this because the vita version could even handle 2 players local if they wanted too. I guess it worked though since I’m planning to get an english PS3 copy to go with my jap vita one.

  23. meysam25 says:

    intresting i thing they use network hacking

    • Marni says:

      That’s way more clever than I was exnepticg. Thanks!

    • lavetra says:

      Thomas got me started on this, but I packed it away for future joy (torture?). I really like the 1/4 square triangle with white. My stash is crazy, this might work for me. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • modpizza.com says:

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  24. Tray says:

    Wow i just bought Street fighter X Tekken. maybe il play with my ps tv instead of playing tekken 5 on my ps2

  25. Raziel says:

    This is the most awesome news I have heard about the Vita or PSTV, while the whole eCFW is nice its not a game changer or a reason to own the system. It doesn’t look much better then my PSP Go with my xRGB and the only reason I got one was a $75 gift certificate to Walmart and the 20% off I got from a friend buying it with an employee discount. In fact the controller was the main reason I got one as my PS3 was down to only one DS3 and a sixaxis controller. While I have enjoyed it I have longed to have the entire library at my disposale. I never played my PSP on the Go long enough to finish a game. 90% of my play on it was on my big screen. When I got my 1000 model I never played it really but as soon as I got the ability to hook to my TV via the slim it really enjoyed the system. And when I could use a DS3 with the Go it became a huge part of my gaming life.

  26. Nobody says:

    The method is easy, I will share with you. You just have to use Charles proxy to redirect the sony whitelist to your edited list. It is simple.

  27. Raziel says:

    Where is the white list to edit? Do we need to sniff for packets to obtain it or can it be gotten with PSPFiler or VutaFTP. I am thinking not as we don’t have access to the Vita file system.

  28. Raziel says:

    Public or not anyone with half a brain can tell it isn’t firmware dependant. Otherwise those of us on 3.20 wouldn’t be able to play games like FF-X as it can still be enjoyed at a firmware lower then what it was released on. The whitelist isn’t a firmware requirement pushed by Sony. This has been shown by a game or two SFO hacking allowing games on other regions whitelist to be played outside of this. Ys is proof of this. I have been able to enjoy this JP whitelisted game in the US region that was only ok’d in Japan.

  29. chadders says:

    Can you please try and get some more info on this? As a new PSTV owner, this would be a very welcome feature and im pretty sure other would agree. Cheers.

  30. lolzoar says:

    Does anyone know when this will get released? Or IF it will get released….

  31. lolzoar says:

    Is Mr. Gas going to release this…? It’s almost been a month with no news =/
    This all feels like a big tease now…

  32. PSTVLover says:

    No news from this…

  33. PSTVLover says:

    Maybe the eml generator helps with this

  34. PRIME_Object says:

    Excuse me guys, I’m new here. I just bought shiny new PS TV. What exactly do I need to do to play all my games on on it? Do I need some kind of custom firmware. Asphalt Injection for example, description on PSstore clearly states: NOT compatible with PS TV.

    • MayoRice says:

      Sorry, but if a game requires the use of something unique to Vita, like the back touch, then you can’t play it on PS TV, but most of Vita’s library you can play on PS TV. Developers wised up very quickly. Asphalt Injection came to Vita early in its lifespan.

  35. matt says:

    sooo how do I download games since I can’t access the ps store?

  36. MayoRice says:

    Uh… PS TV can’t play most Vita games? Is this some sort of joke? There’s only a handful of early Vita games that can’t be played on PS TV (Tearaway, Golden Abyss, and Gravity Rush), but most of its library can be, and it has a very good library if you’re into JRPGs (or just Japanese games in general) and/or indies.

  37. Great blog you have here. Many blogs like yours cover subjects that can’t be found in magazines and newspapers. I don’t know how we got by 15 years ago with just print media.

  1. July 21, 2015

    […] More native game support: Hands-down the biggest criticism of the Vita TV, there's only a portion of the entire Vita library playable on it. More distressingly, very few first party games from Sony Computer Entertainment are playable on an HDTV. Sure, having Killzone: Mercenary is nice, but what about lots of other obvious choices? Major hits like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush won't run on the device. This doesn't just apply to Vita-native games, either: many PSP and PS One classics are off the table as well. Sony proved they could retroactively patch older games to fit the limitations of the Vita TV, what with no cameras or gyroscope, so why not adjust more games to fit a DualShock? Without Sony's action, some crafty users have taken to mod the Vita TV to run unsupported games. […]