How to Install Homebrew on TN-V11



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  1. speedy says:

    Will do this when I get home.

  2. jose says:

    Hello, I have a question. Is there any way to play psone games on tn-v11 in 3.50?

    Sorry for my bad english.

    • MasterChief says:

      Way to play? -Yes
      Perfect Sound? No lagging? -Not Yet, Maybe on Tn-V12

      • jose says:

        Thats good news to me. Can you give some advise on how to do it? Is Tn-x working on 3.50?

        Thanks. Sorry for my bad english.

        • MasterChief says:

          Of course, I’m happy to help… Unfortunately tn-x doesn’t work for 3.50!
          But you can always use tn-v for it… Of course, sound is quite lagged!
          You only have to convert your ps one game ISO image to EBOOT. PBP using psx2psp (search on Google) and transfer to your PSP/GAME folder

        • MasterChief says:

          If you are Brazilian you can PM me for Portuguese talking.

    • Mcgrve says:

      jose i think you need to watch this link and read the comments it helps me a lot now i can play psx games on TNV11 😀

  3. DarkSlayer says:

    Im still in 3.18… Gladiator Begins exploit… and TNX for PSone… via Tekken 2… it is a good choice to update…? Nahhhhh….My only suffering is my MemCard… just 8 fuc*ing GB…!! Here in Chile 16 GB and up MemCards are so hard to find… any ideas where and how can i get one…?

    • Kengetsu says:

      Your best bet is to pick one up on Amazon or Ebay.

      • Daniel Fried says:

        im on ARK-3 and tn-v11. i have 3.55 fw w/ the miyama chronicles exploit. the only homebrew i somehow got to work was an nes emulator. my internet is down so i tried using the mobile hotspot from my phone for vitaftp. it doesnt work. i cannot figure out how to transfer files with QCMA. can u please help me? thanks…

    • MasterChief says:

      Update? Only if you wanna loose your Ps One Loader and have a lot of headache trying to transfer anything (1- of course not if you follow this range of options tutorial) (2- anyway its more complicated to do).

    • Mystic_Shadow says:

      Don’t update your vita you’ll be grateful you didn’t when vitasploit comes out a yr from now to 10yrs from now. Plus haven’t seen anything interesting for the vita yet.

  4. MasterChief says:

    About the Ps One Loader… by now there’s no way to play ps one games with perfect sound using tn-v!

    I’m still in 3.18 to, and I will not update until ps one is working properly!
    Just in case, I already bought Ape Escape On The Loose and download to my ps3, when I think it’s time to update it will be there!

  5. MasterChief says:

    Thank you RePrep for this amazing explanation… Although 3.50 won’t help with these limitations, we ALL are seeing that you (I mean, you all… team) are working to give us several ways to make hay while the sun shines with ours psv!

  6. Kai says:

    Tried the ISO method with PSPFiler – didn’t work. Converted EBOOT.PBP from the GAME150 folder into directory structure with eboot2iso then created an iso using UMDGEN with PSP_GAME as its contents (from the eboot2iso conversion).

    Where did I go wrong?

    • Chris says:

      Try the VHBL method, it and runs works 100% (I used regular CMA because I had trouble with QCMA) though, I have NO IDEA on how store emulators in VHBL through TN-V11. I’d wish someone would make a tutorial for that though!

      • Nick says:

        I keep going into the TNV-11 PSP and installing VHBL, but wheN I open filer and go to transfer INSTALL.ZIP in PSP\GAME the VHBL isn’t there. Any ideas?

        • Chris says:

          Use vita ftp I’ve been having your same problem with the vhbl for weeks. It seems as though no one (famous hackers) wants to truly given us valid information for installing emulators in TN-V11 3.50

          • Daniel Fried says:

            im on ark-3 and tn-v11. i have 3.55 fw w/ the miyama chronicles exploit. the only homebrew i somehow got to work was an nes emulator. my internet is down so i tried using the mobile hotspot from my phone for vitaftp. it doesnt work. i cannot figure out how to transfer files with qcma. can u please help me? thanks…

    • Chris says:

      GAME150 is a test eboot don’t use it. Just use GAME

  7. alpmaster says:

    Hi I thought their was a loader that was able to load ps1 eboots?

