New PS Vita ePSP exploit for fw 3.50 on its way (JP PSN)


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31 Responses

  1. Putin loves Memes says:

    “but the exploited game is available in other markets”

    Does that include Hong Kong? 🙂

  2. Aeroth says:

    OK. Think along with me.

    Does it mean that I can get the ARK exploit on 3.50 which needs a second device, hack my vita, get the new VHBL exploit, create a buble and get ARK on 3.50 free of the second device?

    MAN. I need to create a jp psn account =0

  3. James says:

    so can i upgrade my japanase psTV console 2.x to 3.50 now?

    • lolzoar says:

      Yes! It’s the perfect time to update now!

    • S3phy says:

      Before you trust the other guy, think for a moment. If you go to 3.50, there will be no bubbles for a while. In 2.xx there are other xploits you can use if you are able to get the required games to the console.

      • lolzoar says:

        No, it really is advisable to update his Vita TV. Yeah, there are other ways to get the exploit but I didn’t want to confuse the guy even more. And this exploit is unpatchable so I would just update. I just updated from 3.20 to 3.50 and I’, glad I did.

        • The Z says:

          Who says this is “unpatchable”?

          • deathblade200 says:

            who cares if you guys are that worried about keeping your exploits that you won’t update thenI would suggest getting an android device that is powerful enough to play all psp and ps1 games at full speed (even faster better than the vita does) such as what I have the Nvidia Shield Portable then you wouldn’t have to worry about exploits ever again unless of course like me you like to test them out

  4. rclr says:

    I have imported vita, I’ll make A jp acct. Now

    • ch3wt0ys says:

      Protip: Vita’s are not region locked, you can play any game from any region regardless of where you purchased your PSV.

  5. YZ Rum says:

    So, 173210 is not going to release a vhbl bubble?

    • 173210 says:

      I won’t release but I’ll give bubbles for some people.
      I can’t give my bubbles everyone because my bubbles are bound to PSN accounts as like genuine games.

      • YZ Rum says:

        Oh, I see. Welp, even tho Sony put restrictions on the psp directory, are you still able to transfer emulators/roms to and from your vhbl bubble?

  6. 173210 says:

    I have not helped him yet. I think he can do everything himself. 🙂

  7. W wololo says:

    Does that include italy ps store

  8. Wip3out Pure says:

    Wolo you should recant what you said about not being able to use the current exploit by Qwikrazor87 with only using 2 portables in order to run it. You really need it just once afterwards you can use it on the device for example the sony vita and learn how to make a bubble. Then again its only upto 3.36 ofw it as you cant make bubbles on 3.50 osfw official stinky firmware in case you missed it ^_^

    • ch3wt0ys says:

      Below 3.50? You have to use two devices once and you’re good. 3.50 and up? Two devices everytime your shutdown Vita fully. You will not need to if you use sleep mode, but the exploit expires when the system is powered off.

      This is what he means about two devices being used, as the title states, he’s only talking about 3.50 in the article.

  9. stupid_me says:

    unpatchable?? 🙂

  10. Stanislav says:

    Only psp game:(:(:(?

  11. gamegard says:

    Hi friends …I am currently on fw 3.35 so I need your advice about the best ePSP CFW that I should download to my PS vita ….I am a beginner in such things …and thank you 🙂

  12. gamegard says:

    any help ????

    • mystic_shadow says:

      Your better off on 3.35 man and I think its ark u can get as epspcfw plus I think you still get bubbles I’m not 100% I’m on 3.18 no point to update

      • gamegard says:

        what about the exploit game to use here ?which one works ? I hope to see a simple and comprehensive answer here please 🙂

  13. LightWolf136 says:

    I hope this exploit get ported over to USA market 🙂 now that i finally got psn cards.Thanks Alot Wololo 😀 one of the best site’s Ever.!

  14. James says:

    does 3.36 supports tn-V? or only ecw ?

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