How to extract __sce_ebootpbp and __sce_menuinfo


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12 Responses

  1. carloswkl says:

    Typo found on this tutorial:

  2. arcangelnew says:

    Good tutorial, not useful for the average Joe, so noobs please keep your comments for yourself, thanks Bodega for this tutorial.

    • Hi there,

      For all us noobs, what would the benefit of this be? to have access to further exploitable files? Signing homebrew? Useful information for the current exploits?

      Please elaborate.

  3. gbro says:

    FTP: “RENAME __sce_ebootpbp. sce_ebootpbp.txt”, retrieve the file and rename it back

  4. mikerow says:

    Wow this is encouraging for people new to the scene thanks.

  5. Crzo says:

    Tutorial is easy to understand but what do I need __sce_ebootpbp and __sce_menuinfo for?

  6. gui says:

    I can buy a new ps vita with fw 3.18 and install my game exploit?
    There downgrade to psvita?

  7. 风君子 says:

    I really don’t know what’re you guys talking about…………..

  8. 风君子 says:

    Oh yeah, one more question, I have numblast, I can use it for 3.36 only, right?