  8. Tail870 says:

    I think it could be better if we just create separated folder with homebrews for eCFW…

    I did it for myself:

  9. antony says:

    How to enable theme folder on tnv-11?

    • Magic_Mano0 says:

      Add “THEME” folder under “PSP” and a “cxmb” folder (same directory as seplugings) make sure your vsh.txt in seplugins points correctly to “cxmb” folder you added.

  10. Jai Ho says:

    I have tried the recovery method. But pspfiler is unable to rename, move or copy in 3.50. And I remember see someone has stated that already.

    • Magic_Mano0 says:

      I am on 3.36 and was having the same issue… what works for me is to install VBHL and load FTP up from within it (Im starting VBHL in TNV). For 3.36, FTP within VBHL has full read/write access to “PSP” and “GAME” folders.

  11. Sorg says:

    Or, can boot ARK2 and then VitaFTP, Then you can do whatever you want in /PSP/GAME.
    Actually, i think, TN-V11 is useful only for (some) PS1 games if you want to play with sound. For any other cases ARK2 does it’s job fully.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      “Or, can boot ARK2 and then VitaFTP, Then you can do whatever you want in /PSP/GAME.”

      That only works on 3.36 and lower though, doesn’t it?

      As far as I can tell, it went like this:

      Below 3.36 there was no write protection.

      On 3.36, there was write protection of the PSP folder built into the PSP mode kernel, which could be gotten around by either renaming the PSP folder before moving files, or by getting kernel access and simply removing the write protection code.

      On 3.50 the write protection is likely built into the Vita kernel, so getting kernel access in PSP mode does not matter, as it’s the Vita kernel blocking the writes. Hence all the trouble folks have been having.

      Note that I’ve not actually examined the code in the exploits, as that’s a bit above my experience level, so this may not be 100% accurate.

  12. gui says:

    INSTALL ZIP Method: (Doesn’t work on 3.50 and 3.36)

    • wardocks says:

      just use the iso method 🙂

    • Crzo says:

      I can confirm that INSTALL.ZIP works on VHBL and Ark-2 on 3.36.

      • gui says:

        I can confirm that INSTALL.ZIP don’t work on TN-V11 on 3.36.

        • DinoX says:

          It works fine if you have VHBL, and PSPFILER use INSTALL.ZIP and simply transfer the hombrew to PSP/GAME….to use homebrew on TNV-11. The homebrew must be in EBOOT.PBP which is for TNV, NOT ARK2 or it will show corrupt file while in XMB

          Works and tested…

  13. Jai Ho says:

    Anyone tested whichever way above that allow 3.50 to rename or copy files please reply here. Thanks!

  14. psy says:

    3.50 TN-V11
    i’m install cxmb and TN VSH MENU to Enabled
    but setting-theme not see 6.60ctf file
    Can anyone help me? Immature English sorry

  15. Cr7 says:

    Then i’m on 3.50 with tn-v I can install my zip via vhbl,i can launch my psp game too,there no problem but just one thing seem to be ashame is that, with gbsp,xsnes, save state didn’t work,and save game too but Nowhere guy seem help

  16. Curtis says:

    the link in VHBL only shows compatibility to 2.60. Will it work with 3.50? I’m using the Ape Escape exploit and already have TNV 11 installed. Does anybody have his link to the repackaged VHBL with the Patapon 2 save removed? The thread has over 40 pages and the last post is 2 days older than this post. :/

  17. Ryo Bakura says:

    Which is easiest to do? I’ve tried the VHBL method and it just can’t detect the Emulators I have put into a INSTALL.ZIP file. I’m very confused. I am on TN-V11 Firmware 3.50.

  18. CaR says:

    Convert eboots to ISO method is amazing.
    I said this before on other threads of this but
    Convert your tools as in psp filer or vita ftp.
    Transfer your ISO’S
    This is so worth it for ISO’s.
    II am enjoying playing my PSP games again.

    • Ryo Bakura says:

      Have you tried on the GPSP? I heard that the ISO method doesn’t work with that emulator.

  19. nethki says:

    is this working?

  20. GreenToilet says:

    Can confirm that the VHBL method works for me on 3.36 with TN-V11 managed to get both Bookr and Gpsp working. Failed with Pspfiler though. It installs but when I start it it just gives me blue screen of death and goes back to VHBL but that might be a problem on my part.

