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New Webkit Exploit found for Vita and maybe Playstation 4


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  1. Crzo says:

    Webkit exploit on 3.3x 😀

  2. Yifan Lu says:

    Please give credits where credit is due. xyz did this all by himself and got ROP working on 3.36.

    • wololo says:

      Apologies for the huge oversight here. I’ve updated the article and hopefully the cache should pick up within an hour or so

  3. Verlain says:

    Great 🙂
    Only 3.36 ?
    What about 3.18?

  4. dbzgts says:

    Good news… almost want to update my pstv to the newest firmware

  5. Hunglo says:

    Team Rebug will be the first to release the cfw!

    • nope says:

      I think you’re skipping about a million steps there bud. Go read up about all that was posted back when the 3.18’s webkit exploit was released.

  6. kamilb880 says:

    Good news! Hey The Zett, I know that u reply comment here often so I will try my luck: I know that exploits for PS1 emulator has been patched after 3.18 or 3.20. Is it possible, that another exploits for another games will be released, just like regular ninja release for VHBL? Or that way of exploiting for PS1 emu is gone and there is no way back to use this exploit on higher firmwares? Im on 3.36 now.

    • R0ME0 says:

      I’m not Zett. But I’ll explain your options.

      You can load PS1 games from TN-V.

      A. If you have an exploit game already accessible on your Vita:
      You can use said exploit to launch TN-V with the exception of Arcade Darts & Patapon 2. (Also World of Pool / Hotbrain are not completely compatible right now). You can also make a custom bubble to launch TN-V

      B. If you don’t have an exploit game on the Vita:
      You’ll need a ps3 that can access PSN and buy yourself an exploit game (Ape Escape is probably the best bet, but you can check the list @ Zload.net)

      If you dont already have an exploit game available to you on the Vita, or a PS3 to get online and download one, unfortunately you wont be loading PS1 games outside what you purchased on PSN.

    • brentt says:

      won’t ps1 emu work on TN-v for 3.36 numblast/ pool/ape quest ?

      • kamilb880 says:

        Thanks for reply guys. I do have Vita on 3.36 with Numblast exploit TN-V11. I know that it can emulate PS1 games, but I heard its sound emulation is not that perfect as that PS1 emulator I mentioned about in previous post. Is it true?

        • jensma says:


          I played five games, two of them had some minor sound issues (stuttering for some sound effects for example). You can however adjust sound settings in the recovery menu, that fixed the problem for the two games.

  7. AliceTheGorgon says:

    Oh *** yes. Got a Vita slightly too late for the 3.18 stuff, glad to see that I’m not SOL on 3.36.

    Does xyz have a donation link? I feel he deserves at least a few bucks for getting the exploit working on the Vita.

  8. Nonlin says:

    “It is not unlikely” why not say “it is likely” screw double negatives.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      My guess is that it’s because a lot of people would see “it’s likely” and somehow come to believe that it read “we will definitely be able to pirate PS4 games within a week, so please send us a billion complaints when that doesn’t magically happen”.

      • nebu_187 says:

        they are talking about a webkit exploit, not piracy. So if anyone miss understood, they should wear glasses or take English courses.

      • Reprep says:

        yup, that is true. I gotta choose my words carefully for not giving false hopes.

    • The Z says:

      Sometimes the phrasing of double negatives sounds better.

      As long as they dont do the double negative and still think it is negative, of course. That is stupid.

  9. brentt says:

    i knew it!
    I predicted they had a new vurnability and i was right!
    good i stayed at 3.36 now.

  10. The Z says:

    In case someone wants to update from 3.18 to 3.36, you’re welcome:


    • Hardin says:

      Thank you sir. Don’t need it now but I’m sure I will at some point.

    • brentt says:

      why would someone update to 3.36 ? the vitaupdateblocker doesnt work any more on 3.36 and its not that there are many new features from 3.18 to 3.36…

  11. Sleeper says:

    Can i Install Netflix yet when yes.. how?
    how i can open the package installer with the webkit?

