Scene Drama? – Qwikrazor releases TN-V11 eCFW for Firmware 3.36!

The Zett

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  1. n0k0m3 says:


  2. Acid_Snake says:

    Why didn’t you mention that TN retaliated by leaking two kernel exploits? That imo is way more drama than this.

  3. Rikku says:

    You are kidding right?

  4. Anon says:

    Ahh, it’s like I’m back in the kindergarten again. Waiting warmly for a (back)port to 3.18.

    • The Z says:

      TN-V11 only offers “3.3x+ support” as new “V11 feature”, thats it.

      I would stick to V10, since it is less buggy than V11.

      • The Z says:

        At least this leaked TN-V11 does.

        Not sure what TN has/had planned for a “proper” TN-V11 release.

        • Anon says:

          Thanks for the clarification.

          Disclaimer: that my “kindergarten” above means an anticipation of a child getting a new toy to play with, nothing more.

  5. darkado says:

    So can I just switch ARK files in the exploited game (numblast) savedata with TNV-11 files?

  6. Rikku says:

    it seem the loader doesn’t run it only flashed green then white screen.
    it cannot read 660.PBP directly, I’m using numblast tn-c save data and replace it with tn11 loader

  7. jensma says:

    Thanks for the release!

    However I’m wondering how to put this to a use. I’m on 3.36 with the Pool exploit. Is there/willthere be a way to install this TN-V as a bubble? That would be awesome 🙂 I love the good old xmb!

  8. edmike says:

    i have a problem of sharing my files using cma i am currently on 3.36 any ideas please.

  9. Foxy1604 says:

    Funny thing is that I just decided to sell my vita.
    Now I am not so sure if that was a smart move.. 0.O”

  10. nyx says:

    How do I install this?

  11. Total_Noob says:

    It’s not an “unofficial port”, it’s been leaked, they are my files.

    • dothackjhe says:

      However, will this be officially released soon? Also, can this exploit be made as a custom bubble?

    • Redblade67 says:

      Jesus guy. -_- why can’t you guys get along ? This little fight between you and z and Razor , all of you need to stop and acting childish. THIS IS THE PSP SCENE we are talking about here. DO NOT RISK rep for stupidity and child’s play. WE ARE MEN NOT GIRLS F*** the drama and shake hands like true PROFESSIONAL DEVS DO@The_Zett @Total_noob @Razor

      • Acid_Snake says:

        It is much more than just childish behavior. This goes back for a long time and is just hatred that has been piling up, specially on qwik’s side, that was just about to blow up one day or another. And it blew up, qwik no longer gives a f*ck and he wanted to get back at TN now that he’s no longer gonna do much more, if anything at all, on the scene.

    • The Z says:

      He still had to edit the files here and there to remove your malicious “viruses”.

  12. HaYNigloo says:

    Hey Z, is the sound support comparable to tn-x?

  13. antony says:

    Bubble please

  14. dothackjhe says:

    I tried following the same method as this for 3.36:, however, nothing happens when I try to run the exploit game. When I tried loading the exploited saved file instead, the system does not see anything. Anyone encountered the same?

    • Redblade67 says:

      you have to wait for TN-V save data files and a tutorial from ZETT. I hope they do numblast because thats the game i plan on using for this.

      • Sorbex says:

        So this was a release we cannot use yet? i dont understand, i have been trying to install this for at least an hour, could you- or somebody else – explain better to me?

        • dothackjhe says:

          Apparently, the supposed version 11 release of TN-V was just leaked and not yet officially released. Since the instruction stated on the link that contains the TN-V11 file was intended for PSV under OFW 3.01 or lower, it does not seem to work the same way with 3.36, at least to my experience. We would have to wait until the official release of the exploit.

  15. NightFury786 says:

    I have ark-2 ecfw with vhbl on my ps vita 3.36 and my exploit game is “Arcade Darts” i able to run TN-V 11 on my vita with this exploit?

  16. yogs says:

    I saw that you wanted to do a TN V11 for the vita 3.50 ps is what you consider to have a ps vita with a lower as the 3.18 firmware if you like?

  17. bluefox says:

    I had question for tn-v 11? I had pool hall pro can I run tn-v 11 on 3.50 and I still had to use second device to run it.

  18. RDJ says:

    An updated version of Numblast exploit in order to the CFW installer to work with 3.36 firmware would be nice.

  19. SpicyMcHaggis says:

    So I got all gung-ho before i realized this wouldn’t work on 3.36 yet and accidentally deleted Numblast! SO HAPPY I HAD A BACKUP on my pc!!!! Make sure you guys back up your exploits in case you do something stupid like me

  20. omeniac says:

    First post and maybe noob question,but how are you people getting this to a pstv if proxies don’t work?

  21. omeniac says:

    Update to question…..using vitaupdateblocker does not work for example.

  22. DinoX says:

    I have Uno Patapon2 Cubixx all EU versions. I see that there are exploit savedata for older FW version would that work for this or there is some specific game/savedata to be used? thank you for reply

    • Yatto says:

      Every single firmware has its specific hack. If it’s not the right firmware then you’re fscked. Simple !
      If you have Patapon 2 INSTALLED (or at least you have installed it one day then you stocked it on you PC), if AND ONLY IF you are on THE firmware 3.36, then you can use the Patapon 2 exploit (I think if your firmware is lower you can use some trick to update only to 3.36, not 3.50, search for it). With this exploit, you can build a VHBL bubble then any type of bubble (ARK-2 eCFW, PSP bubble, homebrew bubble, PS1 without sound). The Forum is you Friend.

  23. kudo says:

    is possible to use Patapon 1 to use this TN-V ?

  24. martin says:

    Where is the savedate for firm336? How to use this?

  25. ThunderBuizz says:

    Could I just run the WoP exploit and run from it the tn-exploit in the file explorer

  26. Pixel Shader says:

    Is it without exploit game coz I can’t buy from PSN store due to my country not supported

    • The Z says:

      Stop asking these stupid questions.

      It will always require an exploit game. Even the custom bubbles require access to an exploit game (at least once).

  27. gui says:

    how install psp xmb?

  28. Schadows says:

    I couldn’t care less (in my case obviously), since the only PSP games I play on my Vita are those I still have in UMD, and they all work great as a ISO custom bubble.

    But I can understand why some people might be interested in TN-V11 if they need plugin support, CPU overclock, etc.

  29. Allen says:

    YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ???Does Any way of using pool hall pro on fw 3.50 with tn-v11 without a second hacked device????? Cuz I kinda already went out muh wey 2 buy pool hall pro as fast as i could .to hack my vita using one device.

  30. CaR says:

    How do we use this can we use the POP/WOP exploit data or will there be a new exploit to use???

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