    The original way of just using INSTALL.ZIP without VHBL did not work for me though.

  21. drag says:

    Anybody can create a gpsps iso and give us please thanks

    • CaR says:

      I dunno how it goes by emulators or other homebrew. As I know it can’t just be an ISO.
      I tried to do that with Divi dead homebrew.
      All I know is the tools to access your PSP ISO folder, to add your PSP ISO’s.

  22. ImADoge says:

    Any news on the Hot Brain TN-V fix? Only Numblast and another game was fixed, afaik. Thanks 🙂

  23. Chris says:

    Confirmed VHBL method works, but the INSTALL.ZIP method for 3.50 for install emulators in VHBL doesn’t work though.

    • Curtis says:

      Confirmed. Installed VHBL. Have FTP installed inside VHBL because I cannot transfer any ISO files to the TNV folder (which is odd because I did it to install VHBL). Using FTP to transfer Homebrew ISO to TNV savegame folder for install. Installs fine and runs (Picodrive) I can run games in the emulator but I can’t save any settings or savegame states while running it from TNV.

      Copying the homebrew folder into VHBL directories works, but VHBL doesn’t give the option to install. This is on 3.50

  24. Matt says:

    Hello. Can anyone please help me with my psvita .Im nat sure what to do.. Pls..

  25. mdtodd229 says:

    psp filer goes back to ps vita home screen when I try to open it. not sure if this is a bug or what. im on 3.50 using ark. any help would be nice.

    • Chris says:

      Same thing has been happening to me. Try out the EBOOT to ISO method for PSP Filer on ARK2,

  26. Olcan says:

    I’ve been trying unsuccessfully this VHBL Method on installing Homebrew on TN-V11 for FW 3.50. Keeps getting error. I’ts hard being a newbie…. I give up!!!

    • Chris says:

      Useand install picodrive to VHBL in the VHBL1234 folder. lol don’t give up so easily.

    • Chris says:


      1.Download VHBL.ISO and VHBL1234 from the VHBL METHOD PARAGRAPH ABOVE.

      2..Place VHBL.ISO in the TNV_54321 folder.

      3. Place VHBL1234 into your PS Vita save data folder.

      This is an Example: C:\Users\MLGSuperSanic\Documents\PSVita\PSAVEDATA\dc271be123456\You would put VHBL1234 here

      NOTICE-[VHBL1234 is the save data needed for VHBL.ISO, so do NOT put into the TNV_54321 folder or any otherin your savedata folder because VHBL1234 is it’s own folder.]

      4.OpenCMA is safe to use in this case, but you will need VITAUPDATEBLOCKER.

      5.Once you have install vitaupdateblocker.exe on your computer and got it to work with our vita, copy VHBL1234 and TNV_54321 from the psp save data section of cma.

      .6 CONGRATS BRO, YOU JUST GOT VHBL ON TN-V11 3.50 or 3.36 on YOUR PS VITA!!!

      • Chris says:

        ***[I have made sure this does not go against forum rules]*** No offensive to the rules in matter.

  27. Mike says:

    um i just got a ps vita in the box and its 3.30 um what method would work best for me?

  28. Mike says:

    also when i try to use the content manager it asks me to connect to sony network and i’m unsure what to do from this point.

  29. Joe says:

    The ***Homebrew ISO*** in the “homebrew to ISO” section link to the article is confirmed to -***NOT WORK*** on TN-V11 3.50.

  30. MrVNZ says:

    Does anyone know the path to store a PS1 eboot.pbp on the Vita? If it is PSP->GAME->XXXXXX, where do i get the name? I would like to see the game inside the XMB (TNV-11). I will be using VitaFTP to transfer the file

  31. Wecca says:

    Alright, these hacks works great, here are my 2 cents for people who are wondering:
    1. I made separate bubbles for both TN-V and one for VHBL (for quick boot EBOOT homebrew).
    – Both through PSP minis as base games.
    2. I upload ISO’s and whatnot through “vitaftp” into TN-V savefolder.
    3. Inside TN-V I can then install these ISO/* packages to PSP emulator, and remove the ISO from TN-V savefolder.

    All is well.
    Wonderful work from all the devs helping the community, thank you for reviving my PS TV. 🙂