  12. warfaren says:

    Good to know, although I’ll keep waiting until something useful actually comes out of the Webkit exploit in case 3.18 would allow you to do more than 3.36. Anyway, this is nice since it allows us to play some of the new games that won’t work on 3.18 🙂

  13. Balmung says:

    For the Moment i will stay on 3.18 on my second Vita. See there no need for 3.36 right now (have a PS3 too for Store Downloads). But it is good to see I could use a higher Firmware now. ^^

  14. Dang says:

    Sony loves all of you. Like staff they don’t need to pay.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      What? You do realize that the folks doing this generally tend to enjoy the challenge right? And that the community gets something out of it themselves (specifically, code execution)?

      If they were doing it for Sony’s benefit, no one would hear about these exploits. Sony would shut these folks down if they had any legal way to do so.

  15. Blue says:

    So does this mean 3.36 is now the FW of choice, or does 3.18 still have some advantages? (I know TN-V was ported to up to 3.50, but what about TN-X?)

  16. jonas says:

    just in time for REVELATIONS 2

  17. hje says:

    I hope this let’s us install themes I all.most updates to 3.50 for themes. That ks for your efforts xyz

  18. masterkentaro says:

    How do you set up the files

  19. Dare says:

    works on 3.35?

  20. Dare says:

    Some one on 3.36 pls try web exploit from my web site link – http://psvsploit.ucoz.com/index.html
    Does’nt work for me 3.35.
    Log on ps vita looks like:
    And then refresh… :'(

    • Gaze says:

      First time it went attempt #1 thru #4 then success and after that it was just loading forever. Second time it refreshed after attempt #11. Third try was the same as the first.

      Anyway look at Hykem’s post in the /talk thread.

  21. popup says:

    Viewing the link psvita restarts with firmware 3:18

  22. Weneedtostealmorevitagames says:

    This is such great news for us pirates who love to download and pirate. Can’t wait till they find a way for us all to get free vita games.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      From your “name” there, I can tell you’re probably one of those hardcore anti-piracy folks. That’s fine. What’s not fine, is jumping in here and acting like everyone else in the universe loves to pirate everything for the sake of being huge jerks, and that everything they do is in service of accomplishing that goal. You’re massively jumping to conclusions, and that’s not going to convince anyone that you have a reasonable position.

      Personally, I’m always going to be in favor of being able to try things (fully and completely) without buying them. I have rather picky tastes, and the smallest things about characters/endings/plot can make me hate a game/book/movie/whatever. Buying them first isn’t just a case of me having less money, it’s a case of my money having now supported a thing that I loathe.
      If I can’t try the full thing first, and have even the slightest indication that it might not be 100% to my taste, then I don’t buy it. Too many things have turned to absolute *** at the halfway point (or the end) for me to take the risk, even things which were absolutely fantastic before then.

      This can have positive consequences though, contrary to popular belief. The reason I own a PS3 and a Vita (and thus, the reason I own any games for them too) is that I was able to try a specific game on the PSP (Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness). Because of that, I went on to get it’s PSP sequel, the sequel on PS3, eventually a PS3 to play it, and now a Vita for the remakes of 3 and 4. If I hadn’t been able to try the game, I never would have gotten it, or a PS3, Vita, or any games for them.

      Like everything about human behavior, piracy is a nuanced subject, and taking a hard line stance that everyone who does it is obviously the spawn of Satan, does not help solve anything.

      I don’t expect to convince you of this, as you appear to have already set your opinion in stone, but I felt some response was needed, and maybe someone else will find it worth reading.

    • Tail870 says:

      Ban I guess.

  23. shinrukuszero says:

    You know what would rock? If the PSTV could have the ability to read firmware as if it was a Vita… then you wouldn’t need to whitelist/update apps… I wish the PKG installer could upsign the Vita OFW and run on pSTV…

  24. Yuuki says:

    ” on Playstation 4 firmwares up to 2.50″ why only up to 50 and not 51? did 51 change anything with webkit?

    • wololo says:

      Since PS Vita firmware 3.50 has a fix for the vulnerability, it is safe to assume ps4 2.51 does too. The same pattern applied for the previous webkit exploit

  25. Andrew says:

    Can anyone point me to a good place to start learning about using this? Can this WebKit be used to install emulators? I’m not really sure what its used for and I’m still at 3.36 but I just bought GTA vice city stories and I’d like to try it…. But I can’t download that without updating PSN…

    Problem is of love to emulate some Nintendo games someday…

  26. nadir says:

    How do I transfer the download of PS Vita to open the exploit on ps vita 3:36?

  27. Tamie Ryals says:

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