PSN: Various exploit games have returned to the American PSN Stores!

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  1. Toah says:

    Any ideas how to connect to psn with vita 3.36 since update blocker not working, without a ps3?

    • lolzoar says:

      I tried last night with the v1.2 and it didn’t work….
      I’m also on 3.36 on a Vita TV

    • K says:

      I guess we’ll have to wait until they figure out how we could download our purchase? I got Ape Escape but have no way of transferring it to my Vita (3.36) at the moment since I don’t have a PS3.

  2. Rin02 says:

    Same here

  3. Crzo says:

    Is there a way to run TNV 11 with patapon exploit in 3.36? I know it can’t be used with the game itself but can I just make a TNV custom bubble? If so, what savedata can I use?

  4. huz84 says:

    i got Numblast, Arcade Darts, Patapon 2 ,Cubixx ,UNO EUROPA FOR TNV 3.50?

  5. solidsnake says:

    Exploit, Exploit. Who’s got the Exploit? Hmm

  6. Darkenvy says:

    So Im downloading Ape Escape for 3.50 right now. We dont have the exploit released yet right? Just the name of the game?

    • Darkenvy says:

      Nevermind, I got it working ^_^. The answer was yes :P. I missed the previous post haha

    • Shay says:

      Any chance you could write up a small tut on how to enable the exploit for the noobs out there (like myself haha)

  7. Brandon says:

    Im a PS+ member and I have a few vita games that are in the store, but I am on 3.36 and can’t sign into the store without updating. Is there a way around this. I am sure this is been answered before, but I can seem to find a solid definitive answer. I can follow instructions so a simple link or a no would be much appreciated thanks!

    • W wololo says:

      No ,you can’t

    • Copy Mirror says:

      Yes there is. If you have a PS3 you can use that with OpenCMA to get the game

      • Brandon says:

        I appreciate the responses. I think I’ll upgrade anyway. The homebrew scene is cool but I don’t utilize it to its potential. Plus everything seems to be written for Windows and I’m sure people feel the same way about macs but I want to *** murder everyone in my house when I have to use Windows or parallels.

    • MoZiedTidus says:

      Hey brandon i have the same is as you 🙁
      Patapon ark2 on 3.36, now most of my downloaded games that i bought from the store doesnt wont to work anymore, it keep showing wifi is off error when i try to launch the games even the one i am using to start ark2 so now i cant use even the hack, please if you find a solution tell me

  8. dothackjhe says:

    At $2 less, Ape Escape: On the Loose looks like a really good deal than Hot Brain is, at least in terms of price.

  9. Ragnarok says:

    I can confirm that qruton and project diva extend are back on the japanese psn since last week

  10. Deviiid says:

    So, what does TN-V Brings more than eCfw? Pretty curious on wether i should “Upgrade” or not.

    • Kotomine Kirei says:

      If I recall, TN-V is an eCFW.
      If you are on an OFW under 3.18, I would advise not updating.
      3.18 and certain other lower firmwares, if I recall, have access to TN-V and ARK (eCFWs), as well as the Webkit exploit, which is for the actual PS Vita, not the PSP emulator.

  11. raziel says:

    Don’t know what you guys are talking about but Vita Blocker v1.2 is working fine for me on 3.20 on PSTV as well as my 3.36 Vita. Eagerly awating Numblast return. Its sad the Vita doesn’t have much in terms of official products let alone hacks.

    • lolzoar says:

      Please tell me your exact steps on how to use Vita update blocker. I’m on 3.36 and it doesn’t work – asks for me to update…

  12. raziel says:

    Oh and I am using a mobile USB tether to my PC then internet connection sharing to get online not even a real connect or router setup. I use PDA Net+ and mhotspot for my setup.

  13. jensma says:

    Guess who just accidentally deleted her only exploit game (World of Pool) 🙁

    Staying on 3.36 and hoping for the best 🙂

    You guys rock, keep up your awesome work!

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      That’s why you always backup the game with qcma, and copy the backup somewhere safe. 😛

      On the bright side though, just get any of the 3.36 and below games on this list, since a bunch of them were just returned to the store. Additionally, you won’t need a second device for these exploits:
      (just make sure to browse the post for the specific exploit and ensure that it’s got ARK available, and not just VHBL, unless you don’t want the extra features of ARK)

      To get them, you can either use a PS3 (rebug 4.70 will work, so you can stay on CFW), or you can use VitaUpdateBlocker:
      Just make sure to get the 1.2 version from the mediafire link.

      If you run into any trouble (especially with the VitaUpdateBlocker part) just reply back and I’ll try to help you through it.

  14. Copy Mirror says:

    I used Patapon 2 then pspfiler to install TN-V11

  15. Xplic1T says:

    Hmm … when I hear “(Trust me, stay on 3.36 – Don’t update)!” I start thinking things.

    It just so happened’s I am on 3.36 on my white VITA … is there hope for some natvie homebrew on this ?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      Probably eventually. At the moment, 3.18 is the only known version with an exploit that could enable homebrew (there’s not really any homebrew yet though, as they’re still figuring out exactly how the Vita works so they can write code for it), but they’ll probably find exploits in other firmwares, with 3.36 being the next most probable version that could be exploited.

