Just my 2 cents: The brazilian PS4 Jailbreak

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  1. Zhang Fei says:

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  2. ZerOneX says:

    for god’s sake.. stop calling it as a jailbreak…. in the BEST BEST scenario it can be called of: how to transfer and run games using “ghost” accounts on an retail ps4… this is what the did (in the best best best scenerio ever)…. it is not a hack… and not a jailbreak at all…. end

  3. Mauricio says:

    Belíssimo post, assim mesmo que me sinto .

  4. Mário says:

    Os gringos estão nervosinhos porque um Hue Hue BRBR desbloqueou o PS4?!?!

    Xbox One, você é o próximo!

    Quer entender meu comentário vai lá no google e traduz!

  5. brunomocsa says:

    Im brazilian and i live near the store (same neighboorhood) of the arcticle. Its a little store that repairs consoles and unblock consoles too. They are good on it, but i dont know if they have the skills to produce a jailbreak. In Brazil we have a lot of people with skills that could do that, but thinking of the dudes of the store, and what they do, they only reproduces the jailbreaks leaked on internet.

    What i thought its happening is that they discover a bug in the psn accounts, and its using this to install the games in the ps4’s of other people, its a nice discover, but is not a jailbreak.

    But im not sure what they have, i will call they to ask for this unblock or maybe walk in their store to know what this is.

  6. igrodnepr says:

    да не прошьют Ps4 полноценно в ближайшиее года 3 только лицензия Ps4

  7. Gilberto says:

    Playstation 4 with jailbreak for sale in the Brazilian auction site.


  8. Rafael says:

    I went to the Medic Game Facebook’s page and I didn’t find anything about Playstation 4 JB news, or they did a long time ago to call people’s attention (marketing), or its fake (probably), or they deleted (seems like it), or they have lack of information from the actual developer.

  9. RaZiel says:

    It’s “legit” to an extent but as of 2.51 it causes a perma brick and only Sony can fix this for the low low price of $300 USD. It was patched as of 2.50, which caused no bricks but doing so in 2.51 causes your PS4 to become a paper weight. SKFU tried this and worked post 2.50 firmwares as of 2.50 was patched and 2.51 SKFU wound up with a bricked PS4 he had to send back. It was nothing more then a vulnerability with game sharing. One had to buy the game then dump the NAND and then on a second unit flash over the NAND dump of the first system. As said it has been fixed and was no real hack only an over sight by Sony.

  10. hkaos says:

    is real man
    tenho 1 desses aqui em casa funciona perfeitamente!

  11. Gangsta says:

    and actually I live here in Brazil have several games in the game and works perfectly even on line etc.

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