Hey Sony, where’s my free DriveClub?


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  1. zzsec says:


  2. Alextwolf says:

    Wow…Wololo asks for comments and people are still inclined to say “first”. Let it go already…in any case those are reasonable to be sure. Honestly they should just say that it’s not coming out and as a thank you…ps+ members can have a choosing of any one ps3 game in the entire library. It wouldn’t cost them much and I think most gamers still play their ps3 games. I know Im still on ff14 right now

  3. Booker says:

    Wow, that long and still no PS+ Driveclub? I think compensation would be the right thing to do, but lately in the gaming industry, the right thing to do is never first on priority list. I wouldn’t put it pass Sony if there were no compensation to be had.

  4. solidsnake says:

    i haven’t touched my ps3 in years for fear it will just get an orange light of death and i would have to get it fixed or replaced again. There just are not enough or good games to use playstation services anymore. I use Steam for pc now or handhelds like the vita and 3ds. There was this one time the playstation network was selling a game i played in an arcade when I was twelve for seven dollars. rip off. It was a neo geo game. Seven dollars, for mere mega bytes from two decades ago! Mass effect series 60 bucks from Sony or 10 bucks from steam. rip off.

    • mixedfish says:

      LOL way to go to be selective in your pricing. Steam is not cheaper than any of the platforms, people just love comparing because Steam offer more volume of ‘sales’ ranging from utter *** idies to years old AAA. In fact I could a dozens of games more expensive on Steam than they are on PSN right now, but that would be pointless because PSN just has a sale on them. But I will say, enjoy your $75USD for GTAV.

  5. Adrian says:

    does PS+ worth it, if i only own a vita?

    • Eddie says:

      Is PS+ worth it*

      Yes it is. You get cloud backup for game saves so if your console dies, your saved games are saved. You also get free monthly games for the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4, even if you don’t own the other consoles yet, they are still free and I’d recommend adding them to your owned list anyway.
      It’s $50 a year, 6 games free each month, some are ***, some are really good. It’s worth the money.

    • Xilence says:

      Not really that good if you only own a Vita. They barely release good PS+ games for it anyway…

  6. LennyVita says:

    Sony can keep “Drive Club” and any other racing game they want to offer for PS4.

    Why is guy so upset you ask?, Sony refuses to allow steering wheels other than Trustmaster wheels. absolute B/S.

    There are thousands of people (myself included) have shelled out hundreds of dollars for logitech G25/27, Fanatec wheels. These will not work because of Sonys selfishness/lack of care.

    Sony Please keep your Drive club, Project Cars, The Club, and Gran Turismo 7 or any other racing game. NO Wheel support = no buy/DL. even if its free.

    The same for Arcade sticks, a usb driver can be directly written into the game to support the stick. Same could be done for Steering Wheels.


    There is a petition to add Wheel support, i hope Sony listens. Loyal customers are upset to shell out hundreds of dollars again for Trustmaster junk, when they have perfect good Steering wheels already.


    • mixedfish says:

      Your loss, you’ll get thwarted in Drive Club using in steering wheel anyway, since it’s an arcade racer.

  7. JollyRoger says:

    I for one think Sony will release it for PS+ I’m sure by now they know that if they don’t the FTC will once again be knocking on their doors and ultimately costing them greatly more than if they just do what they promised.

  8. zorksox says:

    With the full version of Drive Club already released, there is no good reason for the PS+ version to be delayed further. The game is done. All they have to do is remove some cars and tracks , hardly more than a month of work. The delay must be due to internal/bureaucratic issues that the public has not been told about. For some reason, Sony loves to be secretive about these issues. This is similar to The Last Guardian. They just have to admit they sc*** up somehow and tell us the game has been canceled. There is no way that Sony would be paying a development team for 6 years and have nothing to show for it. I guess I’m on a tangent, but my point is that sometime the things that happen with Sony make no sense at all.

    • mixedfish says:

      …So what company goes out and makes public statements about ‘bureaucratic’ issues? There’s a thing called professionalism, look it up.

  9. tangra87 says:

    they will make public eexcuse , and will make a resurch wich users have preordered the console and give them 5$, may be 6$ (7$ as voucher for the PSN. O yes, ofcourse ,this will be USA only.

  10. marty says:

    People that have been holding out for the free version of DriveClub are cheap skates. It cheap now go and buy it, you will not regret it. Awesome game.

    Logitech don’t make steering wheels anymore, also they have chips in them that are not in PS4, so thats why they not supported.

  11. MajorP says:

    Well, I would love to see Sony compleately reverse my 3 years of PS+ membership and pay me back my money. Shity service, shity servers, shity company.

  12. Xilence says:

    Those are some pretty hefty discounts Wololo xD. If it were to happen, I bet Sony would release Drive Club ASAP

  13. zzzz game says:

    I’ve had this game since october with ma ps4 and played it once, its really not that good of a game imo

  14. Reprep says:

    I activated my psn plus trial just for this when it was announced and guess what happened. Glad i didn’t renew my PS+ after that. It didn’t take a long time for me to sell my PS4 afterwards anyways.

  15. Manuel N says:

    LOL the PromiseStation

  16. Adam says:

    Good article. Agree with everything that you said apart from point 4 – unfortunately impossible… but the sentiment is right!

  17. Adam Fox says:

    I like the idea of a free AAA title every month until DriveClub is released :)….If that happened, I would want DriveClub delayed forever. I used to have DriveClub and I didn’t like it. Sure, the graphics were nice, but It wasn’t very good IMO……Anyone that REALLY wants to play DriveClub can easily just purchase the game, so its not like you CAN’T play it….even when it hits PSN, i’m not going to be downloading it

  18. a noob says:

    Please inform me how complicated it is to upload a game that has already been completed to PS+ I don’t get it.

  19. blightor says:

    Wololo, this is what is wrong with the world.

    You think for some reason that you are owed this game? What a child, a spoilt little child.

    Its pretty convenient for your one track mind to ignore the reams of dlc that has been stated as released as an apology.

    This world will just eat you up if you spend your life with the expectations of a spoilt brat.

    Please, grow up.