      Worst case scenario, they eventually find a native exploit in a much later firmware, in which case you can use qcma/opencma to manually update to whichever firmware the exploit is for.

  16. Stanislav says:

    Arenít you tired of this?After all, to run pirated Vita games you have not already achieved a 4 and a half year:(:(:(!

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      You haven’t achieved it either.

      Instead of complaining, learn how difficult the process actually is, and maybe even work on it yourself.

  17. huz84 says:

    i use Patapon2 eu for 3.50 TN-V11

  18. AJ says:

    I can’t transfer ape escape to my 3.36 vita from my ps3 without updating, is there any way to do it without updating?

    • gibett says:

      Update, transfer Ape Escape, turn off Vita, turn on Vita+hold poewr button+R button, restore database

  19. Shadow_StarLust says:

    The only thing stopping me is i cant get opencma to install.
    I hsve a fresh cma and fresh tnv11 for 3.50. I have pool hall and ape escape . Im trying to mod my vita tv. It sucks because i had to restore my computer and now it wont install.

    Its nice to know that exploits are back

  20. dragll says:

    Firmware 3.50 has a few new limitations which we could not circumvent yet (e.g. /PSP/GAME/ access and modification of EBOOT & PBOOT files)!

  21. Akeem says:

    Some on add me on psn i need help with this exploit stuff im no noob i know a little information plz help tazmaniandevil82 i lwould prefer party chat for vita.

  22. Anon says:

    Can anyone confirm if these games still work for exploiting? Just wondering if they have been patched.

  23. MoZiedTidus says:

    Hello The Z and everyone
    I have the ARK2 through patapon on 3.36 i am always on airplane mode andal my games i bought from the psn are redusing to work, they force me to open wifi and update, is there a way to bypass that and be able to play my games again, even the game i used to launch ark2 refuses to open now with an error that says wifi is off…please help

  24. jensma says:

    Hey, numblast seems to be back in the EU store!

  25. Sorg says:

    Numblast returned to AS region.

  26. ilovepsvita says:

    Trust me stay on FW 3.18 if you can!

  27. ilovepsvita says:

    Numblast, Patapon and Arcade Darts (mini) returned to EU PAL Store too (Germany)

  28. Raziel says:

    For those asking how I got Vita Blocker working again all I do is go to advanced settings and enter my proxy IP address. For me I manually changed my IP address to and port 8080 on my WiFi adapter on my PC. Then just use internet connection sharing to tie it to my broadband connection. Then start Vita Update Blocker v1.2 and run OpenCMA on my PC. Then start it from my PSTV, when it tells me to disable the proxy I simply don’t as when I do it ask me to update to access. When I don’t it spoofs as needed and CMA connects just fine. I couldn’t get it to work either as I did what the app told me to do by disabling the proxy setting on my PSTV. I then just tried it without disabling and it works every time and spoofs to 3.50. I don’t have normal broadband only a Verizon 4G LTE with unlimited data from years ago I’m grandfathered in. It gives me 10+Mbps and only runs me $30 a month and have pulled well over 500gb a month many times without a word from Verizon. But I have to tether via USB then use mHotSpot app on my PC to make my WiFi card act as a hot spot for my PS3/4 and PSTV. Works like a charm every time. Also make sure you allow Vita Update Blocker access through your firewall or forward port 8080. Pulled my hair out for days trying to get it working again after 3.50 update. Now if only I could get the damn bubbles working right.

  29. Blyzzard says:

    Not sure if it is back in the store but Numblast showed up on my list of games on my PS3 to transfer to the Vita so I am guessing that it is back in the US store also! I will check once the games are done transferring. Also, If I back up all my exploitable games to my PC, can I transfer them to my Vita at any time no matter whether in PS store or not?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      As long as you’re using qcma or opencma to do the backup/restore, yes.

      I’d also recommend backing up the backup folder somewhere else too (flash drive, external hard drive, etc). I accidentally deleted my Pool Hall Pro backup once while transferring stuff around. Thankfully I still had a backup of it on my Linux system, but I was in quite a state of panic for a while there.

      • Tidus328 says:

        Hi Alice
        I have the ARK2 through patapon on 3.36 i am always on airplane mode and all my games i bought from the psn are refusing to work, they force me to open wifi and update, is there a way to bypass that and be able to play my games again ? even the game i used as a base to launch ark2 refuses to open now with an error that says wifi is off so even now i cant even lauvh ark2, i backed up all my games on a pc as soon as i did the patapon 2 exploit back when it came out…please help

        • AliceTheGorgon says:

          I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of an issue like that before. Try posting a thread in the support section of the talk forums.

  30. Akeem says:

    Can some one help me get emulators for the ape esacpe exploit I’ve been asking for 1000th time . Plx some one help me with my other questions for exploit stuff. If your generous enough plz add me on psn. :tazmaniandevil82 anyone