TN-V11 Bubbles for Firmware 3.36 and a Brand New Exploit Game for 3.50 Released



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  1. Thunder says:

    How the heck do I have to use it on WoP? Normal way with 2devices like in ark doesnt work (stuck on white screen)

  2. CaR says:

    Can someone tell me how to download the Ape Escape game to my PC
    I can’t download it to queue.
    Sony i think is blocking the store to do this now

  3. CaR says:

    *** it im going to 3.50 i cant take anymore of this.

  4. The3rdKnuckles says:

    Thanks so much for all the hard work guys! This is my first time running TNV. My first exploit actually was ARK on 2.02 but I was mugged and they jacked mine =[ Anywho keep up the good work!

    Now if I could get a bubbles tutorial on 3.50 I would poop myself.

  5. Francesco says:

    TNV11 dont work on psp 3.50 exploit world of pool , i use two hacked device as usally, but when join game with my psvita the screen freeze white color, and the exploit wop don’t work.
    i follow this step: i replace h.bin in wop savedata in my psvita (not in psp ) then i put 660.pbp in tnv folder , then i trasnfer all with qcma..
    maybe i replace h.bin in the psp too? (i use 3.50 world of pool)
    thanks in advice

  6. CaR says:

    Omg Ty! It we are back to exploit normal functioning on the Vita
    ty for the new exploit for 3.50
    and cwcheat works again!
    I am staying on this for a long time till the next exploit lol

  7. Nicholas says:

    Okay so i was able to put homebrews on my vita but how do you add the roms I had to use the ISO method because I was on 3.50 firmware Thank you.

    • the3rdKnuckles says:

      There should be a folder inside the INSTALL.ZIP named ROM or ROMS. Unzip the INSTALL.ZIP you should see PSP/GAME/ROM. Put your files in there and then compress under store then boom.

  8. Jaywoo7 says:

    Guys would this work with the MegaMix exploit for firmware 3.0.1?

  9. pompom says:

    Can we have a video tutorial for install&launch homebrew like gba emulator,or snes on 3.50
    Cause many people seem didn’t do that too thanks

  10. CaR says:

    Can someone explain why I can only use my ISOs when i enter PSP mode??
    and no other files??
    What is the setting for this???

  11. Leykis says:

    I’m on 3.18. I have Pool Hall on my Vita. What is the best course of action? Do I get Ape Escape? Do I update to 3.50? Please help!

  12. masterkentaro says:

    I have it installed and it said i need the 6.60 files where are they at???

  13. axis says:

    why does tekken 6 is not working on my vita? when i tried to run the game im stck with black screen. im using 3.5 with tnv11 ape escape.

  14. Blue says:

    So just to clarify, if the Ape exploit does not require a 2nd device, then does that mean

    1) It is not as “unpatchable” as PHP exploit?
    2) Unlike PHP exploit, you don’t have to leave the Vita on forever for fear of having to reload the exploit again?

  15. adams says:

    please answer me
    hi my friend
    im in 3.18
    which one is better
    update to 3.36/350
    or stay in 3.18
    1 year ago i download numblast and i have it in pc
    it will be like 3.18 and it execute psp xmb or not?

  16. Noob says:

    Any tutorial for pool hall pro runing tnv 11?

  17. DinoX says:

    Ok reading this I see that there are two method of getting this to work on 3.36 or? One would be to create your own custom bubble and start TNV11 and second is to use the exploit save game (unfortunately I do not have the ones listed here)? So if I would use the game to sign the TNV.ISO and start it it should work? If clarification is possible plz

  18. Will says:

    I managed to get the exploit working on 3.50.
    My questions are:
    1)Do I keep my vita in airplane mode?
    2)Will I be able to play games I bought for my vita? Onlne multiplayer?

    My concerns are keeping the exploit while also keep functionality of the vita. I don’t mind losing access to the PSN Store.

    • Will says:

      Also, I plan on returning my current Vita for the bundle Best Buy is offering.
      (This is my first Vita. It arrived just 2 days ago.) Can I back up my Ape Escape game/save data and transfer it over to the other Vita? Even if it is removed from the Store?

  19. Manly Man says:

    Okay, I don’t seem to get anywhere here. I downloaded the Hot Brain TN-V11 save data, copy both of the folders to my PS Vita, launch the game while holding the “R” button, and… I don’t know what to do! Can you tell me details on how do I install TN-V11 on my PS Vita?

    BTW, mine still running ARK-2.

  20. Bahamut says:

    Please, someone release “FW 3.50 TN-C eCFW for Numblast” !! 🙂

  21. needhelp says:

    I need help is …….ape escape on the loose and ape escape same and if they arent then which ones one the us store? I plan to buy if its the one the loose version

  22. >. says:

    im just wondering if the said exploit works on HOTBRIAN. i believe i followed this simple guide and still cant make it work, it gives me the white screen and keep pressing and holding the R button and its still not working.

  23. onetime361 says:

    Hi How Do Install The TN-V 11 Files So I Can Get TN-V11 On 3.50

  24. YoYoMa says:

    I am a total rookie at this and just got a vita because my PS4 was stolen but my renters insurance only gave me enough to get a vita. I know that I am currently running 3.50 because I was unaware of the CFW community when I installed it. Needless to say I hate the current FW and would like to install CFW. Does anyone have a tutorial or anything? I have tried googling and finding one but all the ones I have attempted end up in me transferring the TN-V10 and it registering as a corrupt file.

  25. Dolanna says:

    Thanks Heroes,

    I have question one, did anyone know how to use TNV-11 on PSV 3.36 that it can access PSN?
    I know must set up version.txt on PSP.
    but I don’t know which one plug in Program can do that.

  26. belokk says:

    Tekken 6 not working again on TN. I know this has happen before on a previous release of TN.. so i I am assuming that there will be fix in a future update of TN

  27. ash says:

    Thanks for the latest hack and really appreciate your time and effort in making this happen. My question, do you guys have problem with tekken 6? The emulator can play the review but when I launch the game, it just goes black screen. The same iso I use with no issue on ppsspp on android phone. Thanks in advance

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