Scene Drama Deluxe! – Total_Noob leaks 2 kernel exploits for the PS Vita firmware 3.50!

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  1. Behrooz says:

    im tired of this ***

  2. plinkerfly says:

    tsk tsk tsk drama… it’s not about the scene anymore, its about being seen. anyway, already sold my vita. I’m not really happy with the progress, it’s almost near before the vita gets replaced. so all these would be POINTLESS.

  3. AirMage says:

    soo when we could play vita iso on that ecfw?

  4. bwitzberger says:

    Here kitty kitty!!!….

  5. tysonrss says:

    As much as I like tn-v, after the mess about total_noob inserting malware into his firmwares, think I’ll stay away unfortunately…

  6. Total_Noob says:

    Well, qwikrazor leaked TN-V11 with an unreleased kernel exploit inside.

  7. Mystic_Shadow says:

    Well in the end its their work. They can do what they want with just gotta be great full they even shared it in the 1st place. So thank you devs for the ecfws ext.

  8. Leires says:

    It’s a damn shame you can’t trust anyone nowadays, but at the same time, perhaps someone will get use out of it. Sorry to hear this stuff is happening. I’m still on megamix and probably will be for life, but for those that updated at least some good came of this, though it certainly would have been better to see in a later firmware.

  9. Aeroth says:

    And where do I download the files? =0

  10. ANU815 says:

    Craziness… It happens again… Assuming this is going to impact the summer release of TNX, TNV11 + source? If I could just get the new TNX/PS1 Loader, TNV11 and a good TNV/ARK homebrew loader bubble all on the most recent firmware I’d have a perfect machine… I guess let’s see how things play out. Agree with Mystic_Shadow, thanks at least for all the great things we’ve seen to date.

  11. fr4nk says:

    So, what game do we need? I still haven’t got the WoP/PHP exploit (3.50) to work after about 50 tries.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      There is no game. Any non-kernel mode hack could run the code and get kernel mode.

      What you need is a regular exploit for 3.50, which could then run this. At the moment, the pool game is the only 3.50 exploit game available.
      There is supposed to be another exploit game name released for 3.50, but these leaks might make them delay that so they can still use that exploit game on the next firmware to get VHBL on it.
      Since the kernel exploits were leaked though, Sony will be able to patch those, and ARK/TN will not be available, just VHBL.

  12. Gaze says:

    Well, I hope it at least fixed the corrupt save issue for the people in that thread…

  13. muhd isnizal says:

    they must be effect on ps vita like bug or somehow that the save data corupted and the others i dontknow.I jus hope this totalnoobscene fix that and become avaibality.huhu

  14. Netrix says:

    What does this mean for TN-V11 for 3.18?

    • Balmung says:

      It means: stay on 3.18, it is still the best.

      I will do this, even because of the Browser Exploit. ^^

      • Mystic_Shadow says:

        Yup some people don’t understand that but oh well their loss lmao. Patience is a virtue.

  15. NoPatience says:

    how long till the pirates have to wait????
    first we ask without harm, if u dont give it us, we would have to win it, plunders, aye! :d

  16. Dero says:

    Well, time to get drunk. Drama Season everybody!!!!. Enjoy 🙂

  17. bwitzberger says:

    Nice script!……Good one NooB!…..

  18. Adam Fox says:

    I am actually surprised that the Vita doesn’t have a “Native” hack yet. I know the PS3 took a few years, but the PS3 was still relevant when it was hacked. But the Vita on the other hand, is pretty much on its way out so piracy on the Vita can’t really hurt it any more. Sony has given up on the Vita. They said its going to be a bunch of indie titles and focused on Remote Play (a glorified Wii U GamePad!) and to not expect any more AAA titles. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a native PS Vita hack actually BOOSTED system sales for those that have a Vita and want a SECOND system for CFW, etc….

  19. Razorbacktrack says:

    OK,now we know for sure that The Z was right when insulted TN

  20. edukarlo says:

    TN-X on 3.50 FTW!!! 🙂

  21. Sakuryu says:

    Is 3.36 still the recommended FW?

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      3.18 is preferred, but 3.36 is still better than 3.50.

      Basically, always stay on the lowest possible firmware.

  22. Mega Bot says:

    Error: One One side.

  23. nope says:

    Such a child.

  24. senas8 says:

    Well … I still root for TN. I Don’t put to much into .. right .. wrong.. creating scene drama… gotta stick to your dev .. for better for worse. This is not our fight. Let the games begin.

    • AliceTheGorgon says:

      That’s a terrible attitude! No one should be immune to criticism, and there is no reason for blind loyalty to anyone!

      • nope says:

        This exactly. No matter how good a dev he is, if he’s acting like a spoiled child you treat him as such. Such a petty thing he did.

  25. Foslix says:

    blah no jp exploit just us and considering the us vita market is dry sucks

  26. plinkerfly says:

    nobody owns the exploit.. they discover the exploit. so if you found a kernel it’s the discoverer’s prerogative to declare that he found it. But if he kept it a secret and somebody else calls DIBS on the exploit then there’s nothing anyone can do about it. We need HEROES in the scene not rockstars. Before it’s about saving the PSP, now it’s about who gets to be famous for an exploit that is bound to discovered eventually.

  27. whymate says:

    Why is it that so many people in this scene act like self entitled and temperamental *** whenever something doesn’t go exactly their way, and decide to jeopardise the Vita hacking scene in retaliation for someones “crimes”. In my opinion there needs to be more maturity among everyone hacking the Vitas and maybe if they pooled resources and worked together progress could be made instead of everyone taking cheap shots at everyone else.

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